Obrie felt like he had a mountain to climb to get back in shape.

Painful spinal problems from years of bruising rugby training meant he needed powerful painkillers just to get through the day.

Having a damaged disc replaced in his spine left him scared to even think about exercising alone.

On top of that, 37-year-old Obrie had just become a father and was getting to grips with the demands and sleepless nights that come with a new-born baby.

 Obrie Ultimate Performance Transformation Front Ultimate Performance

Then when the coronavirus lockdown was imposed, his goals of getting fit again felt even further away.

Luckily, he had Ultimate Performance Amsterdam by his side who helped him navigate lockdown and train safely and effectively to regain the strength around his spine.

Obrie says that even training virtually, his 20kg transformation has been phenomenal.

“I worked with my trainer Jonathan for about 24 weeks; most of it was in lockdown. I’m the father of a new-born baby, and through the whole process, we were able to achieve amazing results because we stuck to the program.

“There was a system; there was a clear way of tracking what we were doing, and we could clearly see what’s the progress or if there was no progress what we need to do to adjust that.”

“It is one of the best investments I’ve made. The knowledge and professionalism are world-class and the results are beyond expectations when you follow the program.”

Obrie had followed the work of Ultimate Performance CEO Nick Mitchell for over a decade.

So as he was going through rehab after his spinal surgery, he knew that U.P. would be the best place to regain his fitness safely and effectively.

 Obrie Ultimate Performance Transformation Back Ultimate Performance

He was just days into his gym transformation programme at U.P. Amsterdam when the coronavirus pandemic hit Europe and the lockdown began.

Unfazed, his trainer seamlessly adapted the whole programme online and ensured that he still got the results he was looking for.

He remembers some sage advice on social media from U.P. CEO Nick – stick exactly to the programme, trust the process and results will be yours.

“One of the first things I did when I signed up was to send Nick a message on Instagram, asking him what’s the best way of making the most out of this transformation program.

“He said one thing – be a robot! So, if there’s any advice I can give you, it is to just follow the programme and the P.T.”

What struck Obrie about the whole process was how straightforward it was. His diet was simple, the training was structured, the support was there and every aspect of his journey was tracked and monitored to ensure he got the outcome he wanted.

“I think the mythology behind how U.P. does this is unbelievable, and it’s very simple if you look at it now, but so many people don’t do that.

“For me, coming from an engineering background, having things systematically run so that you can track the progress was fantastic. I immediately got hooked on the progress tracker where you put in all the data on a daily basis.

“I think it’s a lot of effort from both parties – the trainer and the client – because you have to be dedicated, you have to be honest, and you have to do what needs to be done.”

 Obrie Ultimate Performance Transformation Side Ultimate Performance

Obrie’s personal training programme was designed to safely manage his long-standing spinal problems.

So when lockdown came into force, his trainer brought a new level of precision to his programme to adapt it for Obrie’s DIY home gym.

“In December, I got a lumbar disc replacement surgery, so I had a herniated disc that was pressing into my sciatic nerve.

“I had this problem for about 12 months, where I was on about 150mg of codeine every day just to be able to get through the pain. I tried everything, and I couldn’t get it fixed, so I had to get it replaced with a polyurethane disc.

“I was very concerned about getting back in shape but without aggravating my back. Jonathan created a plan around my injury that didn’t put my back in jeopardy but still got me the results I wanted. I could see more definition on my legs; I could see growth, strength everywhere without having to aggravate the area. I think it was very clever thinking!”

Despite all Obrie’s challenges, working together with his world-class trainer throughout the lockdown yielded results beyond anything he thought was possible.

“Throughout the whole lockdown, the support was pretty amazing, to be honest. For about two months, I had support from U.P. without a single penny charged, which I thought was extraordinary!

“Jonathan checked in with me twice a week and created his training program around all the equipment I had at home, and in lockdown.

“Through this process, I was able to reduce my body fat percentage by 10%. I don’t think that there’s any other gym or any other organization that would have given the same support throughout this process!”



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