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City life was taking its toll on Andy’s health.


Drinks after work and takeaways for dinner were fun, but he knew this lifestyle was not doing his body any good.

He constantly felt tired, low on mental energy and his body confidence was at an all-time low.

The moment he knew it was time to change when he couldn’t button up his work shirt.

Two years of this malaise and Andy knew he had had enough.

Nine weeks of hard and focussed training at Ultimate Performance Manchester has absolutely transformed Andy’s body, his lifestyle and his approach to fitness.

He’s in the shape of his life and feeling the effects of being on top of his game at work, and out running he’s clocking PB times in the marathon and 10k.

“The one specific benefit that I liked most about my journey with U.P. is the vast improvement that I felt in my general well-being.

“I had let bad food and after-work drinks take over and the impact it had on the way I looked, but more importantly the way I felt was startling.


“After committing to U.P. I felt a difference instantly. I felt more awake, I felt more switched on and just generally happier within myself.

“The physical benefits are fantastic and getting those pictures at the end is great but it’s definitely secondary to how looking after yourself and what you eat can make such a marked impact on how you feel.”

It’s amazing the difference Andy has been able to achieve in nine short weeks at U.P.

He has come a long way in the blink of an eye.

“Before I started with U.P., I was probably drinking three to four times a week, and one of those would be heavy.

“I would eat takeaways on probably the majority of those nights. I always ended up choosing convenience over quality when it came to food. Eventually, it took a toll on my fitness and obviously my body shape.”

Andy was enjoying life but he quickly realised that his body didn’t like what he was doing to it and the ‘middle-age spread’ had started creeping in already. He found out the hard way that his metabolism wasn’t what it once was.

“It came to a head when I got back from holiday last January and couldn’t do up a work shirt which was the lowest of the low and embarrassing and that’s when I felt I needed to do something.”

While his post-Christmas weight gain might have been the last straw, he recognised that he had deeper problems and some of them at least were directly related to his fitness and body image.

“I was out enjoying life, but at the same time I didn’t really feel confident in myself in terms of how I looked and also how I felt.

“I felt lethargic, lacking in energy, lacking in any self-confidence and although I was out enjoying myself, my self-image was not good.”

Andy was not a novice to exercise or fitness; he had put in time doing group training sessions and had recently run two marathons.

 Andy-before-and-after-side-900 Ultimate Performance


He felt that enrolling with U.P. just upped the ante. He unabashedly recognized that he is someone who needs a trainer to keep his nose to the grindstone and working hard.

“I always found with other personal trainers that there was no accountability, so you turn up once or twice a week, you do a session with them, but then they didn’t really care what you were doing outside of that.”

“I’ve done stuff like boot camps and group training and then tried to do my own training in gyms as well, but again there’s no accountability, there’s no guidance in terms of what you should and shouldn’t do.


“I found that at U.P. I got exactly what I needed in terms of accountability. So, it was giving me that regime and that structure that I needed to achieve the maximum results.”


Like most U.P. clients, Andy was most worried about how he would handle a change in his diet. Surprisingly, he found it simple and straightforward and it slipped seamlessly into his routine.

“Switching onto the new diet was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. I thought that was going to be a real big drag; it wasn’t, it was really, really easy.

“That’s one of the things that’s just really struck me about the transformation – it’s not about grinding yourself into the ground or not having any enjoyment in your diet; you can have enjoyment in your diet you just need to do it right.

“I was expecting it to be really, really tough transition, but it was easy and felt seamless.”

All the exercising and the diet change soon started showing results; some were physical and some more mental.

 Andy-before-and-after-back-900 Ultimate Performance

While a decrease in body weight and body fat were the obvious visual change, Andy immediately felt the change in other areas too.

“I felt a massive increase in energy and productivity throughout the day; I felt more alert. I was able to achieve more at work, and have more energy in the evenings to go out and do things and get tasks done at home.

“While cardio wasn’t even in my plan, I’ve managed to achieve a personal best in the 10km; I took almost a minute off my previous best time.

“I actually feel like a different person; I’m literally half the person that I was in terms of body size.”

And of course, the reactions of his friends just added another layer of gratification on top of all the other benefits of the training.


“Some of my friends whom I’ve not seen in six or 12 months were shocked at how I look now and the dedication that I’ve shown to achieve these results. They’ve always known me as a happy-go-lucky guy, not the guy who was dedicated.


“I didn’t do it for other people, I did it for myself, but it still feels great.”

Everyone experiences U.P. differently, but for Andy, the personal nature of the training proved most crucial.

“Your trainer checks in with you every day, and you have to fill a daily tracker too.

“Training is fun. They make it different every time you come in, they make it enjoyable for you, they explain things that you’re doing right or wrong, and they’re always there to talk.”

“It’s a really welcoming environment, and I’ve loved every minute of my transformation. It’s been absolutely fantastic!

“Without sounding soppy, I don’t think I’d train anywhere else now apart from U.P.”



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