No one could say that Johaan hadn’t tried to lose weight. 

Over the years, he has diligently tried all the new diet fads, read every fitness bestseller, and forked out hefty amounts for trendy workout boot camps. 

But nothing worked to achieve the radical changes he wanted until he signed up with Ultimate Performance.

Allied with an expert personal trainer who guided him every step of the way, he was able to lose an incredible 21kg (46lbs) and transform his body – not even lockdown could stop him.

Johaan says the impact has been dramatic to say the least.

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“I have had to change most of my wardrobe!

“But the most awesome feeling was when I walked down the street and right past a good friend I’ve known him for years but haven’t seen him in the past couple of months because of the lockdown – he literally didn’t recognise me! He was like ‘what has happened to you?’ That’s been quite uplifting.

“Also, many people told me that I look younger, which was never part of the plan, so that’s a bonus!”

The magnitude of what he achieved with U.P. stands in stark contrast to where he was barely 12 months earlier.

Back then, he was a different person altogether.

  Ultimate Performance London Mayfair Johaan Front (2) | Ultimate Performance“When I came in, I was fairly out of shape and had a modest view of what was possible. I had a fairly low bar in terms of weight loss and what I could look like physically. And, within a few months, we passed the goal that I had in mind.

“On a scale of 1-10, I was around 7-8 when it comes to being unhealthy before joining U.P. I was relatively active, but I hadn’t really considered the nutrition side of things, or sleeping patterns, the water intake I needed. I didn’t really focus on all of that.”

Johaan was a bit apprehensive about starting an intensive programme.

Working with a personal trainer with a precise nutrition plan was entirely new for him, and he was also worried about fitting it all into his everyday work and family schedule.

But having a trainer handle all the ‘heavy lifting’ on planning his training and diet so he could focus on maximising his three hours’ gym time at U.P. per week was priceless.
  Ultimate Performance Johaan Weight Loss | Ultimate Performance“For the first few weeks, it was a shock to the system, both physically and mentally.

“I have a fairly active family life with three kids. And managing the time and various elements of the programme was not easy.

“But after a few weeks, I was pushing myself beyond what I had done in recent years in a good way.”

Johaan’s schedule was usually full of personal and work-related socialising, which invariably led to overeating and drinking.

But the transformation process at U.P. taught him how to effortlessly balance his fitness regime and health with his holidays, work travel and social events.

Ultimately, his trainer’s unparalleled support is what got him through the many initial challenges.

“My P.T. helped me through all the ups and downs of the programme.

“He was great at staying in contact; even if I was not physically in the gym, I could communicate through messages and emails.

“It really helped me stay motivated when things were not going according to plan or were slightly slow, particularly through the lockdown.”

  Ultimate Performance London Mayfair Johaan Side | Ultimate Performance“My trainer was very proactive and gave some excellent suggestions around diet or exercise.

“What really worked was that he struck the right balance of being motivational but also hard with me. I am someone who needs to be mentally pushed sometimes.”

Johaan saw some phenomenal changes in his body. From pulling on his jeans in the morning and catching sight of his slimmer self in a mirror to the noticeably shrinking clothes – he found plenty of validation of his efforts in his daily life.

“Could I have achieved my results without the U.P. programme? Emphatically NO! U.P. has massively exceeded my expectations. The experience has been transformative.

“I came into it with an attitude – No pain, no gain. But as I got used to it, I actually started enjoying it.

“You get the results, and you have fun at the same time; what’s not to like?”



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