U.P. is not just a gym; it’s also a classroom and a laboratory. I was looking for a formula that would help me stabilise and develop better habits. We have achieved that!

Corporate high-flier Tristan felt like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

The 36-year-old business strategist often spent 10+ hours a day hard-thinking, decision-making and problem-solving in stressful circumstances.

So, when his A-game slipped, and his thought process clouded, he knew exactly what the cause was.

His lifestyle, diet, and fitness.

Tristan knew he needed to ditch the junk food diet and bottles of Bordeaux wine after work.

And now, about to step into his mid-30, there seemed no better time to make those changes for the sake of himself and his young daughter who his world revolved around.

It wasn’t long before he was training with an Ultimate Performance personal trainer. The reward? An impressive 29lbs transformation in a 12-week cycle of training, education, and dietary expertise.

It’s without doubt cleared the brain fog that had threatened to compromise his judgement as a businessman. He’s equally as thrilled with the strong chest, back, and shoulders he’s built, too.

Read more about Tristan’s tremendous transformation here.

  Tristanw M36 12wk Pt Dc Front | Ultimate Performance

Can you tell us why you made the decision to partner up with Ultimate Performance? 

My assistant found U.P. I had told him that I wanted something high quality because I had a gym membership, but I needed more than access to a gym. I was looking for accountability; I wanted to learn, and I was searching for results.

He said, “You’re going to love it,” so I got started close to my birthday. I wasn’t feeling very healthy at all, but it wasn’t just a physical thing; it was also mental and emotional. That’s why I came in.   

What did your diet look like before you started working with your trainer

My habits were poor. The one thing I was doing was eating – but I wasn’t eating well. I wasn’t eating a balanced or nutritious diet. I was manipulating my diet to satisfy my own cravings and urges.  

It took a toll on me, not only on my body but also on other aspects of my life, such as being prompt and thinking with clarity. I lead people, I manage teams, and we have to make critical decisions about business strategy. You have to understand a lot of things and digest a lot of information in a short amount of time. So mental acuity has to be sharp, and you don’t get that from drinking wine on a weekly basis with dinner.

Needless to say, I was looking for a regimen that would help me stabilise and develop better habits. We have achieved that! 

Tell us about your results. How do you feel about what you’ve achieved, and how much of an impact has your transformation had on your productivity at work?

I don’t necessarily look at my life as, “Okay, I need to get in shape for work.” That’s obviously one aspect of my life where it’s going to show up significantly. But it’s shown up in so many other areas, too – for example, my role as a dad and with my fiancée.

Most noticeably, my energy. It’s one thing to wake up, go to work, and spend 10 hours of mental energy trying to figure things out. But when you’re physically healthy and you feel good about yourself, you’re happier.  

Your daughter paid us a visit during one of our sessions.

What impact has your fitness journey had on your relationship, and how has she helped you stay accountable throughout it?

This newfound energy has brought more joy into my home, and that positivity is being shared with those within it. It’s been a significant boost. You realise just how off you really were before you got healthy. I think the biggest takeaway is that I don’t just look good – I genuinely feel good. That has made a tangible difference, especially in terms of my mental and emotional energy.

My daughter is my life, my world! Everything else can sometimes feel like a distraction, even though I love my work. Balancing all of that with being a father can be challenging because they can seem like distractions, and that’s where the focus becomes crucial. Just like when we’re getting through a tough set, I have to centre myself, eliminate distractions, and tackle the challenge.

Yesterday, when she came in, I probably would have given up if she wasn’t there watching me. It was tough, and my biceps were screaming, but I couldn’t stop before that 12th rep with her there. She motivates me to focus. By being who she is and being the love of my life, she’s counting on me. Knowing that helps me face up to whatever comes our way. It’s really that simple.  

And what has your wife made of your transformation? 

I met my wife seven years ago. I was more of a spring chicken back then. So, it feels good to be back. I never thought I’d lose this much weight. I’ve never been less than 160lbs, at least not since puberty, so to get to 151lbs is incredible. But we’ll have to wait and see what my wife says!


Finally, what would you say to other guys and girls who are considering partnering with Ultimate Performance?   

This is something I’ve thought about throughout the entire experience, and it’s encapsulated in the phrase “results, not promises.” Me and my trainer would talk about the technical aspects, like getting 10,000 steps a day or pushing for 15,000 steps twice a week if I wanted to go a little bit harder.  

Then I learned about burning energy stored in fat in zones one and two and how to eat and prepare clean food at home. What I came to realise was you pay for an accountability partner. Your trainer isn’t just a coach; they’re a nutritionist and an educator. U.P. is not just a gym; it’s also a classroom and a laboratory.

The impact across various aspects of your life can’t be underestimated. What you’ll truly gain is a process of retraining and learning new habits for how to live. It’s a game-changer.   


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