“Ultimate Performance has allowed me to become a better person, husband, and father. I honestly believe that. I’ve never felt so good about myself.”

Matt learnt a powerful lesson when his parents passed away.

You cannot buy back time.

It made him realise every moment with his family was precious and not to be taken for granted.

So, when he started to feel withdrawn from his four-year-boy and struggled to chase him around the back yard, the motivation to lose weight had never been greater.

Matt wasted no time and began working alongside an Ultimate Performance personal trainer.

Roll forward a few months, he’s fit, impressively lean, and can wrestle with his young boy without feeling gassed. A priceless feeling, he says.

The whole process has given Matt the chance to invest in himself. He’s noticed he’s far more focused at work and even buying smaller suit sizes.

Read all about Matt’s eye-catching 16kg body transformation below.

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What was your motivation to start training with Ultimate Performance?  


As a father, trying to keep up with my four-year-old is not easy. He’s got more energy than I could ever imagine.

I soon realised that I was depleted of energy. I was withdrawn at times when I couldn’t step up.

The turning point actually came when I realised I couldn’t fit into my old suits and suit pants. I had to go and buy new ones, which made me think this has gone too far.  


How much of an impact has your transformation had on your day-to-day life as a father and husband? 


U.P. has allowed me to recapture the time I need to invest in myself and get the results I need.

So, what I mean is setting up daily routines to come here regularly, carving out that time to ensure it doesn’t distract from my family responsibilities as a good father and husband.

At the end of the day, when you come here knowing you’ve already taken time for yourself, it allows me to be a better person, husband, and father. Because I’ve already taken care of those things for myself. I can now manage stress, chaos, and actively participate and engage with everything around me.

U.P. has given me the discipline, routines, and taught me how to do that. The U.P. program has given me the platform to get myself in shape and feel good about myself. I can’t even fit into my new pants now! I need to go buy some 30s or maybe 31s.

But nonetheless, the program has given me the regimen, the routine, and the discipline to become a more well-rounded person. I honestly believe that.  

You mentioned time is your most valuable resource, and you want to be around for your kids. Would you say your time at U.P. has helped you achieve this? 


Yes. From my perspective, time is the most valuable resource because I unfortunately lost my parents way too prematurely. So that taught me an important lesson early on – you can’t get more of it. You cannot buy time.

So, I needed U.P. to be a solution that was efficient and effective with that time, and to get the results I needed as quickly as possible, right? Because I realised I was not balanced.

I couldn’t participate and be there for my family and manage those stress loads at work in a way that allowed me to invest in myself as well. So, the U.P. program has been effective in that regard.

The approach and processes are clear. If you follow the formula, follow the program, you’re going see the results if you stick with it and execute. All the trainers and the facilities have been top-notch, and they’ve helped me, encouraged me along the way.

They’ve been a big motivating factor for me to get the results that I was hoping for. 


Great. You mentioned you want to keep up with your kids. Do you feel you’re able to do that now? 


This program quickly whipped me into shape, got me back into that high functioning, high-performance level that I’ve experienced in my past and that I was searching for.

My energy levels are better than ever before. My recovery is fast, and my strength and physical activity are top-notch. I look and feel good, like I’ve never felt before.

So, I have no problem throwing on the shoes and running in the backyard with him, letting him chase me and wrestle with me. I’m not gassed at all picking him up.

I was having challenges picking him up before with my left arm. That’s a non-issue now. I love it and I lean into it. 


You mentioned your wife asked you what you want for Father’s Day, and you said to “get skinny”. Have you achieved that?  



I think that was another one of those points where I was feeling some of my insecurities or my lack of confidence coming through, realising that there’s not one materialistic thing or experience that truly felt like a void in my life.

What truly felt like a void in my life was my own health, my own physical well-being. When I looked at myself and how I felt, there was a disconnect there. Nothing else could be fulfilled unless I fulfilled that for myself. It was something that needed to come from within.

I think I was seeking my wife’s help to find that solution and get her support for the fact that I needed to do something for myself. This is a big commitment, right?

It’s a massive investment in yourself, in terms of time and energy. It’s a sacrifice for the family to allow me to do this. 

Have your results surprised you, Matt?  


My training plan has provided me with a pathway. It’s gone way beyond what I could have ever imagined in a program like this.

When I first looked at the wall of U.P. transformations, I was in disbelief.

No way I thought I could achieve similar results. But my trainer enabled it through coaching, mentoring, and teaching the techniques and the education that comes with it.

By following it through, I’ve been able to achieve results that go beyond just being skinny. Not only am I skinny, but I’m also fit, built, strong, and have stamina.

I have mental strength as well, being able to persevere and see it through.  


You also mentioned you had a few issues with your self-confidence. Do you feel much more in control now?  


Definitely. My self-confidence and insecurities stem from once being an athlete, once being in what I thought was good shape, and then straying from that.

Coupled with the unhealthy family history I mentioned earlier, it led me to a place where I wasn’t confident about being there for my kids and having the longevity to experience a fulfilling life.

Having lost my parents early, I wasn’t sure. U.P. came in and created the foundation to see results over time. It has been motivating, building my confidence, allowing me to look in the mirror, at my friends, and be excited about my accomplishments.

Receiving affirmative feedback from my closest family and friends has been rewarding and satisfying.  


Finally, Matt, do you think your transformation has allowed you to become more present around your wife?  


Yeah. I think, being there for my wife and family meant I had to take care of myself to take care of others. So, when I wasn’t taking care of myself, I wasn’t feeling good.

I was definitely not expecting that my wife was reciprocating that same feeling, right? So, you know, I recognised the need to change that and U.P. has given me that foundation and education to be able to do that.

As a result, I feel good. I look good. And I know that my wife feels the same way because she has given me lots of compliments. She’s very supportive.

That gives me confidence that I’m there for her, and she’s going to be there for me. We have that support system. We’re good partners. And to me, that eliminates the insecurity that there’s ever a concern that we’re not in it together.

That’s an awesome feeling to have, right?  


Make every moment count as a father by investing in your fitness today and give your children the energy they deserve. Start your own U.P. program here.  


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