Training at U.P. has helped me achieve what I thought was unachievable. Getting into this shape is something I always dreamt about. It’s about consistency and discipline.

Daylen was hurtling towards 40 years of age and tipped the scales at a worrying 100kg.

While there wasn’t anything he could do about his age, the business development director knew he needed to take control of his weight.

And as a keen basketball player, mobility, agility and being physically fit mattered to him.

But the extra pounds he was carrying around the court meant he couldn’t cope with the demands.

His next move, however, proved to be a game-changer…

Working with Ultimate Performance, he said “the impossible became possible” and, by dropping 23kg, he was able to achieve the physique he’d always dreamt of.

Backed by his trainer, Daylen perfected his form in the gym, became disciplined and consistent after week one, and now feels sharper and faster around the court until the final buzzer.

Find out how Daylen managed to get in shape with the help of U.P.

  Daylen T M39 42wk Pt Sg Front | Ultimate Performance

What made you turn to U.P. for help?

When I came to Ultimate Performance, I weighed close to 100kg.

I consider myself active, but not so mobile. I tired easily and I only exercised once a week. There wasn’t much movement involved aside from playing basketball.

But recently, I noticed I would tighten up after a match and I knew I was carrying around too much weight.


How does it feel to get into the best shape of your life at 39?

Getting into this shape is something I always dreamt about, but I never took any action.

It’s a surprise because I got into this shape way before the target that was set when I came in. The impossible became the possible!

I’m happier now, I’m moving around more easily and having to change a lot of my clothes, which is exciting.

What do you feel you have gained throughout this process?

Training with U.P. eliminated a lot of misbeliefs that I had in the past.

I picked up a lot of knowledge on different exercises, the correct form, and how to go about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Along the way I had a few tough days and my weight fluctuated very slightly, but I was always able to push through and I managed to keep improving.

With my weight loss, my mobility improved a lot too.

I’m managing to jump higher and I’m way faster than what I was in the past.


Physically, how much different do you feel from session one to now?

The chin-up video my trainer took when I first came into the gym is tough to look at now.

Looking back, seeing how huge I was, and struggling to get even one chin-up, it was lucky that I came here.

The last time we did chin-ups, I reached 12 reps. And now, we’re putting on extra weight and doing more chin-ups which is unbelievable.

And how has this journey helped you mentally?

My confidence has definitely improved, especially when I’m carrying out my duties at work.

People have noticed the changes I’ve made, which is a very nice feeling. As I said, training at U.P. has helped me achieve what I thought was unachievable.

I pushed through it and got there step-by-step. It’s the same with my diet, I never thought I’d be able to stick to a diet for long.

But I’ve learned it’s all about consistency and discipline.

Finally, what advice would you give to anybody else who might be thinking about starting their own transformation with U.P.?

Going to the gym is a process.

It might seem boring because you are just doing things over and over again. But once you see the improvements week after week, and you see your body change, it really motivates you.

It’s an incredibly experience.


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