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Being in control of your diet and the way you look is truly life-changing.

Nuno struggled with a sweet tooth and didn’t have the education he needed on food and nutrition to build the body he’d always wanted.

The 35-year-old operations manager constantly felt tired and sluggish, and said that despite being fit, he always felt ‘skinny’.

All that changed in 14 weeks as he mastered his diet and built a lean, muscular new physique after adding 5kg of lean muscle and halving his body fat.

His wife was so impressed with his new body that she has started her own transformation journey with U.P.

“I went from almost 17% body fat down to 8.5% fat, and gained lean body mass to the point I finally felt I was looking great.

“If I was to define my transformation in one word, it would be: amazing! My wife agrees with this every day!”

It’s incredible how much you can change in just 14 short weeks – and Nuno’s transformation and impressive new body are proof of that.




Just a few weeks ago, Nuno was feeling like his goals of being in shape were at a dead end.

“Despite having a sportive past at high level and regardless of how hard and how often I trained, I never seemed to be able to surpass a certain level of form and body shape.


“Despite being fit, I always seemed to look skinny.”


Nuno had lower back pain affected his life and meant he couldn’t play with his daughter as freely – something which left him frustrated.

Diet was something that Nuno struggled with too – and he constantly felt low on energy and sleepy throughout the day.

It wasn’t that he ate junk food – but his uncontrolled, carbohydrate-heavy diet was standing in the way of his fitness goals.

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“The best way to describe my diet is to say that I had no diet.

“I would avoid junk food and processed meat, but other than that I would eat everything else, whenever I wanted, however, I wanted; mostly meat and rice, potatoes, pasta, etc., and vegetables would rarely join the equation.

“I often ate dark chocolate and other sweets rather than fruit after a meal. I also had a high consumption of carbs every day and low consumption of healthy fats.”

Everything changed when Nuno started his transformation; he switched up his diet and made tweaks to his lifestyle which helped him make the big changes he’d found impossible before.

“I started eating a more varied and balanced diet in relation to carbs, protein and healthy fat ingestion.

“I increased drastically the amount of water I was taking in, and I didn’t drink alcohol, not even at social events, and to be honest by now I do not miss it.

“I stopped having sweets and probably because of me eating regularly and well, I stopped having cravings for sugar.”



Nuno’s consistency with his diet and training began delivering results every week.

“There were times I wondered ‘What am I doing here? This is hard!?’ but the familiar and supportive environment at UP gives you the strength to keep going and then the results happen.


“Every measurement was exciting and after seeing the immediate results, it was energizing and motivating.”


The results Nuno achieved in just 14 weeks were stunning. You only have to look at his ‘before and after’ photos to see how far he has come in such a short space of time.

But for Nuno it’s more than just building an impressive body – it has been about the knowledge he has learned, the skills he has acquired and the wider impact that being fitter, leaner and healthier has had on his life.


 Nuno-14-week-ultimate-performance-transformation-skinny-muscle-back Ultimate Performance

“This experience changed the way I live my life. I am much more conscious of what and how I eat and drink, which allows me to have control over how I feel, for instance in terms of energy levels but also in terms of fulfillment and confidence of achievement.

“My body is now a constant reminder of that capacity for achievement and despite me having an ‘I can do it all’ mentality I consider it will help me in taking a stronger approach to future obstacles in life; I believe everyone should have the opportunity to feel this way.

He added: “I enjoyed so much the learning and the experience that I now even consider a career move to this world.”




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  • You cannot get results exactly like these. You are unique and that means you can only get your own best possible results.
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  • Oftentimes the lower your starting point (poor fitness, terrible body composition) the better your results.
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