I’m thrilled with the progress I’ve made. I get numerous compliments at the gym. It’s the first time I have ever achieved such a low body fat percentage, so I’m delighted.

John had been lifting weights for close to 15 years.

But he’d be the first to admit his results were only ever average.

He’d read through countless muscle-building books, watched thousands of fitness YouTube videos, tried keto dieting, and even worked with two personal trainers.

Yet nothing seemed to work the way he had hoped.

The lean, muscular upper body he’d seen on magazine covers still eluded him all these years on.

So, after over a decade and a half of trying and failing, he partnered with Ultimate Performance to go after his ideal physique.

The end result? He has an eye-catching body, which he’s immensely proud of.

A completely bespoke training and meal plan has helped John tighten his waist while adding as much muscle as possible to his frame.

The lessons he’s learnt on technique, calories, and training intensity will last a lifetime.

In fact, John is now confident his physique will get bigger and better training alone.

Read his full story below as he explains how U.P. made his dream body possible.

 John L M34 12wk Pt Sp Front Ultimate Performance


What motivated you to start training with Ultimate Performance, John? 

I had been trying to get in shape for the last 14 years. I’d tried all sorts of things, including keto diets, reading fitness books, and watching YouTube videos, but nothing was working. I’d say for the last four or five years, I took my training and diet very seriously.

Even then, I never got the results I wanted. I then began to work with two personal trainers, but my results still were not great.  


Why do you think personal training programs in the past haven’t worked for you? 

The first time around, I noticed a decline in my trainer’s attention to detail and attentiveness as the program progressed. I then switched to another trainer because I wasn’t progressing much, although I noticed I was stronger and my form was much better.

The second trainer I worked with specialised in dieting and creating an effective meal plan for me. I learnt a lot, but my results weren’t what I hoped, and I wasn’t seeing much physical change.

I began to wonder what it would take to see real improvement in my physique.  



Tell us how you feel about the physique you’ve worked so hard for. Have you ever been in such good shape?  

Excellent. I’m thrilled with it. I get numerous compliments at the gym, which indicates the visible change. Even the increased vascularity in my veins signifies a low body fat percentage.

It’s the first time I have achieved such a low body fat percentage, so I’m really thrilled about it. 


Now that you’ve achieved the results you’ve wanted for a while, what do you think it is that makes Ultimate Performance different from other personal trainers?  

The experience is incredibly different because everything is being tracked. One of the things I started to realise is that you cannot just have a good workout, like I did with my first trainer, or a good diet, like I did with my second trainer. You need a good training plan, good nutrition, good sleep, and the right supplements. Training here brings all of that together.

The sessions at U.P. are only one hour, but they’re so effective. So much gets done. I feel like from my first session all the way through to my 36th session – every weakness of mine was corrected.

That’s helped me build this physique that I love.  



Tell us about your performance in the gym. How much stronger have you got in just 12 weeks?  

I’ve realised it’s not about lifting the heaviest weights and getting as many reps as possible. It’s about how you perform the reps and the tempo at which you perform them. Also, the rest time here is not as long as I would usually take.

So, performance-wise, I’m definitely stronger and feel much better when training too. I now also know I’ve nailed down my form and technique. I’m not worried about getting injured anymore, and I find that I recover very quickly even though we do three full-body sessions a week.


Finally, are you proud of the results you achieved? 

I’m very, very proud of it.

A lot of people have asked me how I’ve done it when I shared my topless pictures. One day I was having lunch with some colleagues and they were asking me questions about the process. I showed them my transformation and they couldn’t believe what I achieved in such a short space of time.

It’s 100% worth it and I’m delighted with how I look. 

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