Private equity professional William no longer recognised himself after years of careless eating led him to gaining weight.

He loved sugary, sweet or fatty foods – something he says is part of the culture where he was raised in southern United States.

William’s father was a diabetic and had struggled with his weight his whole life.

Now 36 years old, William feared he could quite quickly go down the same path after seeing a photo of himself on holiday.

He tried to fit exercise and healthy eating into his routine alongside his busy job, but any results he saw were temporary.

Training with Ultimate Performance, it’s taken him just 17 weeks to transform his health.

Three focused training sessions a week and adjustments to his diet helped him lose a life-changing 26kg and reduce his blood pressure.

He has now reached a weight he hasn’t been since his twenties and put together a lean, yet muscular frame in a timescale he still cannot believe.

“I noticed the results on the scale pretty quickly, so seeing that every day was very motivating.

“I’ve reached a weight that I hadn’t been since my twenties, when I was a little bit more athletic.

“I’m now sitting at 86kg – which I didn’t think was even possible. But I think I can go ever further, I don’t think I’m done just yet.”

Here, William speaks about how he got in shape despite travelling the globe, why he’s well equipped to overcome a “complicated relationship with food”, and how his results inspired his dad to lose weight.

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What motivated you to start your own personal training program with U.P.?

It was down to a couple of things. I had seen my health deteriorate since I left college. I’ve always struggled with high blood pressure over the last decade, so I wanted to bring that down.

I’ve also struggled with my weight, but I never really knew what I was doing when I tried to lose fat. I would do some cardio in the gym and I saw some results, but it was only ever temporary.

I remember when I was on vacation before Christmas, my partner took a picture of me in the pool. I looked at that picture and didn’t recognise myself – that was the first time ever that I didn’t like what I saw in a photo. So, my motivation was just to change the person that was looking back at me in the mirror.


What did your diet look like before you began working with U.P.?

My diet was horrendous. For some context, I’m from the south of the US where food is a big part of the culture. If I was in the US visiting friends or family, I would meet them for breakfast or dinner.

All of my social time was centred around meals, so we’d eat a lot of fried, sugary or sweet foods. One of the good things about coming to U.P. was the information that you get and the education on healthy nutrition.

Do you think you’re better equipped now to make healthier nutritional choices?

For 35 years, food has been a big part of my life. But I’ve started to figure out my diet and make it work for me. I’ve also learnt to manage my cravings and find alternatives that are much better for my health.

One of my friends actually said that I have a very complicated relationship with food, which I believe I do. I’m now far more informed and have the tools to better navigate that relationship. I think it will be with me for the duration of my life, but I’m now in a better position than ever.


How has your physical transformation benefitted other aspects of your life?

I noticed the results on the scale pretty quickly, so seeing that every day was very motivating. I’ve reached a scale weight that I hadn’t been since my twenties, when I was a little bit more athletic. I’m now sitting at 86kg – which I didn’t think was even possible. But I think I can go ever further, I don’t think I’m done just yet.

I also remember I was late for a bus I needed to catch, so I decided to run after it. I managed to catch the bus and sat down, then realised I wasn’t tired. Before my transformation I would have been exhausted.

So it’s not just the scale weight which has been important to me, it’s the other little things. I had a few people say to me ‘wow, you’re looking good’. But I don’t like accepting compliments now because I’m not done. This is going to be a lifelong journey for me.

How have your friends and family reacted to your weight loss?

Overall, my friends and family have been super supportive and really impressed. My transformation has motivated my dad, in particular. He has diabetes and has struggled with his weight for his whole life. But he’s now started losing some weight, so that’s been a positive.


What would you say to someone who doesn’t think they can achieve similar results to you?

I would pull up the pictures that we took from when I came in here and say, ‘look at me’. I’m a real person with a very demanding job. I have a very busy travel schedule, and I did it. There’s nothing special about me – if I can do it, anyone can.

You just need to commit three hours of your week and get your nutrition right. Then instead of taking the tube straight to the door of your office, get off a stop earlier and walk, or cycle to the shop. There are so many little things you can do to help yourself.


Don’t let your weight poison your health and steal the best years of your life away from you. Three hours a week can change your life if you commit to a U.P. personal training plan like William. Get started today and rebuild your health, confidence and happiness.


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