“Aside from being physically fitter, stronger and healthier, I’ve got a much better work-life balance and understand the benefits of exercise. It touches all corners of your life.”

Peter’s sedentary job kept him tied to his desk for most of the day.

Suffering from chronic back issues, he wanted to break away from his laptop and find a natural solution that would give him the freedom of movement.

He decided he would give a personal training program a try, thinking he’d walk away a few kilograms lighter.

But the results in just 30 weeks with Ultimate Performance have completely blown him away.

Incredibly, Peter doesn’t feel limited by his ever-improving back issues, and he can even chase his daughter’s puppy around the garden without screaming in pain.

His 10kg transformation has even given him the eye-catching abs that he’s wanted for years, too.

Read Peter’s story for yourself here.

 Peterm-m50s-30w-pt-lds-front-1080x1080px Ultimate Performance

When did you first hear about or learn about U.P., and what made you take the plunge? 

I don’t consider myself a slouch regarding exercise or physical activity. And I also think that I know enough about nutrition to get by more than most, and I’ve previously gone down the route of dieting myself and taken it too far.

Then I thought, “Right, I’m working too hard. I’m not looking after myself, and I need to go to a gym where I’m going to have some professional help.”

Until now, I hadn’t considered it a full health package; I just thought that diet gets a six-pack, so that’s what I’ll target. But I didn’t appreciate how everything is connected and that you’ve got to protect your muscles, and that’s where the exercise comes in. 


You had back problems when you came in. Has there been any improvement?   

I hate being still, I love to be active. I spend a lot of time sitting down for long hours in my job and I have a lower back issue.

My MRI scans show that my L4 and L5 discs are shot. I am not at 100% yet, and I don’t think it ever will be perfectly fine because of the nature of it. So, I know I need to be very mindful of my actions.

But regarding the training itself and how that’s affected what I am doing, I would say that my back is immeasurably different. I don’t have the same limitations.

At the moment, because of sitting down so much, I do have a tight lower back, and it is slightly restrictive, but for the most part, I never would have thought when I was starting that I’ll be doing a 140kg deadlift a few months later.

My daughter recently got a new puppy. If I need to go chasing after it, I can. I’m not chasing after it, bending down, going, “Oh my back, oh.” I’ve actually got freedom of movement again, which is great. 

How has U.P. affected your life outside the gym? 

I have a better work-life balance.

Before this, I was working silly hours, not really giving myself any time.

Aside from being physically fitter, stronger, and mentally stronger, I think when you come here and start to train, I think you very quickly decide whether it’s something you want to continue, whether it is because you enjoy the challenge or because you understand the benefits.

For me understanding the benefits and gaining knowledge was very motivating.

But all in all, I would say the work-life balance is my biggest win. 


Your son is also quite interested in fitness. Do you think your changed habits and lifestyle impacted him and others around you? 

My wife used to come home at night and say, “Oh, I’m absolutely knackered. I’m going to sit down on the sofa; I’m going to watch TV for five hours solid.” She doesn’t do that now.

Now she comes walking with me every evening. And she gets to the end of the night and says, “How many steps have you done?” And I go, “Hmm, 19,000.” And she goes, “I can’t believe it, right? I’m going out.” So, it’s almost turned into a competition of who can get to the end of the day with the most steps.

She’s actually lost around 12kg in three months.

With my son, we know he is interested in exercise; he wants to go to university next year and study sports science.

I think even just a couple of months here will give him a great grounding to understand the practical side.  

Anything you would like to say to people looking to join U.P.? 

It’s a brilliant journey. I’ve got a lot more out of it than I ever thought I would. Because you just go to the gym and think, “Right, I’m going to get a bit stronger. I’m going to get a bit fitter.” But the benefits are just everywhere.

You know, it’s a bit of a cliché, and you look on social media, and you see people say, “No, it’s changed every area of my life.” It does. It has changed how I live.

Even something like eating out; I don’t go out eating as much because I realise I will have a day’s calories in one meal. If you do that five times a week, it’s no surprise that you will put weight on. It truly changes a lot more than your body.

So, choose your journey carefully, but embrace it because it’s brilliant.

It is, and there are no downsides to it. 


U.P. gave Peter a firm foundation to stay fit and healthy for life. You can start getting fit and healthy, too, at Ultimate Performance. Click here to join.   


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