I’ve watched my weight drop and my clothes fit me so much better now. People have started to notice the changes too.” I’ve received so many compliments.

59-year-old Simon could feel himself sliding into old age.

After beating cancer and going through five years of chemotherapy, he was now contending with a serious knee injury which left him almost immobile.

His ACL injury was so bad, his doctor told him “That’s it, you’re done.”

It was a bitter pill to swallow. Simon had always been active – cycling and playing rugby until his mid-thirties.

He knew there must have been some way to lose the weight he’d put on, and get back in the gym again.

Simon accepted it would be difficult to do it alone – so reached out to Ultimate Performance for help.

Working side-by-side with his U.P. trainer, he now feels like he’s turned back the clock after losing over 23kg of weight.

Simon’s training program worked around his injuries, and weight training quickly became an activity he enjoyed. It was an hour of his day where he could ‘switch off’ and invest in himself.

Moving forward, Simon’s goal is simple: keep doing what he’s doing.

He’s learnt lifelong lessons on training around his injury and realises there’s so much more to achieve.

Read his full story here, as he reveals what makes the U.P. methodology so effective…

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What brought you to Ultimate Performance, Simon? What was your motivation?

I was extremely overweight. I just couldn’t shift any fat at all. I knew from the past I needed some structure to my training, so that’s what brought me here. I was turning 60 in January, but I felt like I was sliding into old age.


Did you find that your weight and your injuries were affecting your day-to-day life?

I’ve had a couple of operations on my ACL, but they didn’t really work. That means I can’t really do much cardio. I used to do a lot of cycling and go to the gym quite often. I used to go to the gym when I was living in Korea. But then I got cancer and went through five years of chemotherapy and radiology. So, there were a lot of health issues that were preventing me from getting out. But I knew I needed a consistent gym routine if I was to get in shape. I knew going by myself wasn’t enough.



Tell us a little bit more about your history of injuries and how you sustained them?

I used to play a lot of rugby until I was in my mid-thirties. Then, I had a pretty bad injury that resulted in me not being able to do much for a couple of years. I had two ACL procedures that didn’t work. When I had an arthroscopy recently, my doctor said, “Simon, the train has left the station. It’s not going to get any better. You haven’t got an ACL in your leg and it’s causing lack of mobility.” I’ve had two operations in there, neither of which worked well. The doctor said, “That’s it, you’re done.” I felt myself sliding into old age and thought, no, this is not good. That’s why I made the decision to come here.


How much support have you received from your trainer? Were you able to train in a way which worked around your injuries and got results?

Absolutely. The advice and support I got was incredible. I didn’t have to think about anything. I trusted what you said. You were encouraging and always focused on helping me make progress. That was important in the whole process. I knew I could come in here and almost switch off. I kept it going outside as the gym, too. It was clear the whole team had my best interests at heart. You kept me on a clear pathway for success.


What benefits have you seen from your personal training plan? How much better do you feel now?

It’s very clear how much change there has been. I’ve watched my weight drop and my clothes fit me so much better now. People have started to notice the changes too. I’ve received a lot of compliments which I think has been an important part of my transformation. I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve achieved. It’s given me so much more confidence. I recognise now that I wasn’t in a good place before I started training with Ultimate Performance. I feel like I’ve pulled that back a number of years, to be honest. My goal now is to maintain this. I don’t want to lose what I’ve worked so hard for. One of the main aims of doing all this was to ensure I can find a certain level of fitness for the rest of my life. I’ve given myself a good chance to do that, and I need to build on it.

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