The lifestyle of a lawyer was catching up with 32-year-old Suang.

Dinners and drinks when out entertaining clients were causing his weight to creep up.

While at work he was stuck in an endless cycle of drinking coffee to stay awake, then having no energy the next day.

His poor lifestyle was also leading him to regularly fall ill with colds or suffer headaches.

After a photo in the paper put things into perspective for Suang, he realised it was time to make a change. Since joining U.P., he has managed to drop an impressive 16kg, along with waving goodbye to frequent migraines and viruses.

  Ultimate Performance

“I’ve been telling my colleagues and clients about U.P. and they say that they have heard of it, and it works. They see me and it makes them even more convinced that it works.”

Before his significant lifestyle change, Suang was struggling with the pressures of his job. A lawyer with a hectic work schedule, he relied on caffeine to get him through the day.

Despite going on regular runs, Suang noticed his waistline beginning to expand. Having to entertain his clients meant very frequent, hearty meals, as well as alcoholic drinks.

“I used to get through at least two cups of coffee to get through the day, now I don’t need any at all.

“A challenge I faced was that I have to entertain clients as part of my job. This involves heavy meals, dinners and drinks.”

Suang’s weight gain was gradual until a photo in the local newspaper put things into perspective. His law firm was being recognised for their successes, but all Suang could focus on was feeling ashamed of his size.

“My weight increased considerably again during the second half of last year – we had won quite a few cases, so our firm was put in the paper. There were pictures taken of us and when I saw myself, I looked pretty fat. That was one of the main triggers.

“I noticed that, over the years, my weight was creeping up, even though I am reasonably active.

“One day I realised that I was more than 70kg and that was a shock to me.”

After not being able to focus on his work triumphs due to his growing insecurities, Suang decided to undergo a body transformation at U.P.

At first, he found the lifestyle change challenging, as he was used to eating large portions of carbohydrates in his home-cooked meals.

His parents were initially sceptical, worried that he was cutting down his food intake too much.

“There were a lot of obstacles. The main one had to be getting family support when I joined the program. We have to watch our daily calorie intakes, and decrease our amount of food, so my parents were concerned.”

However, after seeing such impressive and life-changing results, his parents came to see the transformation as a positive.

“Over time, they saw how much progress I was making, then they became supportive.”

There have been numerous takeaways from the program, with one of the most notable being in Suang’s strength.

As a fairly active person, struggling to do pull-ups and push-ups was getting him down. Now, his upper body strength is improving with each session.

“I have gained so much strength – so many weights that I thought I would never be able to do. I couldn’t do pull-ups when I started, but now I can do 15-20 pull-ups. I can also do 50 proper push-ups – which makes me very happy.”

Another difference in Suang is in his stamina. As a runner in the past, he would have to take regular breaks during longer distances. Now, he feels that he can run a greater distance in a shorter time than before.

“Other than strength, I have got into running. I used to run quite long distances anyway, but I’d take quite a long time. With the legs training at U.P., I can run a lot further in less time. I can feel how strong my legs are.”

The most impressive change in Suang has to be that he feels his immune system is stronger. Prior to his transformation, he would regularly be plagued by colds and flu-like symptoms, which was affecting his job and daily life.

Now, he feels like his body can fight off illnesses more efficiently than ever, thanks to his enhanced exercise regime and diet.

“It has affected me in a positive way. One of the most impactful things is, when it comes to health, I tend to get a lot of colds and headaches. I’d always have to wear a sweater. I feel like, for the past 6 months, I haven’t had a cold. I feel a lot healthier.”

Finally, Suang feels content and confident with his new, lean physique. Instead of worrying about looking larger than the rest of his colleagues, he can focus on reaping the rewards of his job, striving towards an even more successful future.

“In terms of vanity, people come and tell me I have lost weight, which also makes me happy.”



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