“I would say that U.P. probably saved me a lot on therapy bills. Instead of going to a therapist, I joined U.P. and changed myself by getting out of this dark cycle of binge eating and ill health.”

Business owner Nitin’s eating habits were completely out of control.

He found himself turning to fast food deliveries almost every single night – a direct result of long, draining days at work.

Nitin constantly told himself tomorrow would be better, but his nasty habits showed no sign of turning around as he became increasingly overweight, unfit and depressed.

He quickly realised this was no way to live.

True to his background as a financial consultant, he researched the numbers and decided that only the best personal trainers in the world could get him in good shape again.

Now 24 weeks later, Nitin has made astonishing progress working alongside his trainer at Ultimate Performance.

On a recent holiday to the popular Phú Quốc Island, he stood out as the fittest guy in the whole resort and even puts the recent growth of his business down to his hugely improved mental clarity.

Nitin’s remarkable transformation story told in full, here.

  Nitin S M34 24wk Pt Dxb Front | Ultimate Performance

Why did you decide to start your own personal training program with U.P.? 

I was always athletic when I was young. But when I moved to Dubai, my lifestyle changed. Slowly and steadily, I became fat to the extent that I felt I could not perform at 100%.

In my mind, I was still that athletic guy. But when I looked at my pictures or in the mirror, I realised that this was not correct. I stopped recognising myself. And then, it reached a stage where I started to shy away from pictures.

If I was in a group of people, if someone wanted to take a picture, I would be the one to volunteer because I didn’t want to be in the photo.

I felt I was failing in every aspect. I couldn’t control my business or my relationship, but the one variable under my control was my health, so I decided to take care of myself.  

How do you feel now? You went from a shy guy to posing for the U.P. photoshoot. 

I would not have in a million years thought that I could ever do a photoshoot, but the photos came out so great. I really have no words to express what this feeling is.

But then, people around me are so happy, my friends, my family. In fact, it has sort of created a small revolution with them that everybody is thinking about their health now, which is a good thing. They’re going back and analysing what they’re eating. I’m happy that I’m sort of becoming a small inspiration to all my friends and family.

I don’t know how this happened; maybe it’s a coincidence or just the mindset. But then my business team grew from two when I joined U.P. to five in five months, which was a big improvement.

My health, like everything, changed. My blood pressure dropped, my mental alertness improved, and I have zero back aches.

And I think the best part is not just the physical transformation; it’s my mental transformation. Now I have this template in my mind: if I’m disciplined and want to do it, I can do it. And I got this mindset from my time at U.P. 

Tell us about your earlier eating habits and how they have changed.   

Before joining U.P., my favourite apps were food delivery apps. I was busy at work, and I live alone, so I don’t cook much. I used to order a lot of food, but there came a stage in my life just before U.P. when I was ordering food without realising why I was doing it. I would order even when I wasn’t hungry, just out of habit, and then eat it without wanting to.

The feeling that I used to get after binge eating was horrible. It was so depressing; I cursed myself for not having self-control and promised myself that tomorrow would be better. And then I used to order the same thing the next day. It just went on and on.

There’s a lot of information in the world right now. You Google something, and you find 10 articles on how to lose weight and what to eat, and you really cannot figure out what to do with all this information.

But U.P. keeps it simple. I got a simple template that I needed to follow – eat so much, walk so much, work out so much, and regular follow-ups which brought accountability.  

Not everyone was supportive of your decision to join U.P. How do people around you react now?  

I’ve joined a lot of gyms, and I never showed up. I used to go for a week and waste a year’s subscription. So, people never trusted me to do anything. There was a lot of opposition from my friends, and people thought that I had just gone mad and was wasting my money.  

This time I didn’t tell anyone about my daily sessions or my experience at U.P. because I really wanted them to come back to me and notice the change. This is the only fitness centre in my life that I didn’t skip. I didn’t skip any classes, including the weekends. In fact, I didn’t travel for months just because I wanted to maintain going to U.P. and following this fitness plan. 

So, after a couple of months, people around me started noticing the change, and then I told them that I was going to U.P. And now, the same people ask me, “Do you have any referral discount at U.P.?” or, “Where is this gym, and what are the timings, and would it help me?” Yeah, so I think the result speaks for itself. 

The beauty of U.P. is that the plan is so simple, but then it is still so difficult. I don’t know how to explain this, but it’s not rocket science; there is no magic pill; it is just a simple, plain boring plan, but you must do it daily. And that’s when your grit comes into the picture and when your willpower is tested. 

This time you had a different vacation experience. Tell us about that. 

On my last birthday, I went for a few days to an island in Vietnam called Phú Quốc Island. This was the first time I was happy roaming around without any t-shirt because I realised that I was the fittest guy in the whole resort, and I was so happy about that. I could easily go to any place, jump in the pool, go to the beach and walk around.

This feeling is priceless; I love water, I love beaches, and being able to enjoy it fully – this is priceless. I did get some stares, and some people noticed me and looked at me, and now I think they’re admiring rather than making fun of me. So that’s a good shift, and it is priceless. 


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