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Mark was classified as ‘obese’ and had a history of heart problems in his family.

The engineer and business owner had lost both his father and grandfather to heart disease at the age of 50.

With Mark fast approaching his milestone 50th birthday it was a sobering wake-up call.

His doctor advised him to lose weight and get fitter to reduce his blood pressure and cholesterol.

He decided to invest in his health and came to work with the professionals at Ultimate Performance Kensington.

Now, 25 weeks later, he has lost over 22kg and has completely transformed his life and has given himself a great foundation for health hopefully for many years to come.

 Markc-50s-25wk-pt-hsk-front-900 Ultimate Performance


“I had started taking blood pressure medication in the last two years, because my blood pressure has been elevated.

“My GP recommended that if I could lose some weight and get a little bit fitter, the chances were that I could come off the medication.

“I had a meeting with him about a month into the programme with U.P. and he certainly saw the difference.

“I very much look forward to 2020 to build on the solid foundation we have created and to set new goals to improve my body and shape even further.”

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While his 50th birthday was his main motivation for joining U.P., he had been feeling lethargic and unhealthy for a while. With three active children in the house, he found it harder and harder to keep up with them.

“Over the decades, I had gained quite a lot of weight. I am not very tall just 5ft 8ins, but in my teens and 20s, I had a very slight built.

“But I was gaining a stone every decade. By the time I was in my 40s, I was classified as obese, and I knew I was overweight, but I was still feeling okay with myself. However, as I grew older, it dawned on me that with a background of heart disease within my family, it was time to do something about it.”

Along with his weight Mark also suffered from gout and had bursitis in his elbow and knees.

He was quite immobile and stiff when he first started at U.P. – it took some time for the combination of diet and fat loss to get him going again.

What really helped was the results-driven approach and structure the diet and training plan gave him that really appealed to his logical engineer’s mind.

“The sessions are fairly straightforward one-on-one, and that worked very well for me. The type of person I am, I like control and structure in what I do. And U.P. is exceptionally well-structured – there are set measurement points, you look at them, and you adapt the programme if the points are not giving you what you want.

“So it has a lot of in-built control. From a discipline perspective, it is excellent. You have not only the gym sessions but support outside as well in terms of the tracker, weekly check-ins, etc.”

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Mark may have been worried about the diet at the outset – but actually he really found it simple, intuitive and easily absorbed it into his lifestyle.

“One of the things that was hugely surprising was how straightforward the diet was! Meeting with my trainer at the start of the programme made me understand what I like and what I don’t like and getting the diet plan to match my likes was key to its success.

“I have managed to follow the nutrition plan quite well. I haven’t felt hungry, and any craving I had was managed quite easily.”

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Mark has always been confident and upbeat, but over the past year or so he had been noticing a slight mental downswing. But the transformation journey he has been on helped him feel back to his old self again.

One of the biggest things was feeling happy and confident in his own skin.

“I didn’t feel good in myself, in my clothes, and in particular, I felt conscious about my bulges. So for me, everything was baggy; I was wearing XL sizes not because I needed it but because I felt that they covered up the bulges.”

“Now that I am buying new clothes, I see there is a lot of difference in my size, and the massive difference in my body shape has made me feel quite positive.

“I am typically quite a confident person anyway, but my weight gain was starting to affect me negatively, and so I have overcome that now, and I am back where I was. I bought a roll neck jumper last week for the first time ever, which is something I would have never considered earlier!”

 Markc-50s-25wk-pt-hsk-back-900 Ultimate Performance


Life with his family has changed immeasurably too. He can keep up with the children no problem now and his incredible results have proved a catalyst for his wife to start her own transformation.

“In terms of family life, it has had an excellent effect. I can do more activities with children. My wife has embarked on a similar programme. So I feel it motivated her to look at her health a little bit too. So it’s hugely positive from the family side too.

“I met my sister on her birthday at a local restaurant after many months. I was waiting for her and I waved over when she came in, and she didn’t recognise me! I saw her looking at me but not really recognising me till I walked up to her and said ‘Hi, I am here.’ She finally recognised my voice! That was quite amusing!”

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