It took 52-year-old Greville just 17 weeks to look 10 years younger

Greville had started feeling his age – years of hard corporate life, excessive drinking, and eating were making him feel flat.

His wife was worried and when his doctor also sounded the alarm about high blood pressure and cholesterol – he finally gave in and decided to do something about it.

That ‘something’ turned out to be a transformation at Ultimate Performance.

“The U.P. bounce I experienced has been life-changing. At 174 lbs, 10% body fat, and a happy doctor, I’m killing it!

“I passed all the medical and fitness requirements for the Army and left a bunch of thirty-somethings in my dust! Boom!”

 Grevillei-50s-17wk-pt-syd-front-900 Ultimate Performance

Like most people who finally reach U.P., Greville also walked through the doors in very bad shape. Six months ago, he was at his heaviest and weighed 207 lbs. He made some feeble attempts to shape up, but couldn’t control either his lifestyle or his diet.

“I went to Bali in July last year with my wife and had a bit too much to eat and drink, and I think she saw it first and said – Grev, you need to change. I think I was about 207 lbs at that time.”

“When I got on board with the U.P. programme, I had already done a good job of damaging my body in more ways than you could imagine.

“Too many late nights, eating and drinking out, little or no exercise resulting in high blood pressure, high cholesterol, being run down and overweight. I was definitely looking my age and some!”



“My wife, my doctor, my body all told me to stop, but I had all the excuses; time, money, work, social commitments all got in the way.”

“At 52, 22% body fat, 90-something kilos and a desire to join the Army Reserve, I was kidding myself, oil and water, those stats don’t mix!!”

Greville’s wife is an old U.P. hand and pushed him to sign up for an initial session. He loved it from the get go and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I had a great intro session that kind of brought me in on the process and the journey that I was about to undertake, and then, of course, I met my trainer.

“There’s something about the Ultimate Performance philosophy about matching the trainer to the client that sets it apart. It was a brilliant match; we got along really well, and he understood me.”

Greville was bitten by the bug pretty much from Day 1. He threw himself into the experience headfirst.

“I fell in love with the place immediately – the professionalism, the attention to detail, the people and just the character of the place – it was outstanding.”

“It’s a very, very smart programme. It takes into account your physical needs and mental needs. It changes and flexes with the client’s requirements, so it was hard to get bored.

“It wasn’t hard to maintain motivation, particularly with a bit of change being customised to me, and I think all of that makes the Ultimate Performance experience so much more valuable.”

Greville responded really well to the U.P. training and nutrition plan, and with his trainer pushing him to his limits, he smashed his fitness goals well on schedule.



“I look in that mirror, and the Benjamin Button moment has really happened for me – I’m 10 years younger.

“I feel as though I’m at 100%. I’ve just beaten a whole bunch of 30-year-old army military PFAs just a couple of weeks ago. That makes me feel proud. I did a photoshoot, and I looked at myself and couldn’t believe it was me.”

Greville’s doctor has been astounded at the turnaround in his health since his last check-up.

From all his major health markers flashing red, he is well and truly back in the green.

“I went back a couple of weeks ago and he did a full blood screening on me – he just looked at me and nodded his head in approval.

“Everything has straightened itself out.

“He’s amazed at my muscle mass increase, my flexibility and aerobic ability, my blood pressure is down, my iron is normal, my cholesterol has come down.

“He had put me on blood pressure medication and that has been tapered right off.”

It’s safe to say Greville, and his doctor, are thrilled with the results.

He can’t say enough about the transformative impact of the U.P. programme.

“U.P. is as much a philosophy based on education as it is about motivation. More than a fitness programme, it is a personalised lifestyle transformation delivered by a team of trainers equipped to understand your physiological needs, provide dietary advice, goal-setting, individualised motivational tool, and just awesome communication.

“It is person-centred training at its best. The old adage ‘you get what you put in’ doesn’t apply here, they will get more out of you! The experience is motivating, it’s accountable both for you and your trainer, it’s rewarding, and it works!

“The U.P. experience is exactly that, an Up!!”

Greville’s life has completely changed since he started at U.P. Are you ready to find out more or start your own journey? Fill in the form below.


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