After being blown away by his colleagues’ body transformations, Nadim thought his long work hours would hold him back from achieving similar results.

He would often go to the gym but did not follow a structured training or nutrition plan, lacking the belief he could ever build his dream physique.

Since contacting Ultimate Performance, Nadim’s idea that a busy management consultant cannot achieve body transformations has completely changed.

Now 6.7kg down and having halved his body fat, the 28-year-old has never felt more confident and is reaping the rewards of his 16-week body transformation.

Nadim says he also wanted to feel the benefits of a sustainable diet alongside resistance training. He now feels much healthier in a ‘well-rounded way’ following his trainer’s advice.

“I joined because I felt that I wanted to improve, not just the way I look, but also the way I feel and become a healthier person in a well-rounded way.

“Not just going to the gym and working on my muscles, but rather having a more, let’s say sustainable way of living a healthy life.”

Nadim spoke to us about his transformation story, offering an insight into how he developed under his personal trainer and the lasting impact his experience with U.P will have on him going forward.

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What was your motivation for joining Ultimate Performance?

When I realised a few of my colleagues joined the gym and saw their before and after pictures, it was very impressive. At that point, I started thinking about joining a lot more. I’ve always thought of myself as someone who lived a somewhat healthy life, but I needed to change how I approached things.

I needed to change how I approached my workouts, how I went about my daily life and improve not just the way I look, but also the way I felt and become a healthier person in a well-rounded way.


What was your diet and your training routine like before you came to U.P.? 

It was a bit all over the place, to be honest. Training-wise it was very haphazard. I would go to the gym every now and then, with no clue what I was doing. Physically, I always thought of myself as not fat. I don’t think I was completely unfit, but my training routine had no structure to it.

Food-wise, I don’t think I ever put in any conscious effort in thinking about what I was eating. It was always just avoiding the glaringly unhealthy stuff, but nothing beyond that. There was no plan, no structure, no monitoring of how much I’m consuming. I didn’t even have an idea of what 1,500 calories meant.

How do you feel about yourself after going through the transformation process? 

I think it’s two things. First, it showed me that a lot of the things that I thought were impossible are achievable. When I look at myself in the mirror and I see a much slimmer, healthier version of me, I don’t think I ever imagined that I’d be able to achieve that without being fully dedicated.

I definitely never thought I’d be able to do it while working in a job that has typically long hours and is very time-consuming.  The second thing is generally just feeling better about yourself. I feel healthier and fitter, and I think that translates into more confidence and simply feeling better about yourself.


Would you say that health and fitness have now become part of your personal life?

It’s interesting because now a lot of my personal relationships have become more health-focused, especially now my fiancé is also going through a similar routine.

A lot of the time that we would spend together going out to eat is now time we go walking or monitoring what each of us is eating or giving each other tips based on what our trainers have been telling us. You can’t disassociate this lifestyle from everything else that you’re doing, and it just becomes part of your life.

Have your family members and friends been impressed by the changes that you’ve made? 

When I first started, everyone said, ‘do you need this? You look fine! It sounds very excessive. This is unsustainable.’ I think as the before and after comparison photos started coming in, the reactions began to change very quickly because people began to realise why I did it. If you make it part of your daily routine, you can make it work.


What would you say were the main things that you implemented to adapt to the whole lifestyle?

I think for me it was not going down the slippery slope of cutting corners and just staying focused on the goal, because I knew why I was doing this. If I really want to get to a point where I feel healthier and I look healthier, then I just need to commit.

A lot of my adaptation was anchoring myself around this commitment and being transparent. Whenever I need to have a meal out, just be transparent about it because you are then able to plan everything around it.


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