Father and company director Chris lost an incredible five stone in just 16 weeks with UP after struggling for years with his weight and his unhealthy lifestyle.

The 38-year-old had desperately been trying to get fit after doctors diagnosed him with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) around four and a half years ago.

Doctors said his high fat diet was endangering his health and putting him at risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

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Chris, who has a five-year-old son, had tried everything to lose weight and salvage his health – but nothing had brought him the results he needed.

It wasn’t until he came to work with Ultimate Performance’s world-leading personal trainers that Chris was truly able to change his life.

After just 16 weeks of working with U.P., he transformed his health and his physique.

He lost 32kg in weight, cut his body fat in half from 30%, and developed lifelong knowledge of how to manage his diet, push himself in the gym and lead a balanced lifestyle to stay in shape.

But the most incredible result came when doctors told him that after training at UP, he had been given the all-clear from NAFLD after test results had shown his blood enzyme levels were well into the ‘normal’ range.

“Five and a half months ago I was sat looking at these (before and after) images, and if I’m honest I didn’t really believe them.”

“I didn’t see myself in that position. I didn’t see that I could go from where I was, to where I am today. I was a non-believer.

“But very quickly in the programme, you realise that you’re on this path and you’re going to get to this state that you just didn’t believe that you’d get to.”

“For that reason, if anybody out there is thinking about losing weight or getting fit or wanting to change their body, I would wholeheartedly recommend joining UP. It’s changed my life.”

He added: “I’m a completely different person – the physical side is obvious (to everyone, which is great) but also mentally.

“I am more confident, have more energy and am more aligned to a healthy lifestyle than I have ever been before.”

Just a few months with UP has transformed his life and his health, but Chris’ story goes back nearly five years.

He has been struggling to get his health back on track since the moment his doctor diagnosed him with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

He explains:

“My doctor at the time basically said my high fat diet was to blame and that if I didn’t do anything about it then I was at risk of heart disease, decreased liver function, type 2 diabetes and I basically had to get control of my life.

“I didn’t go away from that and not do anything. I spent a good few years of the last four years actually trying to get healthy, trying to lose weight, with varying degrees of failure and success – and to be honest, I got to the point where I needed some help to get healthy – and that was losing weight and getting fit.”

That was when he came through the doors at Ultimate Performance to finally achieve the change he wanted.

“When I came for my first meeting and I explained my liver problems, I was told that the group sessions probably wouldn’t give me the focus I needed on nutrition.

“So I had to really look at the one-on-one personal training scheme, which I originally thought was out of my budget. But I went away, and I thought about it quite a lot. I compared it to if I broke my back and I needed to pay a surgeon to operate on me, I would pay that money – I wouldn’t think twice about it.

“It just so happened I had broken my liver through 15 years of eating poorly. So I rationalised it in that sense – and when I did it that way, it really isn’t an expensive option. I’ve paid a sum of money to reset my body.”

One of the biggest things for Chris was having a nutrition plan that worked and one that was designed for his specific needs.

Getting his diet right helped bring him rapid results to bring his body weight down, as well as drastically improving his liver condition.

Foods that he used to eat that were high in fat and sugar, such as chocolate and sausage rolls, were switched to healthier foods like chicken, fish, eggs and vegetables.

“One of the big things at UP that interested me was the fact that the guys here take care of your nutritional plan. They look after and advise you on a diet – it’s not just training.

“It’s something I always struggled with – I’ve always been a foodie, I’ve always liked food, and that’s got me to where I was five months ago.

“But the programme here is all about the right foods, and the right quantities of the right foods, so prior to me joining here I had a very different view of what I thought a healthy diet was.”

It has given Chris knowledge of how to manage his diet, which foods to eat and how to sustain his new-found healthy lifestyle into the future.

“Coming out of the programme, now I’m far more aware of the amount of protein, the amount of carbs, and the amount of fat I should be eating in a day and in a week. I’m more confident that I can manage those quantities during that week or day.

“One of the benefits of doing a programme like this is I’ve got hard evidence that I can use as a parent to make sure my child grows up healthy, grows up fit and grows up understanding things I now understand about a balanced lifestyle and making the right choices.”

He says that getting fitter, losing weight and getting control of his diet and health is something that has brought incredible benefits to his home-life

“The effect of coming to U.P. on my outside life has been really positive. I’m in a position now where I’ve got a son and I’m not getting out of breath or tired playing with him.

“He’s five years old; he never stops and now I can join in with everything he does. I’ve got a lot more energy around the house; so I’m doing a lot more, and not feeling it – silly things like gardening, DIY work, moving things around the house where I’d be tired at the end of it, but now I’m not tired.”

It’s not just at home where Chris is noticing the far-reaching impact of his U.P. transformation. It’s changed his work-life too.

“I just feel more alert and more awake. The same at work. I go into the office now and I’m alert, I’m not tiring towards the end of the day, I feel like I’ve got the energy to go through a full day.

“There are lots of people now who I work with, and I heard the other day, someone said they didn’t even know it was me. They’ve not seen me for three months and they didn’t recognise me from a distance.

“So yes, it’s always nice hearing people say ‘you look brilliant, the weight loss is really good on you’. I’m not going to get tired of hearing people say that I’ve done well and I’m looking better.”

Chris puts his transformation down to the expertise and the professionalism of U.P.’s personal trainers in guiding him through the process to reach his goal.

“The atmosphere at U.P. is fantastic. You come in and everyone is very professional, and the trainers are fantastic.

“I worked with Jason who took me through every single step of my programme, along with some other guys who have always contributed.

“Everyone is just there to help you achieve your goals. It’s such a welcoming place to come.”

Now comes the next chapter for Chris where he can really begin to enjoy the fruits of his new-found fitness lifestyle.

Like many successful U.P. clients, he’s already looking to the future and setting new goals.

“Moving forward I’m excited about the prospect of managing my own diet. I’ve got the tools now. I know what’s good, what’s bad and how to manage all that. I know how to make my lifestyle choices. So moving forward I’m really happy with that.

“I’m really excited about the future in terms of exercise. I’m going to give myself a long-term goal next year – I’m thinking about doing a triathlon. I now know the techniques I’m going to need to apply to that – pushing my boundaries, testing myself and really putting a fitness plan together that will get me there.”




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