“I felt like an old man and thought everything was downhill from here. I’m now probably as fit as I was in my 30s. I still think to myself now, wow.”

59-year-old Colin said he felt like an old man.

Fast approaching 60, age was catching up to him. Colin felt that from this point it was all downhill, and his future seemed bleak.

When he walked through the doors at Ultimate Performance he had worryingly high blood pressure and he had never lifted weights in his life.

Losing 18kg has given him youthful fitness that he hasn’t felt since his early 30s and helped normalise his blood pressure to the delight of his doctor.

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What was your motivation to begin your own U.P. personal training program?

I came to Ultimate Performance with high blood pressure.

My doctor constantly warned me that I needed to bring it down, and he advised me to start getting out more and being more active.

Since I started training here, I’ve achieved exactly that!


Have you done any weight training in the past?

Well, I’ve always avoided the gym because I’ve got issues with my inner ear and balance, which was a worry for me coming to U.P.

But I explained the problem to my trainer, and he accommodated me and found a handful of alternative exercises.

For that reason alone, it’s been great. I don’t feel like my condition has held me back in my training.

I’ve achieved all my goals and my balance problems haven’t hindered my progress.


When you first came to U.P. you had very little upper body strength. How much has that improved?

The muscle I’ve put on and the strength is gained have been hugely important. I’ve always been a sort of ‘weakling’ or the weak guy.

So to see how strong I’ve become is fantastic. I’m doing things I could never have imagined myself doing, like pull-ups and press-ups. In the past, I’d struggle to get one or two reps, so the fact I can now do full sets has amazed me.


What did your diet and lifestyle look like before you started working with your trainer?

I tried to eat healthily before joining U.P., but I never managed it.

I’ve got a very sweet tooth. I like pastries, cakes, chocolates – all the wrong things, basically. Most of the time I’d eat the ‘wrong’ things, then I’d try to balance it out with the odd healthy meal to make myself feel better. But I never achieved what I wanted to achieve.


How quickly did you start noticing results, Colin?

Once I started training and began following my new diet, I quickly noticed a difference.

I lost a lot of bloating in the opening weeks, then within the first month or so I noticed a big difference. The weight was dropping weekly, so it was lovely to stand on the scales and see a reduction week after week.

I still think to myself now, “wow”. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and I’m constantly setting myself new goals.

Once you start the program and understand the discipline you need to have, there’s no stopping you. It feels fantastic.


What kind of impact has your transformation had on your life?

I felt like an old man and thought everything was downhill from here. I’m now probably as fit as I was in my 30s.

Overall, I’ve noticed a gradual improvement in my general health. I’m now in a place where I’d describe myself as ‘ripped’. I never thought I’d reach that stage.

I would also say my mental health is in a better place than it has ever been. I’m walking around with a new sense of pride in my appearance and enjoying buying clothes again.

My family have noticed the changes I’ve made and they’ve all given me a pat on the back. I can honestly say this has been the best thing I’ve done in the last 20 years. I’ve changed my life.


What are some of the most powerful lessons you’ve learned about training and nutrition?

The key things I’ve learned have been about training and nutrition. I’ve learned that if I apply myself and keep my discipline, I can achieve great things with my trainer.

Every session you want to impress your trainer and make sure you’re doing exactly what he wants from you. And you quickly get into that mindset of wanting to improve yourself every day.

That’s worked for me from day one. It’s been fantastic.


Colin is proof that turning the clock back and finding good fitness is possible, whatever your age or starting point. Find the program for you at U.P. today.


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