Frans didn’t want to die young.

He wanted to live a long, happy and healthy life.

But weighing 130kg, he feared his size was taking years off his life expectancy.

He had tried everything to lose weight and get healthy again, but nothing worked.

Frans knew he wanted help and guidance from professionals to achieve his fitness goal of getting back to a healthy body weight, and that’s when he came to Ultimate Performance Amsterdam.

Now he has lost more than 30kg, he’s active again, and he has kindled a passion for fitness that will keep him healthy for life.


 Frans-before-and-after-front-900 Ultimate Performance


“This transformation has been life-changing for me.

“At this point, I’m motivated to continue with the good work I’ve started here.

“I do not see myself going back to the lifestyle I had before this.

“I will continue to watch my food – I learned how to do that, and I’d never done it before.”

Frans’ motivation was always his health. He knew the toll that being overweight was taking on his body and his fitness.

His biggest fear was that it would cut short his life.

“When I started here, I figured that because I was about 30kg overweight, that my life expectancy would be around 30 years less.

“I don’t know if it works that way, but that’s what I had in my head.

“At some point, I figured I cannot go on like this and I’m still young enough to make a change. So I made that change.”

When Frans walked through the doors at U.P. on Day 1, he didn’t think the results were possible for him.

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His trainer set a weight loss goal of 30kg, but Frans struggled to believe he could achieve anything close to this.

“I remember when I first came in, I met Glenn and he told me we could achieve a 30kg weight loss.

“I was around 130kg, and I had a lot of trouble believing that. I didn’t actually believe it was possible. Not only within four months, but at all.”

For years, his considerable bodyweight had held him back from even starting to make a change.

“My whole vision with weight loss was that I’d got so much weight to lose that if I were to start right now, or next week, it wouldn’t matter, because it would be years and years.

“That was the main reason why I never did anything or even try.”

But, step by step and kilo by kilo, Frans worked towards this weight loss goal.

He stayed consistent, became educated about nutrition, and he pushed himself as hard as possible in every single session.

“The training was very hard at first, but became easier. I remember my first session. I was completely broken – I couldn’t do anything for the rest of the day.

 Frans-before-and-after-back-900 Ultimate Performance


“Right now, I’m doing a training session and after 20 minutes cooling down, I’m ready to go.”

Before starting his training program, his only activity was walking for the tram. He had never lifted weights before and even doing a push-up was unthinkable.

Now, he’s cycling everywhere, being active every day and executing perfect push-ups, no problem.

Frans’ weight loss goal was modest when he started – he felt even dropping 10kg would have been a great achievement, but he far exceeded that original target.

With a healthy new lifestyle and a knowledge of nutrition and the right diet to maintain his results, he no longer fears for his health.

“I lost a lot of weight, so that is really good for the life expectancy.

“It is good when you shower in the morning and you feel muscle on you instead of feeling fat. It’s a great feeling.”

Frans believes his investment in his lifelong health was worth every cent.

 Frans-lifestyle Ultimate Performance

Frans, before and after his transformation.


“Whenever I train here, people ask me what it is, what it’s about and what the trainer does.

“Of course, then they get to the question of price. It’s not cheap. But I wouldn’t say it’s expensive. It could be a lot of money, but I would say it’s worth it.

“I’m so much more healthy now than I was before these four months that, whatever the price is, it’s a good investment for me.

“Let’s think about the 30 years of life expectancy for a few thousand Euros, you’re going to get 30 years of your life extra. For a few extra days, people would pay hundreds of thousands of Euros if it ever came to that.

“I never get the feeling when training here that its money wasted.”

Frans has forged a healthy lifestyle and taken lessons with him that will last him a lifetime.

“The most valuable thing I’ve learned is that you can really do more than you think.

“I’ve learned that it’s possible to accomplish so much in such little time as long as you’re really motivated and taking care of it every second of the day.

“I’m really happy that I actually did this.”


Frans has completely turned around his health, his lifestyle, and has the knowledge to stay in shape for life – Arrange a consultation now to learn how U.P. can help YOU. Simply fill in the enquiry form below.


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