Busy David was becoming increasingly concerned about his health and expanding waistline. Having a hectic job that involved overseas travel left him time-poor and lacking the motivation to train, causing his health to slip even further.

As his 52nd birthday approached, David realised that it was now or never, spurring him to take the plunge and start a program at Ultimate Performance.

In just 36 weeks, David has trimmed 8 inches from his waist and shed an impressive 26.5kg (58lbs), along with improving his ability to adapt to his unpredictable travelling schedule.

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“It’s been hugely valuable. It has changed my life completely. The only thing I wish I’d done is do it ten years ago!”

Prior to U.P., David had been too stretched at work to prioritise his fitness. Hopping onto planes and flying to different time-zones left him feeling fatigued and with a poor sleep schedule, stripping him of his energy.

With work at the forefront of his life, it was crucial that David found a program that could fit around his schedule. Once he embarked on his U.P. journey, David was astounded at how easily his trainer could fit his exercises around his other responsibilities.

“I had to do a lot of travelling, sometimes overseas, during the transformation. This meant we had to adapt our training times and methodology, because I had different equipment. Working closely with my trainer allowed me to stay on the plan.

“I travel a lot with my job, so I have to be very adaptive with the time-zones. It’s really good that I can carry on training when I’m travelling.

“We discussed what equipment I had at home and any sort of training methods we could use to allow me to stay on the program.”

Beginning his transformation as lockdown hit offered a great opportunity to try out virtual training. With exercise equipment at his home already, David was able to effortlessly perfect the techniques. Thanks to constant help and advice from his trainer, David was always aware of how close he was to achieving his goal.

“U.P. is different in terms of its attention to detail. The one-on-one relationship you have with your trainer enables you to really achieve your goals in a much more detailed fashion.

“My trainer offered me courage and inspiration to set me up in the beginning.”

Spending so much time in airports and hotels had left David reaching for convenience food to boost his energy levels. Lacking knowledge when it came to nutrition had only sped up David’s weight gain, leaving him concerned about the size of his waist.

During his program, David was able to learn how to stay full for as long as possible, with his trainer offering advice every step of the way.

“Once you understood and tracked your food, you started to see the benefits and see the weight fall.

“The most important thing is to develop a good relationship with your trainer, and to listen and try to understand how the system works. You need to be as compliant as you can be with the training plan.”

Since finishing his program and turning 52, David cannot believe the results he has managed to obtain. He highlighted the benefit of maintaining such regular contact with your trainer, allowing him to absorb their knowledge and advice.

“I think my whole body has changed dramatically, in terms of the way I look and the shape. I think the biggest change for me has been my waist measurement – I’ve lost 8 inches off my waist. That’s definitely the biggest change from a health perspective. It will protect me going forward.

“The difference with the U.P. trainers it that they have the right blend of being able to push you, so that you can achieve what you want physically, but also it’s the attention to detail. It’s the consistency of the tracking, which is the difference between just going through the motions and truly being able to get results.”

One of the biggest takeaways from the experience has been the effect on David’s work life. Before, having to comply with such a chaotic schedule had left him feeling sluggish and unmotivated. Since his U.P. journey, training falls into place alongside work. Focusing on a hygienic sleeping pattern has also had a huge impact on his ability to do his job successfully.

“The transformation has been hugely positive. When it comes to my work life, I find that I have a lot more energy. I feel a lot more energetic in terms of my ability to travel for work.

“When it comes to the positive effect of U.P., there are so many ways it has affected my health. It has improved my sleep, so I’m now a lot more disciplined with it.”

Since his 52nd birthday, David is feeling and looking better than ever. Undergoing his transformation has set him up with the skills and knowledge to lead a healthy life, along with the drive to hit even more fitness milestones.

“The walking aspect has been transformational, both for my mental and physical health.

“For me, the important thing is that I’ve put all this work in. I’ve achieved something that is sustainable. I can get the benefits of this for years to come, and I think I will do, while working with my trainer.

“I’m 52 today and I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m probably fitter and stronger than I was when I was 32.”



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