Thomas’s career path was playing out exactly how he wanted – but his physique was not.

Putting together a muscular yet lean body was the final piece of the jigsaw he could not motivate himself to accomplish.

He had so much he wanted to achieve in his life, but his weight and fitness pegged him back.

Aged 26, Thomas wanted to strip back fat and reach his ‘peak’ fitness before he was 30.

Working with Ultimate Performance, Thomas had a clear, step-by-step plan laid out by his trainer on the very first day of signing up. Following this plan for eight weeks resulted in astonishing body composition changes.

Now 10kg down, he feels physically healthy and capable to try out things he previously kept away from because of his weight.

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“A challenge like this can be intimidating. But when you have someone who’s standing there with you, it helps a lot. It really does help a lot.

“Being in a place where I’m physically healthy and in the best shape of my life has connected to everything else. You start to see the world in a different way. You start to feel a different way.

“I don’t train every day, but my trainer has been there for me on a daily basis.”

Here, Thomas speaks about how he has overcome barriers which prevented him from ever getting in shape. He also explains how he has learned to get the most out his training despite his hectic schedule.


What motivated you to partner with U.P.?

I’m 26, so slowly closing in on 30. Before I got to 30, I wanted to try and reach my peak physical condition. There are also things that I’ve always wanted to do as a kid and a teenager that I haven’t done, like rock climbing and fighting. Before my transformation I was definitely not in a place where I could just jump in the gym and start rock climbing or learn to fight. I wanted to be my peak, so my learning curve would be shorter. It was all about having control in my life.

I felt like I was in a place where I needed to really start the journey that I’ve always wanted. I’ve been building that for some time with work, my career and in various other ways. That also included different aspects of my health, but my physical condition just wasn’t there. That was the challenge, it was something that I couldn’t motivate myself to do. So, it was the final thing to do to work on myself.


What was stopping you from getting in shape before working with your trainer?

When you work long hours, you can always tell yourself you never have time to do anything else. Drinking was also definitely a big thing for me. You get lazy and you end up eating and drinking too much, so that was something I needed to control. They were the main barriers stopping me. There are also personal things, I’ve lost people in my life recently which obviously made those factors a lot worse. Being with U.P. really did help me overcome these issues and work towards where I am now.


How did U.P. help you through some of the challenges you faced?

My personal trainer has been fantastic throughout. He always reached out to me, gave me words of support and pushed me on the gym floor. I don’t train every day, but my trainer has been there for me on a daily basis. My schedule is quite tight so having that support every day really helps. He’s helped me build my diet and tell me exactly how to do everything.



What did you learn about yourself during this process?

I really learned to push my physical boundaries. I have also learned that my life can take the direction that I choose it to go in. Being in a place where I’m physically healthy and in the best shape of my life has connected to everything else. You start to see the world in a different way. You start to feel a different way. Not only has my transformation impacted what I do, but it’s also impacted what I believe I can do. It really opens doors.


What makes the U.P. experience different?

The personal touch of being supported by a trainer on a daily basis is extremely motivating. I feel like I can come here and be my trainer’s friend, but I also feel like I’m here to do myself a service. I’m here to push myself to my limit and achieve the goals that I’ve set myself. The way U.P. goes is around doing that is excellent. I felt supported from by the whole environment of the gym. The initial lead up process to joining U.P. is also helpful, you get a good network of support.


Do you feel you got a return on your investment?

Absolutely. Yes, I do. It’s worth every single penny. When I show people my before and after picture and they ask how it was done, I say “U.P.” It’s a pretty quick conversation! I want to thank everyone who is in here at the gym – all the customers and trainers. It’s a great environment to train in and more importantly, it’s a great environment to learn in because everyone is learning here. I would recommend it to anyone.


Thomas spared just one hour per day, three days a week to reach his peak physical condition. If you think your tight schedule stands in the way of a body transformation, think again. Get started with a world-class U.P. personal trainer now.


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