Scott went from ‘skinny-fat’ to shredded in a stunning transformation journey with U.P.

The 37-year-old had struggled to shift stubborn belly fat before starting his U.P. transformation and getting in the best shape of his life.

The former self-confessed ‘slobby office worker’ now looks incredible after packing on lean muscle and sculpting a six-pack with the help of his world-class U.P. trainer.

“I was really happy that it made a physical difference in my body in a way that I had been struggling to do previously,” says Scott who lost 14lbs (6.6kg) cut his body fat in half down to a super lean 9% and took nearly 13cm off his waistline.

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Scott’s story is an interesting one – his 37-week transformation is actually his second time at U.P. Seven years ago he completed a body transformation which saw him lose a staggering 66lbs (30kg) going from obese to slim and svelte.

This was his original U.P. transformation all those years ago…

But seven years on, and he came back to step up his training and nutrition and forge the outstanding physique captured in those stunning before and after shots.

Consistency with his training and nutrition played a huge part in delivering the exceptional results he had been looking for. Before U.P. he was somewhat ‘carb-phobic’, eating a restrictive diet during the week and often bingeing at the weekend.

But his time at U.P. has been a real education in how to eat sustainably and training with enough intensity and drive to give him his best-ever physique.

“I think one of the biggest benefits is knowledge,” he explains. “You need that knowledge and to have that understanding of what you need to be doing nutrition-wise in order to achieve a weight loss goal or a building muscle goal; to have that understanding of how you should be structuring a workout. To have that, based on the experiences, is tremendously valuable.”

The results speak for themselves…

37-week transformation

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What was the reason you first came to U.P.?

I was eager to come to U.P. because I had really terrific experiences on my first go around. I wanted to come back and kick things up a notch and I knew there was a very limited universe of companies with the skill sets to really effectively help me take that positive step and get real, actual results. So it was really a no-brainer – I trusted U.P.

So with regards to your body composition, what was your starting point and what did you end up achieving?

So I first started with U.P., before it was U.P., I was probably about 220lbs (100kg), my body fat was like 35-40% – something ridiculous – your typical slobby office worker.

First go around, I learned to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

So I ended up going from over 220lbs (100kg) to something close to 154lbs (70kg) over the course of that first go around, which taught me a lot about weight loss, fitness and nutrition.

Then I was on my own for a while but when I came back the second time around I had kept the weight off, which is fantastic, but I needed the guidance to achieve a new goal which was to go from being ‘skinny fat’ to a more lean and muscular build.

So that second go around, I was around 165lbs (75kg) or so, and the body fat was something like 20-25%, but then to go from that and work down to about 143- 145lbs (65-66kg) and body fat below 10%, that was a tremendous transformation.

So really it was two transformations for me – one from fat to skinny and one from skinny to more muscular.

That is two tremendous transformations that my family and friends noticed both times. Even though one was a much bigger amount of weight than the other, one was losing a lot of weight and the other was building more muscle – in both situations, friends and family were like ‘Wow! You’ve made a change!’

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What specific benefit did you like most about your journey with U.P.?

The selfish answer is that I really just like the results that I got. Everyone makes the decision to improve themselves physically for private reasons – it can be ‘I want to be healthier’ or ‘I want to be able to run up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath’. But my reason was kind of superficial – I was really happy that it made a physical difference in my body in a way that I had been struggling to do previously.

In addition to the benefit of feeling better about my physical appearance, I really liked the feeling of coming into the gym a couple of times a week and seeing familiar faces with the staff and clients and I actually really found this motivational.

I actually felt like I was regular in terms of coming into the gym. That stems from a really supportive and positive atmosphere. This isn’t to say it’s a cheerleading, rah-rah, over the top, killing you with kindness atmosphere; it’s a welcoming, friendly, open atmosphere. That’s a benefit. It makes you want to come in. It makes you feel part of something even though you’re just working with you and your trainer.

37-week transformation

What did you find as a result of your training?

I think there are a couple of things that I found. I think the first is that you really can’t underestimate the value of having the guidance and accountability that comes from working with someone who is just as committed to you and your goals as you are.

It’s easy to say ‘I can get myself to the gym on my own. I can do my nutrition on my own.’ But until you have someone who is there guiding you and who’s there to help focus you – there is a tremendous benefit there.

Even though I’ve always thought ‘oh I’m self-sufficient. I’ll go and do my own thing,’ and I would go do my own thing, there’s value in that you have a guide doing it, even if you’re experienced doing it. I’ve recognised that a lot more.

37-week transformation

What other benefits have you taken away from your journey with U.P.?

I think one of the biggest benefits is knowledge. The trainers themselves are knowledgeable. For me, a lot of what I had hoped to take away was why we’re doing what we’re doing, and what the approach is.

I think working with the trainer over the course of the sessions and asking questions and being able to understand why we’re doing what we’re doing has been really valuable. It’s a huge benefit to me.

Your time with the trainer is limited – it’s a couple of hours a week, then there are 164 hours when you’re on your own. So you need that knowledge and to have that understanding of what you need to be doing nutrition-wise in order to achieve a weight loss goal or a building muscle goal; to have that understanding of how you should be structuring a workout. To have that, based on my experiences, is tremendously valuable.

There is also just the benefit of competence from being able to go into a gym knowing what you’re doing because you’ve been working on it; because you’ve been guided on it with the trainer.

To have that competence to go up against the big boys in the gym and not feel intimidated – that’s powerful. Not to mention the confidence that comes from just feeling better about yourself physically.

37-week transformation

Did you feel supported by your trainer?

Obviously, you’re only with your trainer a couple of hours a week. You have a trainer for an hour a day, but there are 23 more hours when you have to be your own trainer. But fortunately, I feel as though, when I had questions that came up outside the session, my trainer was always responsive and answered. I was always able to shoot him an email and he would always respond promptly.

The questions would then raise more questions and I would get responses. So I had a patient ear that was always willing to answer questions and provide guidance substantively.

Then there were the days where I would totally screw up and go through that slice of cake I shouldn’t have and I felt derailed. But I was able to vocalise that to the trainer and get the measured response back of ‘one slice of cake isn’t going to derail you. Here’s what we need to do to refocus.’

You get support in terms of knowledge and substance, but also a bit of a helping hand of guidance and mental support as you’re going through the process of transformation. Having someone to bounce your thoughts and questions off is tremendous

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