I’m absolutely ecstatic. It’s exceeded my wildest expectations to be brutally honest. I didn’t expect to be in this kind of shape.

Law firm partner Edward felt ‘depressed’ at the state of his body as he entered his late fifties.

The rate at which he’d piled on the pounds during the pandemic was a cause for concern.

But now he was barely exercising, and things were only getting worse.

With a long-term shoulder injury that needed regular pain-managing injections, the odds were against him of turning things around on his own.

But the 57-year-old lawyer and former marathon runner knew exactly who to turn to.

He had benefitted from Ultimate Performance’s approach to personal training in the past. And he didn’t have to think twice about making a return.

Even with his travel commitments and hectic work schedule, he was able to rapidly lose fat and transform his fitness with just three personal training sessions at U.P. each week.

Edward lost 14kg and built visible six-pack abs for the first time in his life, which has amazed his friends and colleagues.

But it’s been the changes in self-confidence, ‘real’ energy, and mood that have been most impactful to him as he approaches 60.

He explains how his transformation was made possible, here…

  Edward L M57 39wk Pt Stp Front | Ultimate Performance

What was the trigger for starting your transformation journey at 57?

I realised I was piling on the pounds a bit too fast. Lockdown didn’t help with that. I’d dropped all gym activity, and nothing else was available apart from walking.

In retrospect, I was depressed about the state of my body, and I needed to do something about it. I took the course of action to do something radical to see if I could sort things out.

Looking at my ‘before’ picture now is quite frightening. You don’t notice how things deteriorate on a day-to-day basis, but when you see the start, the reality, it’s frightening.

It’s no surprise that I’m not smiling in that picture.

Before joining U.P., apart from being pretty overweight, I had had multiple dislocations on my shoulder, which involved surgery about 30 years ago. The more intense the training gets, the more you have to look out for the side effects of the injury.

A couple of my colleagues had great results from U.P. in the past, and I’m one of those people who needs to be ‘all or nothing’ at something.

U.P. is set up to deliver that kind of result, obviously depending on your own commitment. Working in an environment where everybody else is committed to getting the same results is the best way to do it.

Time was always against you as a partner in a law firm. How did you manage to fit your gym sessions into your schedule?

I’m a time-constrained lawyer, and the way U.P. structured the training is great because you’re essentially in the gym three hours a week with your trainer.

You get all the other advice and support and backup as well, but you are not spending your life in the gym.


How inspirational was your coach throughout the process?

My trainer was very instrumental. You have to gel with the right person. You’re never going to achieve optimal results if you’re training with a person who doesn’t share your goals.

My trainer understood exactly how I worked and how to motivate me to get the best results, and with headstrong lawyers, that’s not the easiest thing to do.

What impact has the transformation had on your life?

As soon as I started, the weight started dropping quickly, so I felt great about that. I never expected to achieve the results I did.

It’s odd having gone through 57 years, never having visible abs, to suddenly having them. At 57, it seems to impress a lot of people as well. You go into the gym, pick up a 15kg plate, and to think that I was carrying that around with me nine months ago.

It’s been dramatic. I have so much more energy, which is a natural consequence, and it enhances your self-confidence as well.

Looking back, I was depressed about how I was, but now I’ve had a confidence boost. It’s a dramatic change.

The whole point of this process is the changes you make along the way, the things you learn, they’re permanent, and it works well. Permanently engraining those changes is important.

How do you feel about the results you have achieved?

I’m absolutely ecstatic. It’s exceeded my wildest expectations, to be brutally honest.

I didn’t expect to be in that kind of shape after 39 weeks. It is a relatively long time, but then when you are an older person, all these things do take time.

It’s steady progress along the way, which is great to see. I couldn’t be happier. I would absolutely recommend U.P.

You’re known for getting results, and I’m living evidence of that fact. People who have seen my photos have been inspired to look into it further. It’s a holistic experience.

My daughter, who is 18, has put on weight over the last couple of years while doing A-Levels, and she has been inspired to turn to U.P. herself and take it seriously. That’s fantastic because it’s never too early to start these things.

I wish I’d have got into this shape in my thirties, rather than waiting until my fifties.

Ed wishes he’d start his transformation journey 20 years ago. Don’t wait for the ‘perfect time’. Transform your health now with your own personal training program at Ultimate Performance. Enquire now  


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