“All my friends and family, everybody has noticed, my agents and managers have noticed, and it’s changed the way people consider me for particular roles. I’m very pleased.

Actor Chad was willing to do whatever it took to prolong his acting career.

The thought of not being able to land ‘lead roles’ sent a shiver down his spine.

But after hitting his mid-forties out of shape and unconfident, Chad was afraid he wouldn’t be taken seriously when auditioning.

He knew that getting in real shape would give him the edge in his acting career and help him land the roles he wanted, so he came to work with the experts at Ultimate Performance…

Learning the nuances of training and nutrition from his world-class trainer, Chad now feels he has that Hollywood body he’s always wanted.

He’s grabbing all kinds of attention from fellow actors and film directors.

His dating app inbox is even filling up faster than ever too!

Now around 10kg (22lbs) down and brimming with confidence in his t-shirts, Chad is ready to audition for a huge ‘romantic lead’ role.

Before he does, he shares some of the ‘magic’ behind his transformation at Ultimate Performance…

 Chadd M45 17wk Pt Stp - Good Front Ultimate Performance

Why did you choose Ultimate Performance and what was it that you wanted to achieve?

As actors age, you can go into two different categories, and I wasn’t ready to become a suburban dad yet. When I was getting ready for a show and I had to take my shirt off, I didn’t want to look like a podgy dad. I wanted to look like a sexy Joe.

I still wanted to have some time as a romantic lead, and I think I’ve accomplished that by becoming more aesthetic. I’ve accomplished that because the mojo is working out on the street! My inbox on dating apps after posting some of my transformation photos has lit up too!


What would you say you enjoyed most about your transformation at Ultimate Performance?

I only like to deal with experts. Dealing with you made me very comfortable because I felt like I could trust everything you said as a trainer. I really liked the programming. I liked the way you dealt with me, you’re firm, and it kept me accountable, but you weren’t nagging or nit-picky.

You understood that life happens, and so I was really pleased with all of that. I also love being pushed in the gym, because that’s what I can’t do by myself. I can’t go to failure all the time by myself or even want to go to failure all the time by myself

Then being there with you, having you push me day after day, week after week, you really begin to see the changes physically, and also mentally. You find the places where your constitution is weak, where your body is weak, so you were able to push me through both of those things and I’m proud of the progress and the growth.

Do you feel that you received the help you needed to reach your goals?

The accountability is there, but also the ease of having the app meant that I didn’t have to lie to myself, lie to you, or write a journal. The app was a game-changer. Seeing all the numbers going down, from my body fat to my weight, was very motivating, along with the strength and lean muscle mass going up.

If I was at a restaurant, and I didn’t know what to eat, I would send you a snap of the menu. You would tell me what to eat at the restaurant, which is wild. The most important thing is expertise; everybody here knows what they’re talking about and the programming was so smart.


What difference has your transformation made from a personal and professional perspective?

My favourite part of the change has been how much better my clothes fit. That’s the best thing. All my friends and family, everybody has noticed, my agents and managers have noticed, and it’s changed the way people consider me for particular roles. I’m very pleased.

Would you recommend U.P. to others who are thinking about embarking on their own journey?

I’ve recommended this place to lots of people already. Everything is very thought out here, it’s very personalised and programmed. The training and the diet are all systematic. In Los Angeles, if you throw a rock, you hit a trainer. There are so many trainers, but you never know who to trust. It’s really great to know that there is somewhere where you can get results without any worries.


Fitness has taken Chad’s career, confidence, and dating life to places he wasn’t sure was possible in his mid-forties. Want similar success? Partner with U.P. today.


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