I have a very stressful job in the finance industry. This transformation has helped me manage my stress and I feel far more energised throughout the day.

Yassin’s job in the finance sector came with a great deal of responsibility… and often a lot of stress.

Slowly but surely, that stress had translated into a series of bad habits that he couldn’t shake off.

He was snacking more than usual, had no structure to his diet, and got almost zero exercise.

Yassin knew from experience that exercise made he feel good. He’d been in good shape before.

But things were different now. He was strapped of time and struggled to see how he’d be able to get on top of his diet and training.

That was until he partnered with Ultimate Performance…

Yassin’s trainer did all the hard thinking for him. For the first time in years, he had a proven program to work around – and the weight loss results came almost instantly.

It took Yassin just 10 weeks to carve out abs that have filled him with confidence, but it’s fact he’s able to manage his stress far better that has pleased him most.

In his full story below, he breaks down what his training plan looked like, and explains what makes the U.P. methodology so effective at getting results…

 Yassin B M34 10wk Pt Ams Front Ultimate Performance


Yassin, tell us why you decided to start a personal training program with Ultimate Performance? 

The main reason for joining Ultimate Performance was simply to feel better. I know from experience that exercise makes feel good about myself. They’re interconnected. Prior to starting my training plan, little things like taking the stairs were affecting me. I didn’t want to feel tired because I took the stairs or cycled, and I wanted to look better too.


Tell us what your diet and lifestyle looked like before you started working alongside your trainer.

I have a very stressful job in the finance industry, and I felt that it was really impacting my mood and energy. I knew I had to find ways to get around that. My diet was unstructured, especially when I was choosing meals when I was out at restaurants and travelling. It was clear I needed a plan that would help me train well while finding a diet that worked for me.



Do you feel like you achieved what you set out to do?

I ticked every box in a very short period of time. I also learnt so much about structure with my training and diet. It’s something I never really did in the past, and it’s one of the main upsides I got here at Ultimate Performance. By giving 100% in every session and having that structure outside the gym, it’s helped me manage my stress better and feel far more energised throughout the day.


Were the results what you expected? Or have you achieved more than you thought?

I feel that I have achieved the return of investment I was expecting, and even more than that. When I first started training, I wanted to feel better physically and manage my stress. On those two fronts, I’ve exceeded my expectations, especially in terms of my body. I wanted to reduce my body fat percentage – but to be at around 10% is something I never thought possible. It’s way beyond my expectations and I’m thrilled with what I’ve achieved.



So, how has your diet and lifestyle changed, and how much better do you feel about yourself?

When I get to work now, I bring my own food, which is much better from a nutritional point of view compared to the options I had back then. That was a challenge for me in the past, but with the advice of my trainer, he told me exactly how to prepare food. I’ll be honest, during the transformation, I used to drink a bit. Maybe a glass of wine with cheese once a week – usually on Fridays after work. Now I’ve completely removed alcohol from my daily life and I don’t miss it at all. I feel much better and get a lot more sleep. I’m very happy with that decision.


Finally, why do you think the U.P. methodology is so effective?

The main strength of the program is all the structure you have. Not only in the exercises, but also in nutrition and extra activity. There’s no room left for chance. Everything is science-based, and I have a science background, so this appeals to me. Tracking everything in terms of progression on every exercise and also on calorie intake, making sure I get all my macros, and seeing the impact on my body. That really added a lot of value to the program and I’m incredibly grateful.

Feeling weighed down by responsibilities at work? Partnering with Ultimate Performance, and making your health a priority, can fire you back to your productive week in just weeks.



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