“I’m annoyed with myself that I waited so long to do this because it’s the best decision that I’ve ever made. It’s had such a profound effect.”

Richard was struggling to deal with the sudden breakdown of his marriage.

The news had completely blindsided the 53-year-old and hammered his confidence.

Not once had Richard ever considered himself wildly out of shape or overweight, but post-divorce, he’d slipped to his heaviest ever weight.

He needed a goal. He needed to focus on ‘him’ – so he teamed up with Ultimate Performance.

Sure, personal training gave Richard this eye-catching muscular look, but it’s also given him a chance to clear his head and rebuild his confidence.

In truth, he didn’t think his genetics would allow for results for like these, but he’s been proven wrong, even in his fifties.

Around 12kg down, not only is Richard thinking clearer, he’s also far more creative at work, and has no doubt he’s in a better mental place than this time three months ago.

More about Richard’s results, training, and motivations here…

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What were the circumstances that led you to the doors of U.P.?

I was in a strange place when I started. I was in a transitional period in my life; I was getting divorced, which was a shock to me and shook my confidence.

I’d never seen myself as being overweight, I knew that I was out of shape, but there was so much going on in my life that I felt that I didn’t have any control over.

I wanted something where I could set myself a goal and something that I could stick to. It was all on me, I would either succeed or fail by myself.

I wanted to get in shape and I knew that to commit to something I needed to be held accountable. I knew that I needed a trainer and when I found U.P. I knew it was the perfect scenario for me.

I’d never been that guy who thought he could have that body or get into shape. I always thought it was genetic.

When I started the goals that I set myself were quite modest. At the time I was 73kg, which was the heaviest I’ve been in a while.

What were the first impressions of your trainer?

I was intimidated when I first walked into the gym, but I felt a connection with my trainer early on. He was the first person I saw when I walked through the doors and he said ‘hello’ immediately. I felt comfortable straight away.

The most comfortable I’ve been was around 65kg. That was my initial goal. When I started working with him, he asked questions like, ‘what do you want to look like?’, ‘What are your goals here?’, ‘What is it that’s motivating you?’ It was partly about control, but it was vanity as well. It was probably less about health at that point.

He reassured me that we could easily get to 65kg, but we’d be looking at 60kg, which was going to be a tougher goal to reach. ‘But are you prepared to do that?’ ‘Are you ready to commit to doing that?’ And I thought, ‘yeah, why not?’

I trusted the way that U.P. works, I trusted the science, it all made sense to me. I liked that it was disciplined, you had to check in constantly, I was recording everything, including my nutrition and sleep.

How did your trainer help you overcome these hurdles both inside and outside the gym?

He was amazing and we got on very well. He encouraged me, but he also pushed me when I needed pushing. He knew that I always had a bit more to give and that I was stronger than I thought I was.

Beyond that, he was aware what was going on in my life. It was something that we talked about occasionally. There were days when I came in dark or stressed and we would talk about it.

There was one particular day that I came in and stuff had happened that had really rattled me and I was not in a great head space at all. And saw that and recognised that.

We still trained, but we talked about it and he made sure that I was okay. He went above and beyond for me. He put me in touch with people to ensure that I was getting the legal advice that I needed at the time. He was checking in with me, even when I wasn’t at the gym, to make sure that I was okay and on top of things.

It was really important and it made a huge difference to me. It meant a lot that he cared so much. It was more than just a job to him, it felt like I was being taken care of, and it has been incredibly helpful.

How has your transformation made you feel – both from a physical and psychological perspective?

I’m still shocked when I see myself in the mirror because I never believed that I could be that person and get into this kind of shape. It’s quite profound, because I can do it, and I did do it.

It isn’t just about working out, it isn’t just a physical thing, it’s affected the way that I think in general.

I recognise that if I put my mind to something now, I can do it, whether it’s work, creative stuff, or other goals. I’ve developed confidence from doing this.

I find myself spending a lot of time in front of the mirror and realising that’s who I am now. I wish I’d have known that I could do it before.

I’m annoyed with myself that I waited so long to do this because it’s the best decision that I’ve ever made. It’s had such a profound effect.

It’s affected how I am just in life generally. But how I am at work, how I am creatively, I feel more confident.

I feel stronger. I feel much more in control of every aspect of my life. It’s been incredible and it has been life changing. It’s altered how I see myself and it’s changed how I move through the world.


Fitness has guided Richard through the darkest times of his life. Trust U.P. personal training to lift your confidence when you need it most.


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