I’ve never been able to go on the beach and run shirtless! Now I have the courage and confidence to do it and I feel a sense of freedom.

Getting ‘fit at 40’ was nothing more than a myth in Robin’s eyes.

He’d been out of shape for a long time, and at 38, the clock was ticking.

After years of ‘going it alone’, he didn’t believe that anyone or anything could give him the cover model body he craved.

The turning point came when he saw how different his friend and doctor looked after a few weeks working with Ultimate Performance.

Robin had found what he was looking for and made the “best decision of his life” starting his own transformation.

He was only able to execute a solitary unassisted pull-up when he first walked through the doors.

But with focused gym-floor training, a crystal clear food plan, and an expert behind him every step of the way, the myth that Robin couldn’t get in shape was dispelled.

He lost 15kg, building the body he’d wanted for years, and the list of benefits go on, and on, and on.

Robin has had to buy a whole new wardrobe. For the first time in decades, he’s not embarrassed by his physique, and he’s even comfortable being seen shirtless on the beach.

He discusses his transformation in more detail, here…

  Robiny M37 30wk Pt Sg Outstanding Front | Ultimate Performance

What prompted you to make the decision to join U.P.?

I’d been trying to get into shape, I’d been going to the gym, and I’ve been eating healthier, but I hadn’t been seeing any results. I’d thrown a party and one of my friends had opted not to eat anything that was on offer. I asked him, ‘why’? He told me that he’d joined a program at Ultimate Performance and it wasn’t like any other gym.

That left an impression on me. He is a doctor, and by chance, I took my mum in to see him about two months later. I saw the changes that he had made; his physique had completely transformed. I told him that I wanted to be a part of whatever it was he was doing. After that I set my mind to join U.P.


How has the end-result of this program made you feel?

It’s an amalgamation of discipline, belief, and focus. There’s a lot of hard work and persistence involved. You need a lot of self-belief as well. It’s about understanding your body and, right now, looking in the mirror, I’m very proud of myself.

Before U.P. I would look at myself and question ‘is this it?’ Have I missed the opportunity to get fit and am I just going to get older? Will my fitness just go downhill from here? But I snapped out of it and I was determined not to let that happen. I’m now sure that I’m the fittest that I’ve ever been.

I’ve never been able to run shirtless at the beach. I’ve always seen people doing it, but I didn’t have the physique and I was envious of those that did. Now I have the courage and confidence to do it and I feel a sense of freedom.

That is something I thought I never could have done.

What are the main areas of growth that you’ve noticed throughout your transformation?

My trainer had to assist me with my second pull-up in my first session. We had a chuckle about that recently because I was struggling without any additional weight. I did nine weighted ones in my last session with proper form. That shows how far I’ve come.

During phase one, I was also doing assisted body weight squats and struggling with them. Towards the end of phase one, I was doing slightly more than 30kg. However, the most challenging one is the pendulum.

I struggled with body weight at the start, and at the end of the last session we were working around 60kg. The burn stays with you after you’ve been to U.P. But those cramps and final reps pushed me to the maximum of my mental capacity.

Eventually I found a sense of calm and I embraced the push and the pain.

How have your family and friends reacted to your changes?

They were sceptical at first, but I can’t blame them because I was too. It was seeing those changes that made us all realise that it was possible. Then there was a lot of encouragement. They are proud of my focus and discipline.


What impact has your 15kg weight loss had on your life?

It has made me a contributor of t-shirts to charities in Singapore because I have an empty wardrobe now. Everything feels loose. I started out at about a 34-inch waist and the pants were getting tighter and I recently tried 30 inches, which felt fine. That’s a big transformation physically.

I’d been struggling mentally about how my body looked for decades, but I’ve become really strong over the last few weeks. My body is changing faster and my mental game is able to adapt.

When I look in the mirror I realise I’ve changed. Physically, when I sleep, I breathe less heavily, I sleep better, I perspire less, and these changes can’t be ignored.

How encouraging and supportive was your trainer throughout your program?

The first thing I noticed was the dedication to his craft and that’s the difference between a great trainer and a world-class trainer. He’s always chasing gains and knowledge by looking at conferences, videos and applying that directly to his clients.

During the first few sessions I needed massages for some back pain I was experiencing. My trainer noticed it and he used a pillow as a wedge between my neck and the bench. It worked wonders. He’s a body composition specialist, an engineer for the body.

Also, all the other trainers know that my trainer’s focus on form is impeccable. I’m always thinking about my form and my trainer knows exactly what to look for.

He never misses a thing! He’s focussed, he brings guidance and leadership to the table as well. That is something U.P. should be very proud of. He communicates well, he can empathise with his clients, and he has the ability to affect change.

Finally, my trainer knows my body better than I do. He knows when to push and how far to push it. He knows when I’m being pushed to my limit both physically and mentally.

He said that if you struggle right you will grow from it and harmonise with the pain. All this will always stick with me.

Would you recommend U.P. to others?

Joining Ultimate Performance is definitely the best decision of my life. It’s a heavy investment, but the engineer in me looks at it from a total cost of contract.

For the money you’re spending, you’re going to get 10 years of better physics, better health, better mental health and happiness. You can choose not to spend that, but 10 years later you would have gone through 10 years of being unfit or mentally unhappy with yourself.

Why not put that investment upfront and enjoy many good years of life going forward? Now I’ve got the confidence to achieve things that I never thought possible. The determination, discipline and struggle will help me overcome other challenges in my life.


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