“The values, habits and skills you learn on top of the knowledge about food and nutrition will change your life. I will keep those habits forever and that will help me live longer and healthier.”

Michael had been intimidated by gyms for as long as he could remember.

He’d never lifted weights in his life and didn’t have the appetite to give it a go.

That was because running had always helped him stay fit and healthy… up until just recently.

After completing the London Marathon this year, he was disappointed with his finishing time.

It wasn’t long before that disappointment turned into a ‘six-month eating and drinking binge’.

Not feeling himself, Michael wanted to wrestle back control of his life, pushing him to start a personal training program with Ultimate Performance.

With a U.P. trainer by his side, Michael is now unquestionably fitter, faster, and stronger.

He’s 13kg down – but say his legs and upper body feel full of explosive power.

Michael is thrilled with the physical breakthrough he’s made, yet his transformation has been just important for him mentally.

His gym anxiety is gone, he’s standing taller in work meetings, and his stress has eased considerably.

Below, he explains how he did it training with Ultimate Performance…

 Michael L M41 18wk Pt May Front Ultimate Performance

What motivated you to partner with Ultimate Performance?

I saw it on the internet. I saw the side-by-side photos. You see them all over the place. I thought, in the back of my mind, I’ll do that one day.

I ran the London Marathon and I didn’t do as well as I thought I should have done. I was disappointed and then went on a six-month eating and drinking binge. I felt 25 again and I put on loads of weight.

Now was the time to do it properly and U.P. is the place to come if you want to do that. I wouldn’t say I felt bad about myself, but I knew that a change was needed.

I needed to build habits, I can’t gently stroll into something, so I need a smack around the face. This was definitely a good way of doing that!


How did you find the different facets of the program over the course of 18 weeks?

The food has been fine. The diet and nutrition were one of the things I wanted to learn about, and that’s been invaluable.

The training is fine because you’re with your trainer, so you don’t need to worry about that. They get you through it.

The steps were a problem for me, I didn’t appreciate the significance of them early on. But your steps are a key part of it, and I only did them properly halfway through the process. That was a challenge.

I am certainly happier now and I’ve got that ‘get up and go’ attitude. There’s a bit of shock at first. The combination of eating less and doing more has been a challenge.

But then you start to feel lighter, you have more energy, you’re happier, so as you progress, your mood gets better. I’m getting fitter, stronger, leaner, and I’ve developed habits.

I learned about what I was eating, and I’ve never done weights before so that’s something else I learned about.

Learning how to lift something properly is valuable forever. I’ll always know how to do that.

How well supported were you by our coach at U.P.?

I have felt supported by my trainer. It’s not just the time you spend in the gym, you’re getting messages, emails, tips, and updates all the time when you’re out of the gym as well. They’re valuable.

There are things that you know you should be doing, but you might not do when you’re by yourself.
You might not want to walk the dog, but you’ll get a message from your trainer suggesting that you should get your steps up. They might tell you to eat more one day, or less, and those things are helpful.

You’re not just doing it by yourself, which is important as well. My trainer has been extremely supportive, they’ve gone above and beyond.

There’s a world of challenges and things that tempt you, such as that little bit of cake. But your trainer gives you tips and motivation, and they remind you why you’re here.

You feel that there’s somebody with you at every stage.


How has your life improved since joining U.P. and what differences have you noticed?

You walk into a room differently, you naturally stand a bit taller, not just physically.

There’s a confidence and a sense of achievement. You worry less, you’re less timid. That’s great because work can be stressful. This has helped me de-stress and has helped me through some challenging days in the office.

Others have seen differences in me. When I’m at work, even people I don’t know that well comment on how I’m looking fitter, which is nice.

In meetings you might get somebody saying that ‘you’ve lost a bit of weight’. It’s nice to hear.

My wife said that I’m looking different as well. I’ve had to get clothes tailored! Instead of being too big for clothes, I’m now too small for them. It’s a problem, but it’s a good one to have.

What were your goals upon signing up with U.P.?

The goal was to lose weight, but that’s just part of the process. The goal was to get fitter and stronger.

I’m a runner, I run for fun, but also for weight management. I’ve since done a park run and, without trying, I was within a few seconds of my personal best that I set years ago. I

t’s been amazing and now I think I’m going to be getting personal bests all over the place because of my strength.

My mind and body have changed. I’m lighter, yet I have more power! I’m able to run more efficiently and with purpose.

I’m running better than I was before, without having done much running, which is amazing. I’ve got some races coming up and I’m looking forward to seeing some prizes.


How did it feel being able to get over your fear of lifting weights?

I’ve never been in the gym before or lifted weights. I would use to hurry through the ‘adult’ section of the gym because I felt intimidated. I had no idea what people were doing, and I felt as though I didn’t belong there.

Now I walk into a gym, and I can walk over to the dumbbells or barbells and start lifting without worrying about what’s around me.

I know what I’m doing, and I know that if I’m not lifting properly there’s no point in doing it.


Finally, would you recommend U.P. to others?

I would absolutely recommend it, but with a condition. You’ve got to know why you’re doing it and you’ve got to be committed to doing it.

It doesn’t work if you do it half-hearted, and it’s key to listen to what your trainer is telling you. If you do that then you can get to wherever you want.

If you commit it will change your life. The values, habits, and skills you learn on top of the knowledge about food and nutrition will change your life.

I will keep those habits forever and that will help me live longer and healthier.

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