“I look great and I feel like I’ve achieved what I wanted. But it’s way more than that. I have a way healthier lifestyle. I don’t use alcohol anymore to cope with stress or make myself feel better.”

Years of alcohol abuse had left David in a vulnerable position.

The 27-year-old went out four nights per week, often getting through 15 drinks at one time.

As a student working in hospitality, he said he turned to alcohol and junk food to cope with the stress that came with 11-hour shifts.

But David’s actions had now started to take a toll on both his body and his mind.

Blacking out had become a common occurrence and he felt depressed, sad, and low.

Something had to change, so he reached out to Ultimate Performance to see if personal training could be the catalyst.

Ever since he’s started lifting weights and carefully choosing what he puts in his body, his situation looks immeasurably better in only nine weeks.

David has dropped 12kg and still cannot believe how lean he’s become. He’s thinking clearer, brought his alcohol consumption under control, and can’t remember the last time he felt down.

How he did it? Find out for yourself below.

 David G M27 9wk Pt Ams Front Ultimate Performance

What motivated you to start your own personal training plan with Ultimate Performance?  

I had three reasons. I saw it as three pillars: be good, feel good, and look good.

I used to have an unhealthy lifestyle and abused alcohol. As a student working in hospitality, I mainly used alcohol as a coping mechanism for stress. I would get drunk three to four times a week, sometimes even blacking out, consuming 10 to 15 drinks per night. These were extremely large amounts of alcohol.

In terms of nutrition, I would regularly eat junk food, even going to McDonald’s after a night out. This was happening almost three to four days a week.

As a result, my mental and physical health were not at their best. I hadn’t worked out for a year, and my mood would constantly fluctuate. I would feel down for no reason when I was at home.

That’s why I decided to join U.P.  

Since you started working with your trainer, how much better do you feel about yourself? 

I look great and I feel like I’ve achieved what I wanted. But it’s way more than that. I have a way healthier lifestyle.

I don’t use alcohol anymore to cope with stress or make myself feel better. I don’t even drink anymore.

Also, nutrition-wise, I really take care of what I put in my body. I don’t eat junk food anymore. I’m very cautious about the foods I consume. Now I work out, my health is way better.

In the last few months training with U.P. I haven’t had a day where I’ve been sad or depressed.  

Prior to partnering with your U.P. trainer, had you much experience in the gym?  

I’d used a personal trainer in the past, but I never made any progress and didn’t feel comfortable. It damaged my confidence. I would always think there was someone judging me or watching how I performed different exercises.

I had a very bad perception of the gym.  That’s probably what has changed most since training with U.P. I now understand how to properly do the exercises to a good level.

I feel confident to go to the gym on my own and train without feeling like someone is watching me.

That was arguably the biggest challenge for me before I signed up with U.P. – feeling comfortable in the gym environment.  


Tell us about your job and working hours, David. Did you find it difficult to find time to train given your early mornings and late nights?  

Working in hospitality, I had long shifts of 10 to 11 hours, often at irregular times. Sometimes I would finish at 5am. That didn’t help me establish a routine, which is necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It was a real struggle at times.

After a 10 or 11-hour shift, I would see everyone enjoying all this amazing food while working in a restaurant, and I had to resist the temptation to eat.

Now that I look back and see the results, I definitely don’t regret it. A lot of people who questioned some of the choices I was making have changed their perspective.  

You also mentioned you injured yourself at work. How did that affect you and was your trainer able to work around your injury? 

I injured my ankle at work, which made it very difficult to walk without pain. Since I had a step goal to hit, I wanted to make sure I could keep that up.

Me and my trainer had to work out how I could get my cardio in without putting strain on my ankle. For example, we found a position on the bike where my ankle wouldn’t move much so I could get some extra cardio sessions in.

It was great to have someone overseeing the whole process and helping me like that.  


It took David just nine weeks to reverse his toxic habits. In the same time, you could see similar incredible weight loss results with our team of experts by your side. 


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