“I was fully prepared for the opening of World Pride in Sydney. I got loads of compliments and received more attention than I would’ve otherwise, which was a nice boost.”

38-year-old Phil had run out of patience with his fitness plan.

He’d focused all his efforts on getting in the shape of his life ready for Sydney World Pride.

But with just 10 weeks to go before the celebrations, his training and nutrition had failed him.

Perhaps even more disheartening, all the guys in his CrossFit class were bigger, stronger, and slimmer than him. That spurred Phil on to leave CrossFit behind, and partner with results-focused personal trainers at Ultimate Performance.

Now, Phil can proudly say he’s got a body that really stands out from the rest.

He was able to show off his broad back and tight waist – and he’s got plenty of photos to prove it.

Phil was showered with compliments, making World Pride the special and memorable occasion he’d hoped it would be.

Read how his jaw-dropping transformation was made possible after just 13 weeks, here.

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What made you get started with your own personal training program with U.P.? 

When I initially signed up, I’d been training for a while at the gym myself. I’d recently started CrossFit. I wasn’t feeling too bad about my body, but I noticed that in my CrossFit class, a lot of the guys had better bodies, and I was kind of thinking, I’ve been training for years, why don’t I have a body like that?

I passed by U.P. in the mornings and saw some before and after photos, and I just thought, I’m going to give that a crack. 


What were you looking to achieve in your time with your trainer?  

My initial goals when I started were to prepare for World Pride. It was a pretty ambitious timeframe.

The program I signed up for was around 13 weeks, and we had about 10 weeks to get there. So, my goals were generally just to look bigger.

In my head, I thought my goal was to pack on muscle. But in the end, it ended up being more about losing body fat and gradually adding muscle.  

Tell us a little bit about your training program. How much did you enjoy it and was it what you expected?  

There was a real focus on nutrition, which I wasn’t expecting.

I was anticipating that I would be training like five days a week, eating heaps of food. It wasn’t like that at all. It was three days a week of training and just a careful focus on nutrition.

Cutting body fat in the beginning, looking leaner, which made me look muscular, which was the goal. We then changed the diet, increased my calories, and now I’m in a building phase.

The shredding part was probably the most challenging component of the overall program. It wasn’t what I was expecting to be eating less, but it definitely was the right way to go about things.

I was fully prepared for the opening of World Pride in Sydney. There were lots of very good-looking guys all about the city. I got loads of compliments and received more attention than I would’ve otherwise, which was a nice boost.  

So, what benefits have you seen from your program and how much of an impact have they had on your life? 

My physical, mental and emotional health are much better than they’ve ever been.

I sleep better. You know, all the benefits that you expect from living well have happened to me.

I barely drink. I mean, I was already barely drinking before, but I almost never drink now.

I’m more confident, I feel a lot healthier, and I’ve also noticed my performance is a lot better at work. The whole process has just made me happier. I don’t need to seek out a big night on the town with my mates to find enjoyment.  


How influential has your trainer been throughout your transformation? Do you think you could have done it without him? 

My trainer has been awesome with my technique and coaching on the gym floor. It’s made a real difference.

I have been doing personal training and training myself at the gym for years before I came to U.P. But the level of coaching and the attention to detail went above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s absolutely something I’ll take forward.

I’ve got a much better understanding about to implement changes to my training plan and I understand the value of minor tweaks to my form to get the best results.  

What did you diet look like before you started working alongside your trainer?  

I thought I ate well, but following the U.P. plan made me realise I didn’t.

I would always try and go for the heathiest take away options. So, you know, my understanding now of what eating cleanly means is very different.

I’m really organised with my food. And now, socializing with friends and family is much easier. I think they don’t necessarily understand, but they’re sort of on board with it now, so that makes it easier for sure. Yeah. 


Finally, tell us about your photoshoot. How good of a feeling was it to see yourself looking so good on camera?  

It was awesome. I really enjoyed the experience.

On the night, I got a bunch of compliments from trainers and clients alike. It wasn’t just about the photoshoot however, there were so many things that drove me on to keep making progress.

The check-in photos every couple of weeks were a great indicator of how much my body was changing, and the measurements were extremely accurate and kept you moving in the right direction.  


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