“I took everything that I thought I knew about working out, and I just put that in the closet. Now I just listen to what I’m told and try to follow it as best as possible. And so far, it’s just been great.”

Mike was hit with a “scary” doctor’s report that forced him to face some hard truths…

He’d completely lost control of his health at just 54.

His weight peaked at a worrying 127kg when he stepped onto the scales.

His blood pressure was extremely high, he had bulging discs in his back, and it was obvious other lifestyle problems were just around the corner if he carried on living the same way.

Even Mike’s day-to-day life had become difficult. Getting dressed every morning was a challenge, and spending time with his energetic grandson was a distant dream.

He knew he had to get help – so he put his faith in Ultimate Performance.

Now an amazing 37kg lighter, Mike has transformed into an active and fit grandparent with his health in a position he’s thrilled with.

This is Mike’s story.

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Tell us about how you were feeling before U.P. 

I used to be really healthy and active. My job was very active and I then suffered some injuries.

I fell into, I won’t say depression, but I wasn’t as joyful to be around because of the injuries.

Then I just continued to put on weight, and with a lack of mobility, I started to get heavier. I had trouble putting my socks on when I was at my biggest. It would look like I’d just done a full workout. I’d be sweating and I’d have to put my socks on in phases.

It was terrible. 


Can we talk about your alcohol consumption before and now? 

Well, now it’s non-existent!

I’ve never been a terribly bad eater. So, for me, beer could be equated to somebody with a bowl of ice cream every night. That was my comfort food. I would drink anywhere from six to 12 on a party night. Often 20 beers.

I wouldn’t realise the number of calories I was putting into my system. I weighed about 114kg for a while, but then in around four months I went up to 127kg. I said to myself, what is going on? I hadn’t really changed anything.

Then I started looking at the calorie counts of some of the beers I was drinking. I found a beer that I liked and looked at it, and it was around 250 calories a beer. But we cut that out, and I got no cravings for it.

I mean, I was 100% dedicated to this program; I believed in it. 

What are some of the things on the gym floor that you couldn’t do before that you are able to do now? 

Everything. I remember the first workout session; I had trouble walking to the elevator afterwards. It was just a wake-up. I wasn’t hurt; it wasn’t anything; it was just my muscles were saying “what the hell are you doing to me?”  

For example, the hack squat. I started with no weight on it, and the last time we were on the hack; we were a little over three plates. Pull-ups were non-existent.

It’s hard for someone out of shape to do a pull-up and then you’re trying to pull up 127kg. But now I’m doing three unassisted, so I’m very happy.  


Did you expect this fast result when you joined? 

Yes and no.

I was grossly overweight and wanted to see huge weight drops, which weren’t coming. But you kept me motivated and told me that this is totally normal.

Looking back on that, I’m glad we did it that way because it was much healthier and I think it will be much easier to sustain. 


You were concerned about aggravating your injuries – how did your trainer help you safely work around those?  

One of the biggest concerns I had was managing my existing problems.

I have some bulging discs in my back, and my knees are bad. The blood pressure, I mean, that all goes in with injuries, I think.

But U.P. designed a program where I didn’t even feel my injuries. I know they’re still there, and I might need surgery down the road to fix the problems, but I’m functioning. You made the supporting cast around those injuries so strong that it makes daily life much easier.

I don’t know how you managed it, but it’s been amazing. 


You mention your grandson a lot. Has your body transformation changed your relationship with him? 

Well, he makes you play with him regardless of how you’re feeling. So even when I wasn’t my healthiest, and it was hard to move, his smile made me do it.

But now it’s a lot easier, and over the summer, we were in the pool a couple of hours a day, and I was getting my steps in, and he was jumping around, so we became close.  


Mike’s weight loss was not just about shedding weight. Ultimate Performance helped give him an amazing new lease of life in his 50s to enjoy making memories with his grandson. Get in touch and start your own transformation journey today.  


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