The feedback I received was incredible. I’m still trying to come to terms with what I’ve achieved in the last three months. I’m genuinely chuffed. I’d recommend U.P. a thousand times over.

38-year-old Luca had been training for just over 20 years.

But he was the first to admit he’d never been in ‘great shape’ or built the muscle he wanted.

He’d tried several diets along the way, and lost count of how many personal trainers he’d trusted in the past.

Now shackled by the stress of his job and struggling to find the hours in the day to train, Luca was starting to accept that the physique he wanted was out of reach as he hurtled towards 40.

There didn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel, but he wasn’t ready to give up just yet, and decided to begin his own personal training program with Ultimate Performance.

From day one, Luca’s trainer took him back to the basics, ironed out the kinks in his form, and created a diet plan which set him up for quality results – and fast.

Having a trainer, nutritionist, and expert rolled into one has helped him align all facets of his life.

Luca now feels a sense of relief that he looks, and feels, good. He also realises, after 20 long years, that he doesn’t have to go ‘extreme’ lengths to build a strong body.

Below, he explains the changes he made to his training and diet which have worked wonders.

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What was your motivation to start training with Ultimate Performance?   

My motivation for joining Ultimate Performance was due to work-related stress. I wanted to take more care of my physical health. I was looking for something to transform my routine and help me establish a better life for myself.  


Tell us about your experiences with personal trainers in the past. Have you achieved the results you wanted?   

I have worked with multiple personal trainers in the past. I’ve been training for 20 years now, and throughout those years, I’ve had plenty of different experiences. The key difference with U.P. is that I’ve been able to find someone who could build a plan tailored to my body.

My trainer took the time to understand how my body worked and its specificities to create a personalised plan for me

You started your U.P. training program with a shoulder injury. How did you and your trainer work around that?   

At the beginning of the program, I mentioned I had a shoulder issue. I believe that the shoulder issue was caused by bad training habits, but I found a solution here with Ultimate Performance by going back to basics in terms of how I perform the exercises and really focusing on isolating the muscles.

For instance, whenever I was bench pressing, we worked extensively on various preparation exercises to isolate the chest instead of involving the shoulder.    

There has been a real improvement. I can now perform exercises like the bench press with a better tempo and generally without any pain. My perspective has shifted because I’ve come to understand the importance of lifting with good form, and I’ve found a routine that works for me.

I’ve learned to control and isolate my muscles rather than rushing reps. I also realise that there’s no need to spend hours at the gym doing ‘extreme’ exercises to achieve remarkable results.  


Did you find any part of your personal training program difficult? If so – how helpful was your trainer in guiding you through these periods?

The biggest struggle during the process was finding the right balance between going to the gym three times a week, managing work, and focusing on my nutrition.

It was all about achieving that delicate equilibrium. With the guidance of my trainer, we addressed these issues as they arose.

He tailored my training to align with my work schedule, which was a huge help. We also discussed my nutrition extensively, creating a plan that accommodated the foods I wanted and that was realistic.  

What would you say your greatest achievement has been throughout your time with U.P.?  

My greatest accomplishment has been finding that balance and routine in my daily life. It’s about being able to say ‘no’ to work and prioritise my gym sessions.

It’s about making better choices when dining out with friends and, if I slip up on my diet, compensating with more workouts in the following days or improving my dietary choices. I know exactly what I need to do to get in and stay in good shape now.   


Finally, have your friends, family, and colleagues had anything to say about your transformation?   

They’re quite inspired by how I’ve transformed my body in the last three months. They didn’t believe it was possible.

I’ve also motivated those around me to make better choices in their lives. One of my favourite comments was on a picture I posted on social media. The feedback I received was incredible. I’m still trying to come to terms with what I’ve achieved in the last three months. I’m genuinely chuffed.

I’d recommend U.P. a thousand times over.  


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