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UP On Demand FAQs

How much does UP On Demand cost?

Our introductory offer is available for a limited time:

Monthly subscription – £2.99 (GBP) / $3.99 (USD)

Yearly subscription – £30 (GBP) / $40 (USD)

Keep working towards your fitness goals with our rolling UP On Demdand membership. Begins after your 7-day free trial, you can cancel anytime.

What devices can I watch UP On Demand on?

Get the UP On Demand app on iOS or Android, or access via your web browser here.

What equipment will I need to complete a program?

Our UP On Demand programs require limited equipment, so they can be done effectively at home.

All you need for the strength & conditioning program is an adjustable bench, adjustable dumbbells, and resistance bands.

The cardio and mobility series are predominantly bodyweight exercises. Some workouts may require a bench as the program progresses. If you are training at home, you can use a chair.

I am a beginner. Is there a fitness program for me?

You do not need to have trained before to achieve life-changing results with UP On Demand. The vast majority of users come to UP On Demand with little or no training experience.

This can be an advantage for many people as it means they may not have learned bad habits or poor technique in the past.

If you learn correct execute exercises and form from the beginning it sets you up for a long and successful training career and you will reduce the risk of injury.

As we say at Ultimate Performance, “You don’t have to be fit to start; you just have to start!”

Our expert trainers have structured the programs to be suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced trainees. Some level of body awareness will be necessary, as you are not working directly with a personal trainer.

As the weeks progress, the programs get more challenging to ensure your body adapts and gets stronger, but they are designed so you can tailor it to your ability and goals

Can I choose my workout, or do I need to follow a program?

We are world leaders in our field for a reason – we deliver incredible results for thousands of clients globally. We bring this same results-driven model to our UP On Demand app.

We differ from other training apps by delivering progressive programs. These are designed specifically to allow your body to accumulate sufficient training volume over a period of time to stimulate change – lose fat and build muscle.

You might feel like you have tried everything to get results, but our scientific approach is proven to work. Our 18-week program may sound like a long time, but our track record proves that if you are willing to commit to the process and work hard, you will achieve exceptional results – no matter your age, ability or starting point.

No matter which program you embark on, you can feel assured that if you are willing to work hard and follow the program to the letter, you will achieve incredible results.
Over the duration of your training, you can expect to learn the tools, techniques and skills to maintain your results for life from world-leading experts.

How long will it take me to complete a program?

It depends on your goal and the program you choose.

Our strength & conditioning programs are 18 weeks, and they progress in difficulty. The goal is body recomposition, which means you will put on muscle while decreasing body fat for the first part of the program.

The cardio program also lasts 18 weeks but is split into three phases. Depending on your goal, you can choose to start from phase one and progress through to phase three in one training block or divide these into three six-week training blocks.

The mobility series doesn’t follow a progressive program structure like the strength and conditioning or the cardio videos. You have the flexibility to choose whichever mobility session suits your goal and decide to do it whenever to complement your weekly workout routine.

What nutrition advice will I have access to?

If your diet is not in line with your training, you will not see results. Therefore, behavioural and dietary improvements are central to the education that UP On Demand offers.

Within the UP On Demand app, you will have access to expert education on diet, training and health, in-depth nutritional presentations, as well as tips on transforming your life.

If you need that extra level of accountability, download our diet app, U.P. Transform. You can create bespoke weekly meal plans, count your daily calories, and track your progress. By using UP On Demand and UP Transform coherently, you can remove the guesswork from your nutrition, set your goals and get the results you want.

Will this program help me get rid of stubborn fat from a specific area of my body?

It is important to preface this with the fact that you cannot ‘spot reduce’ body fat. So, sit-ups will not burn fat on your abs, and press-ups will not burn fat on your arms, specifically. Rather it is lost incrementally from across your body, and some areas may be more ‘stubborn’ than others. For the vast majority of people, whether it’s the lower abs, ‘love handles’, or thighs that are stubborn, it is simply a case of extending the fat loss process and the period you are maintaining a calorie deficit.

Depending on your hormonal profile and genetics, you will mobilise fat from different sites on your body at varying rates. However, this fat will mobilise if you create the right conditions to do so through sustained exercise and diet protocols. The good news is that these changes can be improved significantly or even resolved by reducing inflammation, losing body fat, and training.

If your diet is not in line with your training, you will not see results. Behavioural and dietary improvements are central to the process and an integral part of the Ultimate Performance methodology. UP On Demand educates you on lifestyle changes that optimise nutrition, recovery, and fitness to maximise your results.

I have tried everything to build muscle; why will this work?

Growth will happen if you put your body in the right conditions to do so. Most people make the mistake of hopping between programs, failing to record their workouts or progress and underestimating the importance of proper recovery and stress management.

People also get caught up in the latest fancy fad exercises on Instagram, but what we should focus on is doing the basics and doing them well. Most of the time, it is a rotation of key movement patterns that can come in a variety of forms and variations. We can tweak these to create an unlimited range of exercises to keep things interesting while still nailing the basics.

Our UP On Demand programs go for the effective, not fancy approach. The art is in the coaching of each exercise and unlocking your true physical potential.

Is on-demand training effective?

On-demand training can be incredibly effective.

Why spend countless hours, weeks or even years muddling along from scraps of knowledge here and there when you could head straight to the source and benefit from the most up-to-date knowledge?

Packed into one app, we have the tools, knowledge, expertise and passion to help you turn your goal into reality, wherever you are in the world.

On-demand training takes place remotely; therefore, you will not have one-on-one contact with a personal trainer. As a result, you need to be self-motivated to make the most out of your investment.

What should I do after I’ve completed my program?

This completely depends on your starting point.

If, for instance, you start at a relatively low level of body fat (anywhere between 15-20% for men or 20-25% for women), you may want to continue your training in a muscle building or maintenance phase, where you set performance and physique goals for yourself.

If you start with more weight to lose, an 18-week program may not be enough time to reach a healthy body composition. In this case, you may need to continue your training until you reach your goal.

I’m embarrassed about training and scared to set foot in the gym. Is this for me?

Every single person starting their health and fitness journey has been in the same position as you. But remember each and every person is here for one thing; to make positive changes to their life.

No matter where you are in the world, our variety of on-demand training programs and lifestyle content provides you with the tools, techniques, and skills to help you succeed.

Develop your training and nutrition knowledge to achieve your goals with UP On Demand.

Our programs require limited equipment, so they can be done effectively at home, allowing you to build your training confidence.

Remember that no one is born in great shape, and modern life makes getting and staying there a lot harder for all of us.

UP On Demand is the answer to maintaining your results for life.

Can I download workouts and watch them offline?

Yes, you can sync videos offline. They will save in your in-app library, where you can access them without an internet connection.


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