“It’s time for a new wardrobe now! All my clothes are tight around my arms and you can see clear definition in my chest.”

Gearing up for a wedding was the wake-up call 32-year-old James needed to take his fitness seriously.

He’d been training alone for several years, but any hard work was being undone in the kitchen.

Nutritious, home-cooked meals were a rarity in his household as he opted for convenience instead.

James would typically eat out in restaurants five times a week.

And while it left him satisfied, he knew this way of living was only damaging his body and ruining his chances of feeling confident when the wedding day came around.

Training with Ultimate Performance, he swapped those indulgent trips to restaurants and fast food outlets for a balanced diet, while adding a real purpose to his training regime.

In return, he was able to build the aesthetic body he had been dreaming of for a while.

Even as a busy leader at work, he managed to get in shape without neglecting his workload and the colleagues who relied on his leadership.

James even went as far as saying: “Everything has improved tenfold. My fitness levels are through the roof, my mindset is stronger than ever because I’ve seen the physical results.”

How he did it? We’ll let James explain here…

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What would you say motivated you to start training with Ultimate Performance?

I wasn’t happy with my physique at all. I ate out at restaurants five nights a week, we’d cook one night, and the other night would be a takeaway. It was overindulgence all the time. It’s been a drastic lifestyle change, but one for the better.


Do you recall how you felt after your first meeting at U.P.?

The first time meeting U.P. was great. Everyone was very optimistic, it was great to see the gym, and discuss my goals at length. It’s nice when your journey is mapped out with a clear direction.

The first session was really good, but it was a killer. It was good to see where I had been going wrong in my own gym sessions and the tweaks I needed to make when lifting weights.


Were you satisfied with the results at the end of your 10-week program?

There isn’t too much difference in my weight, because my trainer said that I didn’t want to lose too much weight, but I’ve changed a lot physically.

I noticed a huge difference within the first two weeks. The progress has been massive with the weights that I’m pushing but, more than anything, it’s my stamina. When I first started, I was ready to pass out after 30 minutes, but now I feel energised after doing an hour.

The sense of achievement after each session is just the best thing.


Has it been quite straightforward fitting your training around your work?

When you’re managing a group of people there’s never a cut-off for when the job is complete, so training in the morning worked for me. I was up at 5am, in the gym for 6am, and then out for 7am. I still started work as normal and I would finish whenever I had to.

It worked perfectly and it’s something that I’m going to carry on forever.

How much do you think you’ve changed – both physically and mentally – from start to finish?

There’s no comparison. Everything has improved tenfold. My fitness levels are through the roof, my mindset is stronger than ever because I’ve seen the physical results.

I’ve seen myself evolving week by week. That puts your mindset in the perfect position to keep going and keep pushing. I’m where I wanted to be, but now I’m just going to keep going.

It’s in me to want to keep it up now. If you fully commit, listen to your trainer, eat the right meals, and train hard, then you can’t go wrong.


How has your partner reacted to your transformation?

She thinks it’s really good because we take pictures every two weeks. So, every two weeks when I come home, I’ll show her the picture. She’s always amazed. Because she sees me every day, she doesn’t see a drastic change, but she does when she sees the images.

I’ll come home, get my pre-prepared meal out of the fridge, while she gets her tiramisu, and she realises that I’m sticking to this!


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