“My advice is don’t miss your sessions and get stuck in. I’m stronger, lighter on my feet, and mentally sharper in a staunchly quick period of time.”

Businessman John was plummeting towards serious heart problems without a parachute.

The 45-year-old businessman tipped the scales at just over 100kg, and he was suffering from a dangerous combination of high cholesterol and blood pressure.

But John was quick to recognise that he couldn’t continue living this way…

He reached out to Ultimate Performance – and is almost certain that decision has added years to his life.

He sacrificed work-related social events in his pursuit of health and happiness as he began to realise there was substance in the old adage ‘You can’t out-train a bad diet’.

Losing over 19kg of weight in 27 weeks was a testament to his hard work throughout the program.

But his transformation runs way deeper than just looking good…

John’s back in control of his health, he’s lighter on his feet, his train of thought is clearer, and he’s noticeably more energetic every morning.

Here’s how John formed the foundation to live well in his forties and beyond with U.P…

 Johnk M45 27wk Pt Chel - Good Front Ultimate Performance

What were the circumstances that drew you towards a transformational journey at U.P.?

My health wasn’t in great shape. Both my blood pressure and cholesterol were very high. I was gaining too much weight and I felt egregious about it. The U.P. model works incredibly well. U.P. provided me with an extra spring in my everyday life.


How challenging did you find your journey throughout this process?

It’s been a challenge, but that’s part of it. It’s not just about the physical gains, it’s about the mental resilience that you develop and making sure you do the best you can. Even if you can’t go 100% every single session, instead of quitting, it’s the idea of being committed. That’s a really valuable lesson and a hidden benefit to the U.P. program.

You have to stick to a diet and a rigorous training program. That comes with its challenges. As human beings, there will be highs and lows, but it’s about seeing this as a journey instead of an end state. You’re not trying to live like a monk, so there will be days where you don’t stick to your calories, or you don’t do as well as you should be doing at the gym. But you can fix it in the long run. You build resilience by tackling mental barriers.

The takeaway from my journey is that this is eminently doable. It’s not actually that challenging as a journey to go on. It’s not that hard. The trick is turning up and doing the best you can for as many days as you can. Don’t miss sessions and get stuck in. I’m stronger, more flexible, lighter on my feet, and mentally sharper in a staunchly quick period of time. It’s been very effective. Commit and U.P. will deliver.

How do you feel from a physical and mental perspective after dropping 19kg?

I’m sharper mentally, I have a clear head and I’m much lighter. That has transcended into my life in more ways than the obvious. When you run a fourth flight of stairs or when you’re playing with the kids you realise that you’d have been tired before, or you couldn’t be bothered because you were mentally lethargic.

It’s a new way of thinking and you’re sharp all the time. There have been obstacles, but things that are worth doing aren’t easy.


Have you had to make many sacrifices on your way to enacting a lifestyle change?

Work-related social events are a challenge, there’s no denying it, but that in itself is something that you learn from. It makes you more conscious about your diet; so the old adage that you can’t out-train a bad diet comes to the fore. I’m a bit more moderated in my approach to lunching with clients, I’ve done less of them, which I found worked pretty well. You think about social events in a different way and you manage them in a different way, which becomes a lifestyle change.

What are your goals and aspirations moving forward from U.P.?

Your transformation is a journey to a new lifestyle. My perspective is to set new objectives and keep going with it. So, next year is about getting stronger and bulking up a little bit. It’s about managing and improving my physical health going forward. Your transformation forms a foundation for living the rest of your life.


When your health is on the line, personal training could be the best investment you ever make. Start your transformation with U.P. today.


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