I still can’t believe that I look like this. Sometimes look at myself in the mirror and sing and dance!

Karan only needed to look at recent blood tests to understand the severity of his problems.

He was only 31, but he was bordering on pre-diabetic, his cholesterol was sky-high high, and his blood pressure reading was a real cause for concern.

While he had dreamed of having a six-pack since his teenage years, the number one priority was now wrestling back control of his health.

If anyone could help him fix his worrying health problems it was Ultimate Performance.

And over the following 17 weeks, he lost 18kg to become to lightest he’d been in well over a decade.

Karan learnt how to train in the gym, and lifting weights became a habit. But understanding how to control his cravings and learning the science behind fat loss satisfied him most.

His total body transformation has meant old suit jackets now fit round his chest again, and everything labelled XXL in his wardrobe has been donated or thrown away.

While the aesthetics of his new body are incredibly pleasing, Karan’s blood pressure readings also look much, much better…

And that’s what pleases him most.

Read Karan’s story in his own words, the most surprising part of his transformation, and his weight loss advice, here…

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What were the key reasons behind taking a leap of faith with U.P.?

There were multiple reasons for me joining U.P.

I consistently failed in trying to develop a daily routine of going to the gym and getting the progress I’ve always wanted ever since being a teenager.

I always wanted to be healthy, but when I had my blood tested last year, I was surprised to learn that I was near the pre-diabetic stage and I had very high cholesterol.

I was dreaming about six-packs, but I wasn’t even getting the basic things right.

You don’t need to read books; it’s always important to have good food and drink water. Our parents teach us this and I’ll teach that to my children as well.

But U.P. enforces and encourages you to do so. I want to be happy so I was determined to give it everything.

The baseline was always clear; address my basic functionality, my bloods, make sure everything was correct, and become fit in general.

What was your weight Like before you started working with your trainer?

My weight when I first started was quintal, quite literally, because I was 100kg. Now I’m around 80kg, which is amazing, as I’ve lost close to 20kg in four months.

I asked my mum when the last time my body weight is the same as it is now and it was approximately 10 years ago.

It was my sister’s wedding, we were dressed in blazer, coat, pants, so my Mum was laughing about whether I’d fit into them again now. But I didn’t have muscles then, and now I do.

My clothing size previously was XL and XXL. Now I’m in a large, which is very surprising, I still can’t believe it. I could never have imagined fitting into this.

Buying new clothes is a bitter-sweet pain. That’s because before the program, I upgraded my wardrobe and spent tons of money in the sales.

I always want good stuff and now they’re all loose and baggy. I’ll just have to spend even more money to buy new clothes.

Now, having that confidence to look nice and have nice clothes is the icing on the cake.


What were the biggest challenges you faced throughout the process?

The biggest challenge I faced were the cravings.

You’re motivated at the beginning because you’re spending money, it’s easy to follow for a couple of weeks, but then you want to eat cookies, candy and other things.

I found better alternatives after discussing it with my trainer. There are low-calorie foods and I’d never tried sugar-free products so there are a lot of good alternatives, even though they taste weird in the beginning.

Logging food on the U.P. app, talking to your trainer, it generates a healthy environment. Now I don’t have any junk food in my flat.

Have your results shocked you? And how have family and friends reacted to your transformation?

I still can’t believe that I look like this. Sometimes I would just look at myself in the mirror and dance and sing.

I started at about 30% body fat so when my trainer was showing me images of what I looked like at 20%, 15%, 10%, I didn’t believe it.

You see your weight continuously dropping. I’m really proud, though, and it’s probably in my top three achievements in life.

There are days when you plateau, and you’re not seeing results as much, but I’ve been lucky in that department.

Everyone looks at me and they’re shocked to think that this is possible. I’m still shocked by the progress now.

It’s difficult to accept my new physique, I think it’s going to take a bit of time.


What impact has your time with U.P. had on your life in general?

When I first came to U.P. I couldn’t do any of the exercises properly. I didn’t know how to use the pendulum, I couldn’t do pull-ups with assistance, and I couldn’t do deadlifts properly.

Now I can deadlift my own body weight, which is amazing, and something I’m very proud of.

I can see myself getting stronger in every exercise. I believe in myself more.

Now, because of this, I’m more confident to pursue other dreams, because I’ve overcome that mental barrier, and those doubts.

The U.P. program was a step for me to go on and do more things. I learned the importance of following a system.

I also developed many other habits that are off the charts. I’m more mindful about how my time is being spent. I track my money, I have a skincare routine, and I’m reading more. I’m more serious with my meditation as well.

It’s helped consolidate my strong mindset. I’ve transformed as a person both mentally and physically.


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