Rahul was at rock bottom with his health and he needed help.

A former smoker with a family history of obesity, he found himself at 109kg and his weight was climbing. He was stressed, did no exercise and felt completely burned out.

The reality of his dire situation hit home with a health check-up with the doctor which showed his blood sugar levels were in the diabetic range.

But with a lifestyle that saw him work 70-plus hours a week and travelling globally over 100 days a year, he felt helpless to turn his life around from this dangerous path.

That was until he recruited Ultimate Performance Dubai to get him back on track – he had seen it work for Men’s Health, so why couldn’t it work for him?

Now, 31 weeks later and over 30kg down, Rahul says his transformation has changed his life.

“I lost over 30kg in just over 8 months and feel great about myself all round!

“Medically, I went from having a long-term blood sugar average of over 8 (in essence, diabetic) to under 5 in just over 4 months.

“In my whole life I have never been praised by a doctor, that felt amazing! The biggest change I’d say was to my mental health: I feel confident and in control again.”


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Before coming to U.P., Rahul says he was in a bad way and at a loss about how to get himself back to health.

“I couldn’t really have felt worse about myself, physically, mentally, emotionally, aesthetically.

“I was 109kg and climbing, sleeping 4 hours a night on average, stressed and burnt out with zero exercise in my life.

“Essentially, a negative spiral that needed an intervention. I summoned the courage to do a full physical after 3 years, and unsurprisingly the results were frightening.”

Rahul had tried to lose weight before. He had lost 20kg but it was unsustainable, primarily because as a vegan he had been told to eat eggs and chicken, as well as a bag full of supplements.

He didn’t like eating animal products and he ended up piling all the weight back on.

But when he came to Ultimate Performance, his trainer helped build a bespoke training and nutrition plan around his vegan lifestyle that was focused on real food that he enjoyed.

Where he had been eating out 3 meals a day for the past 10 years, he managed to find a vegan meal prep company that would prepare all the healthy meals he needed to succeed.

“I shifted from eating out every day to a vegan daily food delivery service based on prescribed macros from U.P.

“I always thought I was disadvantaged because I was vegan and I travel at least a week per month. It turns out it doesn’t matter.”

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Previously, Rahul had been scared of the gym. He had not been near one in around 4 years.

But what he quickly realised that was U.P. was different. There was a real emphasis on positivity and on personal progress, regardless of the starting point.

“First, I understand. I could and should have started U.P. ages ago but was totally sure of failure because of my lifestyle and generally scared of the gym (that I thought would be too intense for me).

“I wish I had. U.P. just focuses on progress, no matter your starting point, which for me meant my 9-year-old nephew could do better than me on day 1.

“If you had shown me my ‘after’ pictures as a target on day 1, I would have waddled straight back home.

“Looking back, I was like the proverbial frog in water – progress just kept happening steadily.”

Things quickly started falling into place. Rahul snapped into a rhythm with his diet, he was training regularly 3-4 times a week, and his found he was automatically sleeping an extra 2-3 hours a night which helped his health and his progress immeasurably.

Seeing the results and witnessing the changes right before his eyes week after week was all the motivation he needed to carry on.

But the biggest rewards were the tangible changes in his health.

“There is every possible disease you can imagine in my family. Every man I know has diabetes. Folks have died of heart disease, you name it.

“The last time I went for a wellness check-up, which was a month ago, every single thing was green. Before I started, more than half the stuff was red and the doctors were like ‘this is really not good’.”

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Since he started training with Ultimate Performance, Rahul has learned so much about training, about nutrition, and about what really works for his body.

“It’s mind over matter.

“The power of baby steps: it took about a week for the gym to go from being scary to being fun!

“Positive energy does matter: everyone in U.P. (trainers and clients alike) go about their business with purpose and confidence. Every day when you come in here you just feel the positive energy. The positive energy is infectious.”

Rahul has loved every minute of his U.P. experience from the day he walked in.

“I am a relentless U.P. advocate! I have already recommended U.P. to many friends and colleagues.

“My reason: I wish everyone could feel the sense of achievement and just generally feel great about themselves. And these folks will make it happen for you.”

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