Graham has proved what is possible at 46, going from a ‘dad bod’ to a ‘superhero’ six-pack his young family are in awe of.

Before his incredible transformation, Graham thought getting back in shape was an unachievable dream, especially with a hectic work life and an active five-year-old at home.

He had run triathlons for years and been physically fit before.

But family life and work took over and meant he just didn’t have time to spend the 15 hours every week on training.

As a result, his weight crept up and his fitness ebbed away.

But coming to Ultimate Performance was a game-changer for Graham who achieved his best-ever body and fitness levels training just 3 hours a week.

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“This whole transformation has been about creating a better version of myself, and I feel like I’m a better parent and role model for my daughter, a better colleague, and husband to my wife.”

“One morning, my daughter said ‘Daddy, you have muscles on your tummy like a superhero!’ That was cool, so I have just got to make sure I keep them!”

Graham came to U.P. in a state of confusion. Even though he was no stranger to exercising, he didn’t know how to get himself fit with his current lifestyle and time constraints.

“Thanks to some great targeted Facebook advertising from U.P., I saw someone I knew featured as the Client of the Month. So, from that moment, I knew it was the place for me.

“The ‘Wall of Fame’ is a great motivator, so I immediately set my goal to be one of them!”

Needless to say, Graham’s determination to succeed has seen him make it onto the result wall at U.P. and be named Client of the Month himself!

But even with his decent level of fitness, it was a challenge for Graham.

While some people can find adjusting to healthier eating habits challenging at first, Graham had no problem.

He had already recently switched to lower-carb dieting and given up beer.


So, his nutrition programme at U.P. just slotted into his lifestyle.

“The best time to start is always ‘today.’ However, I felt that dropping some body weight prior to joining enabled me to focus more on the training in the gym and hit the ground running.

“I came in with 21% body fat, and it dropped down to 11%.”

“It becomes addictive, and I found my mental focus grew further as I saw my body fat drop which was my prime motivator, not the scales!”

Graham was able to stick to his eating plan even when travelling. He even helped his family start eating healthier foods too.

“My biggest tip is preparation, preparation, and preparation! My other tip is – invest in a slow cooker. If you have kids, ensure the family eats well by getting up early and prepping something that can slowly cook all day.

“Also take your own food on flights, and always choose a restaurant where you can choose either meat or fish and veggies. Simple.”

The same focused commitment to training sessions ensured that Graham ruthlessly blocked out his calendar, no matter when his personal training sessions were booked in. He even jogged to work 2-3 times a day.

“I’m a believer that health is wealth and that by being fitter and sharper, you’ll also be more productive.”



Sticking to his programme soon starting producing the results Graham wanted.

He finally finished his U.P. transformation 11 lbs lighter, more muscular than ever and with tons of additional self-confidence.

“The mental clarity is one of the biggest benefits. I think strength training and good nutrition does wonders for mental health too!

“And the reaction to my transformation has been incredible. There was one picture of me at an event that kind of went viral on LinkedIn within our community. I think it got something like 10,000 views.

“I’ve had fit phases in my life with triathlon and running, but this is the best ‘physical’ shape I’ve been in my 46 years.”

Keeping his superhero muscles should now be a breeze as Graham has learned so much about training and nutrition with U.P. that the lifestyle has become second nature.

“I’ve loved training at U.P. They can help anyone regardless of previous fitness experience or age. I will say that it does require self-discipline and you need to be ready for it and be prepared to be pushed and to push yourself.”

“There’s no magic pill. Just high-quality training, and good food; that’s it.”

“Trust the process – it works.”

Graham is fitter, he’s mentally sharper, and best of all, he has inspired his daughter and the rest of his family to follow his example. Arrange a consult at U.P. now by filling in the enquiry form below.


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