“If Carlsberg did gyms… it wouldn’t be as good as U.P. After years of exercising and achieving nothing, I’ve finally cracked it”

Paul said he’d become the ‘outcast’ of his friendship group.

Every time they got together, he felt like the ‘odd one out’ because of his weight.

It all came to a head on their snowboarding holiday. Sat in the sauna after hitting the slopes, 38-year-old Paul says he felt way out of shape compared to his “shredded” friends.

It was also putting a dampener on other part of his life. Regularly having to speak in front of an audience in his career, he didn’t feel one bit confident with all eyes on him.

Paul’s self-confidence needed a ‘shot in the arm’, spurring him on to start his own personal training program with U.P.

Working with his trainer, they stripped back Paul’s bad habits, like relying on takeaway meals for fuel, and made sure he was lifting weights three times a week.

That all resulted in an 8kg weight loss which has wiped out any self-consciousness or stage fright.

In truth, a fully-fledged six-pack was never the goal for Paul. But that’s exactly what he’s got.

How he did it? What was the “magic ingredient” behind his transformation? Paul explains here..

 Paul Roberts M38 37wk Pt Lds - Good Front Ultimate Performance

What were your fitness and nutritional habits like prior to partnering with Ultimate Performance?

My diet and lifestyle were horrendous. I had four takeaways a week and with training, I did a lot of running, but I didn’t know my way around a gym. I found them intimidating because I didn’t know what I was doing.

That is why I always went running, but I didn’t see any results from it. My lifestyle habits made me feel fat, tired and, retrospectively, I was in bad shape, even though I didn’t feel that bad at the time.

The motivation for signing up with U.P. was that I realised I was not as fit as my friends during a snowboarding holiday. It was annoying me. We went to a sauna afterwards and they were shredded, and I was fat.

I wanted to feel confident, and I thought that would come if I sorted my body out. I’m confident internally, but not as much with my external appearance.

At what point did you start to appreciate and acknowledge that you could achieve results in this process? And what were the biggest changes you noticed?

As soon as I started noticing results, it made me feel as though it was possible. That was the biggest hurdle for me. I never thought I’d achieve a six-pack or anything. I didn’t think I had it in me.

But then, when I started seeing results, I thought I could get through it. The biggest changes, physically, are that I’ve got in shape and I feel a lot better in clothes, and I’ve had to buy a load more of them.

Mentally, it has improved my confidence, especially with things like public speaking. I was always self-conscious doing that stuff, but now I feel better in my own skin.

I look a lot better with my top off and my fitness has improved because I like running. I’ve improved my times and I feel a lot better while I’m running. I had plateaued, but this has helped me improve.

When I was doing a 10k I was around the five-minute mark per kilometre, and now I’ve got that to around four minutes and 20 seconds. That is a massive improvement.


What challenges have you faced during your time with U.P.?

Results are possible. It’s taken me longer than most, but I had an accident halfway through the program and with my busy lifestyle at work, I didn’t believe that I could achieve the results.

But I stuck with it, I’ve got the results, and it’s sustainable as well. They’ve changed my mindset, and now I’ve got a set of tools to manage it full-time.


Talk us through some of the key lessons you’ve learnt in your time working with your trainer?

I’ve learned a lot about fitness and nutrition and with that knowledge I think it is sustainable. It’s not a fad diet, it’s a change in lifestyle.

I’ve learned to have a routine, which I never had before, and that’s a big thing for me. The magic ingredient for me is the professionalism of the whole setup. The training, the knowledge, is really in-depth and makes you realise that this isn’t just another gym.

It’s not just going to a PT session. There’s a lot of other stuff on the periphery and it makes a difference. The most life-changing thing for me is that it’s given me an appreciation of being healthy, eating the right things and the impact of weight training on your body.

It’s made me consider health in a different way. My mindset has changed and now I avoid eating bad foods. If Carlsberg did gyms…it wouldn’t be as good as U.P. I’ve undergone a total transformation and I’ve been educated to sustain it.

After years of exercising and achieving nothing, I’ve finally cracked it.


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