Lifelong fitness fanatic Alberto is in the shape of his life again at 50 after years of injury hell.

For years, Alberto was held back by a shoulder injury he picked up in a rock climbing accident.

Without the proper care, his injury just kept getting worse and worse until he found himself with a severe case of frozen shoulder and could barely lift his arm.

Two agonising years later and feeling unfit, he was finally ready to get back in shape and Ultimate Performance Amsterdam’s tailored programme felt like the right choice to regain his fitness.

He has been blown away by the results he has achieved in a matter of weeks.

His lean body mass has increased dramatically, his body fat has dropped and his shoulder is stronger and more mobile to the point he feels like he’s got his old self back.

“My body fat dropped and my muscle mass increased.

“My overall fitness level improved immensely. My mobility is still limited, but it’s 90% back to normal.”


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It’s been quite the journey for Alberto. Being away from the gym for so long was almost as painful as the shoulder itself.

“I have been in sports all my life. But due to my injury I couldn’t even lift my arm properly.

“Initially I went to a physiotherapist but I didn’t receive proper treatment and I basically had to stop training for two years.

“I noticed that when I was training on my own I was not exercising in the most efficient way. I have been going to the gym for sometime but I wasn’t seeing results.”

“So, my main motivation to coming to U.P. was to get results in a short period of time in which I could put in all my efforts and get fit again. And I also wanted to learn to train properly and eat properly.”

Alberto’s biggest challenge was his shoulder injury – he already came with years of training discipline, so getting used to U.P.’s exercise regime wasn’t hard for him.

“I have always had a reasonably healthy lifestyle and exercised a few times a week including long distance swimming.

“However, I knew that my level of fitness could improve with expert advice.”

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When you’ve been injured for so long, it can knock your confidence and make you fearful of pushing too hard in the gym.

But Alberto says his U.P. trainer crafted a personalised programme to help him be able to train safely and purposefully around his injury – and still get results.

“Training with an injury was a bit challenging. My U.P. personal trainer, Ben, was certainly crucial in helping me achieve my goals and transformation.

“He motivated me and provided me with the needed expertise. He was also able to adjust the training programme to take into account the limited shoulder mobility I had due to the shoulder injury.

“This meant exercising in a particular way, for example being a bit careful about anything related to my shoulder movement.”

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Alberto came with very specific goals to U.P. – he wanted to get fit, he wanted to get his shoulder back in action again and he wanted to learn more about nutrition.

In three short months, his focus and determination enabled him to get everything he wanted from the programme.

“I had a healthy diet but I was eating too many carbs and fats and not enough proteins.

“U.P. helped me to fix this and this has really been something that has changed my daily life.

“Now I am much more aware about how many calories I eat every day and also about the macros. Earlier I was just eating healthy food without giving any attention to quantities and timings.

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It was the knowledge he picked up on how to train for results that has perhaps had the biggest benefit.

After years of training alone, tapping into the expertise of the best trainers in the business has turbocharged his efforts in the gym.

“At U.P. I have also learnt to train properly. My knowledge of the technique of how to do some things has improved a lot.

“I also started exercising with more intensity and with improved form.

“My energy level has increased and I have been able to lift heavier weights than ever before.”

He adds: “I really enjoyed the atmosphere here at the gym. I miss my sessions there already!”

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