U.P. has changed my life in so many ways. Their influence has extended beyond myself to positively affect my family as well.

Father-of-three James had put his fitness on the backburner for far too long.

So long, that the 45-year-old felt that if he really wanted to lose weight, it was ‘now or never’.

He put his spiralling weight gain down to the irresistible ‘goody cupboard’ in his kitchen, full of crisps, chocolate, and fizzy drinks.

Needless late nights – flicking aimlessly through TV channels – didn’t help his cause either.

But James had reached a point where he couldn’t stomach looking at his reflection in the mirror.

After seeing what a handful of his friends had achieved with Ultimate Performance, he made the decision to partner with his own trainer to get his health moving in the right direction.

Less than 12 weeks later, James is 16kg down, and now understands the intricacies of fitness and nutrition in ways he never thought possible.

Emotionally, physically, and financially – he says it’s been absolutely worth it.

James is still coming to the terms with the athletic physique he’s carved out – but the benefits extend way further than just his improved body-confidence.

The copious amounts of junk food have been cleared off the shelves, his children are starting to lead healthier lifestyles, and they’re competing to hit their five-figure step goal on a daily basis.

Read James’ story in full, below…

  James W M45 11wk Pt May Front | Ultimate Performance

What motivated you to start your own personal training program with Ultimate Performance?  

I’d hit 45 years old and was starting to think it was now or never for me. I was unhappy with the condition I had let my body get into. I needed to push myself to get into better shape than ever before. I had brought my children up in an environment where I consumed a lot of junk food, including crisps, chocolate, and fizzy drinks. They had picked up those habits as well. 

I’d seen a couple of my friends train here and achieve incredible results. After I saw what was possible, it made me believe I could do it myself. That was all the motivation I needed.   


How do you feel now that you’ve come to the end of your journey? Can you describe your emotions, having achieved such an incredible transformation?  

I’m incredibly happy. Over 12 weeks, I’ve seen a tremendous transformation in the way I see myself in the mirror and how others perceive me. That’s very gratifying for me, and I’m thrilled with the results. It’s opened my eyes to various aspects of lifestyle, diet, nutrition, training, and sleep.   

Could you discuss how U.P. has changed your life in general?  

U.P. has changed my life in so many ways. Firstly, it has massively improved my daily schedule. I now wake up at 5:30 a.m. every morning and usually go to bed by 9:30 p.m. I used to waste a lot of time in the evenings, aimlessly flipping through T.V. channels. U.P. has instilled a structured routine in my life.

I am now focused on my diet, training, and ensuring I get enough rest. It has made me more conscious of making productive use of my time.  

It has been beneficial not just for the physical transformation and the improved self-esteem but also for the knowledge and experience gained. I’ve learned to monitor my food intake, including calorie counting and monitoring carbohydrates and fats.

This has opened my eyes to what I put into my body, and it has also had a positive impact on my family. I have three young children, and I’ve started being more selective about the foods we have at home, ensuring they consume less junk. So, U.P.’s influence has extended beyond myself to positively affect my family as well.  


Can you share your experience of going through this journey with your family? 

When I started this journey, there was no way they were willing to give up those unhealthy snacks. We even had some parties with plenty of pizza and such.  In terms of diet, they weren’t supportive initially. However, they did leave me alone to make my own food choices and follow my own diet plan.

They also allowed me the time I needed for daily training, which meant some moments away from them. I tried to schedule most of my training early in the morning, but weekends were a bit trickier. They understood and supported my commitment to training.  

My wife also played a role in supporting me by helping with food preparation and other aspects.

Over the 12 weeks of the program, we have gradually seen some changes in their habits. They are eating less unhealthy food, and they have become obsessed with tracking their steps. I aim for a minimum of 20,000 steps a day, and my two eldest now monitor their steps, striving for their 10,000 daily goal.  

And now that you’ve completed your journey, how has this experience transformed you as a person?  

It has definitely made me more mindful of what I put into my body. While I’ve always been into training, I never did it properly, which is why I came to U.P. in the first place. But the real game-changer has been my diet. It has not only educated me but also shed light on what I should be eating, focusing on nutrition and the macros I should be consuming. It’s something I plan to carry forward and share with my family.  

There are several aspects I’ve taken away from this experience. The approach to training is vastly different here. Working closely with my trainer, I’ve learned new techniques that go beyond merely lifting weights. It’s about how you move the weight, incorporating pauses and really honing in on the muscle. It’s a science.  

As for the experience itself, it hasn’t always been enjoyable, especially certain exercises I hate! But, the guidance of your trainer is great. They push you beyond your limits. When I train alone, I might push myself to about 80% of my capacity. Here, with a trainer, they push you well beyond 100%.

Even when you think you have nothing left, they’ll insist, “Three more,” and somehow, you find that reserve. This level of training is something you can never achieve on your own. The trainers at U.P. are so good at pushing you far beyond your comfort zone.  


Final question. Are you happy with the return on your investment?   

Absolutely. I won’t sugar-coat it; it was a big investment for me. But I believe that health is wealth, and you can’t put a price on that. The return on this investment is clear to see every day when I look in the mirror. When you weigh it against other expenditures, it becomes clear that it’s worth every penny.

I’ve never achieved this level of body composition, and I hope I can maintain it for the long term. It’s been like buying a car or a watch; it’s an investment and worth every penny.   


Hitting your 40s doesn’t spell the beginning of the end for your fitness. Give your health, confidence, and appearance the overhaul it needs today in as little as 12 weeks.   


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