“Just six weeks in, there was a massive change, and lots of people were commenting on the differences. It feels good and becomes almost addictive.”

Airline pilot Rob got a harsh reality check while on his summer holiday.

Every time he headed down to the beach and took his shirt off, he was reminded of how far he’d let his fitness slip.

Once a gym regular and proud of the broad-shouldered physique he built, over the next few years he slowly lost the frame he had worked so hard for.

Rob knew he needed to hit the gym again to feel good about himself, but his job pilot made scheduling exercise time a nightmare.

Cursed with inconsistency, he knew training solo would only keep him in the gym for a few weeks.

In less than 11 weeks of training with Ultimate Performance, Rob has packed on muscle to shoot well past his beach-body target. He’s now looking forward to keeping his hard-earned physique in top shape.

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  Robw M30 11wk Pt Che Front | Ultimate Performance

What was your motivation for joining Ultimate Performance?

I went on a few beach-side holidays this year and wasn’t happy with my physique.

I used to go to the gym and lift weights, so I was really looking to get back to a place that I was happy with.

I lifted weights about six or seven years ago and really enjoyed that feeling – the feeling of satisfaction from seeing the changes after going to the gym.

But I struggled to do it myself and felt like I had plateaued in terms of my own training at the gym.


How did your job as a pilot make it difficult to train?

The main thing with the consistency is that the job itself is super inconsistent because we get rosters every month for the following month… and they’re totally random. So, you never know what you’re going to be doing.

It makes it very difficult for things like planning your meals, your sleep, when you’re going to go to the gym and when you’ll go to bed.

How did U.P. fit into this work routine? How did it help you break through that barrier?

I’ve found that having a trainer-led session is a great motivator because it puts in fixed time periods when you’re going to have to come to the gym.

There are always days when I feel tired and unmotivated, and I think if I was on my own in that situation, I might not have gone to the gym. But having fixed sessions and the accountability of that has been a massive motivator.

Also, having yourself on the other end of the tracker looking at the steps and the calories is a massive drive.
If I was left to my own devices, there’d be that temptation to eat things that you shouldn’t.


What are the main differences between your earlier attempts to get fit compared to now?

Consistency with my diet is the main difference – which I never really did before.

I just ate a vague estimation of protein, and I never really tracked it. So, tracking my calories is a big one.

I’ve also never stuck to a program for a solid period of time. Maybe I’ve followed a plan for a couple of weeks and not seen results, so I’d change up my program.
So being focused on your plan and sticking to it is the key.

What progress have you made in the last two months, and how has that impacted you?

I never thought you could get changes like that so quickly.

Even six weeks in, there was a massive change, and loads of people were commenting on the differences. So that itself was good, and it becomes addictive.

You want to keep progressing as you see yourself getting leaner. I feel a lot better too. I started sleeping much better, which really helped with the erratic sleep patterns that come with the job.

And just general fitness and energy. Going for a run now – I feel massively fitter than I did. Even just going for a run after work – I notice my heart rate is way down doing the same kind of exercise.


Would you recommend U.P. to someone in a similar situation with difficult work patterns?

Speaking to people at work and people in the industry generally, I’ve noticed a lot of people use the job as an excuse to maybe not be so disciplined with their time and exercise.

A lot of people just say, “oh well, it’s too difficult, I won’t bother,” and that becomes a self-perpetuating myth in the industry if you like.

But having been through it myself and seen the process, I can just say it can be done because if you just plan your time, you’ve got the focus and the help from U.P., you can do it, and it is possible.


Struggling to find time to train? Desperately short of motivation after work? Perhaps it’s both? Partner with U.P. today and see what you can achieve in as little as 12 weeks.


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