The results have been incredible. My heart rate and blood pressure have improved, and my doctor says they’re great for a 54-year-old.

54-year-old Michael’s family had a long, frightening history of heart problems.

His father sadly passed away from a heart attack at a very young age.

Then his younger brother suffered a heart attack at 39 years old in August 2019.

Michael was devastated by the news, and immediately got his heart health evaluated by doctors. The results were concerning.

In early 2020, he found himself in a hospital bed ready to undergo a triple heart bypass.

His recovery went smoothy, but as the days ticked by, Michael started to ask himself some important questions. Am I really the healthiest I could be? Have I taken my fitness seriously in the past?

The honest answer was no. He’d trained in a ‘five by five’ style before and tried following kettlebell workouts, but never considered himself fit.

That all changed when he came to Ultimate Performance. Partnering with an expert personal trainer helped him rebuild his fitness from scratch and get into the shape of his life at 54.

But the results go way beyond his 10kg (24lbs) weight loss. Michael’s cardiologist has told him his blood pressure and resting heart rate have radically improved – news that was a huge relief to him.

He’s fitter, he’s got more energy as a parent, and he’s even getting compliments from his little girl who’s stunned by his new six-pack!

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You’ve trained in the past, Michael. What was it about your U.P. program that was so effective?

Well, I saw the results with my five-by-five training program. I got a lot stronger, but aesthetically, it wasn’t obvious that I was training. I’ve done a lot of kettlebell work because after COVID closed the gyms, I bought a couple and started training with those. I built a little bit of strength doing that too. I saw results – but nothing compared to the results I saw here. I can now actually see my abs and I’ve lost a lot of weight. So, I’d say the results aesthetically are great and I feel amazing. I’m energetic and have a bounce in my step.


What did you diet look like before you starting training with U.P? And how much has it changed?

To be honest, I’ve been eating quite clean for a few years. The main thing I’ve learned is to be more conscious of what I’m eating, especially the portions and calories. I didn’t do that before, but now I’m more aware of it. I’ve learned how to count my calories with a small scale, and I’ve cleaned up my eating habits further.



What would you say to people who are thinking about starting their own U.P. transformation?

If you make the effort and put in the work, you’re definitely going to see results. There’s no question about it. So, if you’re sceptical or unsure about getting results, that’s the only thing I can promise you.


Could you discuss your heart health scare and how that motivated you to improve your fitness? 

In August of 2019, my younger brother, who was 39 at the time, had a heart attack. Our father had passed away from a heart attack at a young age. With me being 11 years older than my brother, his heart attack prompted both me and our other brother to see a cardiologist. My other brother had no issues, but they found some concerns with me. This led to me getting a triple bypass on January 30th, 2020. COVID emerged not long after that, so I was eager to get back to the gym and started with kettlebell workouts. The rest, working with U.P., is history.

I had a cardiology appointment this morning that went well. Thanks to working out here, my resting heart rate has dropped and my doctors says it’s great for a 54-year-old. My blood pressure has also improved, and there are other improvements aside from just the aesthetic changes.



Do you believe you transformation has benefitted you and your family?

I honestly believe my increased energy has positively impacted my daughter’s life. She has noticed my results and now says “Daddy, I can see your six-pack.” It’s not quite a six-pack but I’ll certainly take the compliment! My brothers were also very impressed with my results. Even my nieces have complimented me on my appearance. It’s nice to near, and I definitely feel more of an energetic dad.


Tell us some more about your trainer. How influential was he in helping you achieve what you wanted?

My trainer’s encouragement has been extremely motivating. I appreciate how he and the other trainers work together and support me. I can feel their positive energy through fist bumps. He provides constructive criticism when needed, and I appreciate that. He consistently communicates, guiding my diet and encouraging clean eating. It’s a comprehensive approach that keeps me accountable. I’ve also learned a lot about training and nutrition. Overall, it’s been a fantastic and educational journey toward better health and well-being.

When your health in on the line, there’s few better investments that a bespoke personal training program with U.P. Get started with your own transformation now.



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