Airline pilot Scott believes the sky’s the limit for his fitness now after achieving an impressive body transformation at Ultimate Performance Dubai.

Scott says years of long-haul flights, poor diet and a jet-set lifestyle that wasn’t the best for his health led him to gain around 20kg.

The 43-year-old had tried to turn back the tide of weight gain, but working with poor quality commercial personal trainers left him nursing a shoulder injury for the best part of a year.

Tired, low on energy and injured, Scott was crying out for a more tailored training and nutrition programme that he could trust.

He found that with the team at U.P. Dubai who helped him not only lose 10kg in 11 weeks, but learn how to train safely and effectively and stay in great shape even with his jet-set life.

Scott says the results have given him a new-found body confidence and given him back the energy to be on top of his game at work.


  Scott-before-and-after-front-900 | Ultimate Performance

“I am amazed at 43 years old what I accomplished. The other day, I saw my first picture from 11 weeks ago and the one from a couple of days ago – it’s night and day; there’s no comparison, It’s two different bodies.

“U.P. is a complete training and nutritional programme. There is no comparison to other gyms or training programmes. It’s an amazing training environment.”

Over the last five or six years, Scott says he had put on over 20kg. It was tough managing his work schedule and the lifestyle that came with it flying around the globe.

“I noticed I was getting lazy; my energy levels were dropping, and I was gaining a lot of weight. My diet involved a lot of the night eating, and I didn’t make the best choices of food, of course.”

He tried the usual commercial gyms, but the results were slow and inconsistent.

It took a serious injury to his shoulder working with another trainer to finally decide that he needed to invest in expert help.

“In the past, I did the standard big-name gyms with their personal trainers, and you know throwing weights around the gym and all that.

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“My previous injury was on my right shoulder and was from shoulder presses. I felt like the weight was too heavy, but you know how it is at traditional gyms; they push you to do more, and everyone says you can do it. I should have trusted myself a bit more that it was too heavy, but the trainer pushed me quite hard, and I paid for it for at least nine months.

“So that’s when I kind of turned sour on traditional training. It’s just such a long process to heal, and also with my job can cause issues with keeping a pilot medical license.

“Luckily it wasn’t that bad, but it definitely was a wake-up call for me to get a proper trainer and a proper training environment.”

This led him to Ultimate Performance Dubai – attracted by the highly-skilled personal training team and track record of results.

Right from the start, Scott saw a different approach at U.P. – talks with his trainer Fadel restored his confidence in personal training and of course the numbers proved that the U.P. transformation programme worked.


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“The first time I came in, I saw all the pictures on the wall, and you can tell these are very normal people, it’s not a bunch of bodybuilders on the wall, just average people like me and it was amazing to see what they achieved in 12 or 14 weeks.

“I guess I was a little apprehensive if I could really achieve those results, but then after the first sit down and talk about goal-setting, I felt it’s possible.

“Because of my job, I am a numbers guy, and after two weeks when you do the first assessment you definitely see the numbers there, and you see the difference – whether it’s the body fat that’s going down or the weight going down.”

“It’s totally different from traditional gyms. I have never followed this type of system before where you set goals, and then each week review and tweak nutrition or a training programme to make sure you achieve those goals.”

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But the magic doesn’t just happen in the gym. Understanding and learning about nutrition from a personalised perspective helped Scott eat healthily around work and stay on track with his training.

“The challenge I faced as a pilot is nutrition; the crew meals on board are not always healthy. I never really understood nutrition at all until I came here. I guess in a lot of cases the restaurants probably did have things that were healthier, but I never realised that’s what I should have chosen compared to something else.

“Now, with my trainer Fadel educating me and also with the research we would both do on cities I would fly to for overnights – seeing the hotel menus and outside restaurants – we would develop a plan for me to use for work.”

Scott can see the results of his hard work every day in the mirror. But equally it’s the way he now feels that’s had a transformative effective on his life.

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“It’s had a huge impact on the way my body looks, the way I feel about myself, my self-confidence.

“Because of my job as a pilot and working long-haul flights in the middle of the night, sleep is a problem. There is a huge difference now – I get better sleep, and I’m definitely much more energetic than I used to be.

“The U.P. gym in Dubai is not just first class, but also very professional. The whole gym exudes a positive training environment. My trainer was a huge asset for me. His dedication to my success made me want to work harder and harder to achieve my goals.”


Professionalism and dedication from his trainer helped Scott achieve his stunning results – Fill in the enquiry form below for more about how U.P. can help you achieve your fitness goals.


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