Thirty-four-year-old Edward knew he was too young to be hitting 100kg (220lbs) on the scales. 

He was buying bigger and bigger clothes every few months and knew he had a weight problem.  

When his occasional efforts to regain control of his weight failed, he decided it was time to bring in the professionals. 

 Edward Transformation Ultimate Performance Front Ultimate Performance

Edward only realised the extent of his problem when he came in for a consultation at Ultimate Performance – so he took action there and then.  

“I tried going to the gym on my own for five years, and it didn’t work. And in 10 months with U.P., I lost 26kg (57lbs), and I am on the beach with a six-pack. It works, and that’s a fact. 

“My wife refers to my pre-U.P. photos as her ex-husband and calls me her new husband and my kids refer to the photos as this is my old daddy and this is my new daddy – and new daddy is more fun! 

 Edward Transformation Ultimate Performance Side Ultimate Performance

Edward’s new chiselled body didn’t just appear magically; it took him 10 months of dedication. 

But the process was simple and he had his personal trainer alongside him every step of the way to help him go from close to 100kg (220lbs) with dangerously high body fat levels, to 71kg (156lbs), lean and healthy again.  

In retrospect, Edward’s big problem was his diet. He had absolutely no understanding of how to nourish his body, what to eat and what to avoid. He ate till he couldn’t eat more, and nothing was off the table. 

“I used to think that if I ate 500g of pasta with Bolognese sauce and butter, that was a healthy option! I didn’t consume the calories I needed; I ate the calories I wanted.  

If you are someone who loves food as I do, and you don’t understand the damage you can do by overeating, it is a big problem.  

The big issue with me was lack of education. I didn’t know what the body needs. 

“Every time I tried to do a bit of a diet, it was demotivating to be back in the same place three weeks after falling off the diet. It was a downward spiral that had peaks when I would try to do something, but I would have a stressful week or a month, and things would slide back. 

 Edward Transformaton Ultimate Performance 4 Ultimate Performance

At U.P., Edward found an approach that suited him perfectly. The education around nutrition, the focused training and the data-driven approach to progress tracking was a revelation. 

However, the biggest roadblock to success was his mindset.  

“My big challenge was my mental approach to nutrition. It was understanding that I have to change my lifestyle; that it cannot be for a few weeks, it has to be for months or maybe forever.  

The support of my trainer was incredible, especially when I fell off the programme. I can do a few weeks on my own, but I couldn’t have managed 10 months without him. 

 Edward Transformation Ultimate Performance 2 Ultimate Performance

Edward was progressing well – and then the coronavirus lockdown happened and he thought this was the end of his journey.  

But U.P.’s approach to the art and science of body transformation is adaptable to any situation, and Edward just kept progressing.  

“I was really worried about Lockdown. I thought it would be my easy out; I can just fall off the wagon and blame Covid. And that really scared me.  

I don’t know how and why, but I didn’t give up! In fact, I lost 10kg (22lbs) in Lockdown!  

I enjoyed going to the gym, so doing the video sessions after a while was laborious. However, my trainer got me through it. I bought four (resistance) bands and used what was around me – a door, a step, a chair.” 

 Edward Virtual Training Ultimate Performance Ultimate Performance

When he completed his transformation, Edward was able to enjoy a beach holiday – now he is not only enjoying his beach body, but his family is also reaping the benefit of his changed lifestyle habits and new energy levels. 

Holidays used to cost me 67kg (13-15lbs), where I would have to go on a lengthy diet. This time it was different. Did I eat ice cream? Yes. Did I have French fries? Yes. Did I have wine and beer?  

Yes. But I had all those things and gained no weight. That’s the key difference now.” 

“I now have the tools to make sure I never find myself in the position I was in before U.P. It’s a change in my nature or personality; I don’t eat for pleasure anymore. For pleasure, I go to the gym, or I go for a walk, or I play with my kids. 

 Edward Beach Transformation Ultimate Performance Ultimate Performance

Looking and feeling great is one thing, but the biggest benefit for Edward is becoming the active dad he always wanted to be. 

“My real goal, to be honest, was to be the dad who is active and healthy. I am now becoming a role model for my kids.  

The reality is that I wasn’t before! It’s a difficult thing to admit, the place I was at before U.P. was not a good place and it would have impacted my children.  

So while It’s great to look good and feel great and get loads of compliments, the real difference for me is to be the dad I always wanted to be.” 



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