This is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life without a doubt. It’s likely I’ll now live longer, which is something you cannot put a price on.

Father-of-two Sameer had been overweight for his entire adult life.

He’d tried to get in shape time and time again, but any weight loss results were short lived.

So, it turned his head when a group of his friends, all with similar jobs and lifestyles to him, made amazing body changes in a matter of weeks with Ultimate Performance.

Sameer couldn’t believe their transformations. It completely shocked him.

His first thought was “I’m the exception. There’s no way I could lose that amount of weight.”

But 36-year-old portfolio manager Sameer’s situation was verging on desperate. So bad, in fact, that his wife worried he wouldn’t be around for much longer and often asked if he had life insurance cover.

For the sake of himself and his family, he decided to follow his friends’ lead partner with U.P.

Now 25kg lighter, Sameer says personal training has comfortably been the best decision he’s ever made.

He’s now certain he’ll live longer – something you simply cannot put a price on.

He can’t remember ever feeling this healthy and disciplined. He’s even noticed he’s more confident dealing with clients at work.

Read how Sameer dropped to his lowest weight since high school, here…

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What was it that motivated you to start your own personal training program, Sameer?

A couple of my friends who had similar jobs and physique to me had taken this up, and the results were quite spectacular. It occurred to me that if they could do it, then maybe I could too. I was quite afraid and not really sure if this would work for me. I know that the science exists, but you always wonder whether it’s going to work for you in particular or not. Because I’ve always been overweight, I’ve never been able to lose weight and maintain it, or actually feel strong. It’s quite heartening to know that the science works for me too and that I’m not an exception to the rule. So, I’ve pretty much followed what my trainer told me to do from start to end, and now I’m more aware of what I’m putting into my mouth.


Have you received any compliments from your close friends, family, or colleagues?

Absolutely. I mean, people start to really notice when you shed 25kg, right? I’ve reduced my waist size by about 30cm. Some people I have seen for a few months are genuinely surprised and wondered how I’ve done it. I’ve had to sit down with them to explain how I’ve been training and eating. I tell them that my trainer knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s been overseeing everything. My macros are in great balance, my body composition has improved, and my nutrition is well taken care of. Dropping 25kg might sound like a drastic change, and it is, but it’s been achieved in a very appropriate and controlled manner. I’m not feeling weak or hungry; I have occasional food cravings, but that is completely normal.



Do you think this whole experience has made you a better husband and father?

Well, my wife and I have been together since 2005, and the lowest weight I reached after high school was 87kg. Now, I’m around 74kg. So, she was stunned. My family are thrilled about my progress. They were always quite concerned about my health, especially considering that we have two young kids. When we had our first child, my wife used to ask if I had my life insurance and other matters sorted because it seemed like I might not be around for much longer.


Were there any particular milestones throughout your transformation that you were proud of?

I managed to do a pull-up. To be honest, it was never something on my radar. But now, me and my trainer set these kinds of goals and I enjoy pushing towards them. I had specific numerical targets, but the pull-up was an achievement that always eluded me in the past. The first time I was able to do it was incredible. It was an amazing feeling and reminded me how far I’ve come.


Do you think your transformation has returned your investment?

Without doubt, this is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. It’s likely I’ll now live longer. That’s something you can’t put a price on. I’ve also delayed the day when my kids surpass me in sports by a few more years! I also look so much better than I used to. When someone new meets me, their initial impression won’t be that I’m overweight. Given my professional role as a portfolio manager, discipline is vital. Hopefully, by getting in shape, people’s first impression of me will not centre around my weight, but more about my discipline.


Tell us about your trainer. How influential was he in making sure you got the eye-catching results you wanted?

He’s been like my best friend over the past six months. He’s someone who’s had a positive impact on my life which I’m very grateful for. He was more than just a trainer. He had empathy and understood my struggles of being overweight. That was what set him apart.


Finally, how would you sum up your experience with Ultimate Performance?

It’s an incredibly welcoming community. The gym used to be a rather intimidating place for me. I felt like 95% of people in the gym were fitter than me, so I felt out of place. U.P. is a secure environment, the trainers are all incredibly approachable and they all check in on you. It’s just part of their nature. I would definitely recommend training here.

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