“The results speak for themselves. I’m 9kg lighter in a 12-week period. If you had told me that was possible before I started training at Ultimate Performance, I would have thought you were crazy.”

Tom had spent years dipping in and out of different training programs.

He’d tried bodybuilding techniques, circuit training and more recently CrossFit.

Although he enjoyed trialling out new ways of exercising, his approach was very hit and miss. He often skipped gym sessions after work and ate whatever he wanted.

That wasn’t to say Tom didn’t know what gaps needed filling in his training regime. He was crying out for the accountability of an expert, with a solid structure locked in place.

In his eyes, the front runners to provide that were Ultimate Performance.

Twelve weeks on, Tom’s progress has accelerated quicker than ever. He’s 9kg lighter and melted away body fat to reveal sharp-looking abs.

His weight training plan has worked wonders, and Tom has vowed to stick to it long into the future given the jaw-dropping impact it’s had on his physique, diet, and mindset.

  Tomr M26 12wk Pt Lcw Front | Ultimate Performance

What was your diet and lifestyle before you started with U.P.? 

So before, my lifestyle and diet were completely different from what it is like today.

My diet, in particular, which I thought was relatively healthy, was probably not as healthy as I thought. There was no tracking or accountability in terms of what I ate. It was simply eat when hungry, and sometimes that meant grabbing a couple of chocolates from the vending machine.

Now, it’s much more balanced and healthier. As for my lifestyle, it’s somewhat similar today in terms of longer hours, but I used to invest less time in training and other activities.

My training routine was nowhere near as regimented or structured as it is now. It was pretty hit and miss. 

What motivated you to make this first step and reach out to Ultimate Performance? 

I’ve followed U.P. for years on LinkedIn and social media and had always wanted to do it. I’ve been big into fitness and training for many years.

I think Covid and the pandemic really slowed things down for me, which impacted me both physically in terms of appearance and training, and that also had a knock-on effect in terms of my mental approach to things and such. So, it was really just the opportune moment to hit the reset button.

U.P. are obviously the front runners in terms of what you do, and I’ve known about them for a while. It was as good a time as any to do it, so I thought I’d reach out and see what it’s all about. And here we are, 12 weeks later. 

What training have you done in the past and how does it compare to U.P.? 

My training in the past varied. It started with bodybuilding. So, it was kind of resistance training with a focus on weights.

More recently, it dipped into a bit of CrossFit-type training. Yeah. So, not a huge amount of structure, fairly intense bouts, but again, pretty hit and miss.

And it was nice to come to U.P., which is, I guess, that bodybuilding approach in terms of progressive resistance training and, again, having that structure.

I’ve forgotten how much I enjoyed that type of training, having just played around with a bit of CrossFit-type stuff. 

Have you been enjoying the journey? Would you change anything in terms of your training, the way you approach it?  

The training, no, I wouldn’t change a thing.

The way my trainer has structured things for me has been super complementary in terms of the goals I want to achieve, meeting my lifestyle and how much time I can dedicate to training.

So, it’s been super impactful in terms of the results we’ve had, but not meaning I’ve had to compromise too much on the amount of hours I’ve worked and things like that.

I think it’s definitely a method of training that I want to continue because, as I say, it’s reminding how much I enjoy this type of training and the fact that the results speak for themselves and motivate you to keep on doing it as well. 

We’ve achieved some great results during your time in the gym. How do you feel physically and mentally now compared to when it started? 

So physically and mentally, it’s kind of cliche to say, but it’s definitely a transformation. I think, physically, the results speak for themselves. I’m 8kg or 9kg lighter in a 12-week period.

If you had told me that was possible, I would have thought you were crazy. So physically, it’s been a massive transformation. And that’s not all, my performance in the gym has maintained and even increased in terms of weight, volume, intensity, and other factors. It’s been amazing.

Mentally, I think it’s also had a significant impact. The habits I’ve developed and the changes it has brought to my routine have been transformational. My day is structured better, not just in the gym but also in my work and other areas.

I’m more focused on what I’m doing, and overall, it’s been a whole lifestyle shift. 

The physical changes are eye-catching, Tom. How proud are you of what you’ve achieved?  

Immensely proud.

In terms of the way that my physique changed, the biggest transformation has definitely been the physical appearance and how lean I’ve managed to get.

When I first started, I was training a bit hit and miss, but I still thought I was in relatively decent shape.

Then I look at the picture 12 weeks ago and compare it to today, and it’s like two different people. It’s slightly mad to think I thought I was in decent shape and to see how much we’ve done in the 12-week period of time.

So yeah, I think the transformation in terms of how much body fat we’ve lost is pretty crazy. 


The last question, what is the magic ingredient to success? 

The magic ingredient…it’s a couple of things.

First, the relationship you have with your trainer is crucial. You need that mutual respect as a client. The magic pillars are respecting the work and time they put into you, and in return, they respect the effort you put in and witness your transformation.

It’s no big secret; it’s about working hard, dedicating yourself to the process.

There are challenging days with the diet and training, and other personal commitments, but your trainer holds you accountable, keeps you motivated, and helps you acknowledge the reality that it’s a journey. 


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