“I’m delighted with my results. What’s best, I’ve achieved it in a much shorter time than I could have ever imagined. I used to work out six times a week.”

Andreas struggled to see how he’d ever find the time to make his fitness a priority.

Father to a little boy and an investment professional for a private equity firm, he was almost always on the go.

But that lifestyle was taking its toll on Andreas’ health – especially his weight.

Hours sat behind his desk, client dinners, and careless eating were to blame, he said. Six CrossFit training sessions a week had got him in reasonable shape in the past, but he had no time for that now.

He needed something faster and more efficient. With just three hours in the gym each week with Ultimate Performance, Andreas has seen dramatic changes to his body he can still barely believe.

He’s lost 12kg and packed muscle onto his arms, back and shoulders in half the time of his old fitness regime.

Read about Andreas’ inspiring progress here.

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What motivated you to start your own personal training program?

It was mainly to make a real change in my fitness routine and nutrition. I found that it was quite difficult to achieve on my own.

I needed accountability and a system that would get me results quickly. I’d been gaining some weight and tried a few things, but nothing really worked.

My work and personal life are quite fast-paced and stressful, so I was looking for a system that I didn’t need to think about.

Instead, I wanted a trainer to hold me accountable and show me how to strengthen my body and lose weight.

Did you have any success trying to get in shape on your own?

I used to be quite fit in the past. I used to do a lot of CrossFit, but then when my son was born, I gave that up.

I just didn’t have enough time and eventually, I lost all my strength and had a lot less muscle mass.

I was feeling less active, less energised, and noticeably weaker around the time, which started to affect me.

Do you think the lack of exercise was affecting your confidence?

My physique and shortage of energy did start to affect my life.

I wasn’t doing anywhere enough exercise which took a toll on my confidence. I did the occasional workout routine, but I was just offsetting poor nutrition habits.

I knew I wasn’t the healthiest before I started working with my trainer.


Now you’ve completely transformed your body, how much more confident are you feeling?

Far, far more confident.

When you feel strong in your own body, I think it gives you a bit of confidence when you’re talking to people.

It’s a sort of healthy body, healthy mind mentality which you really start to feel. I’d tried all kinds of diets in the past, but I found it very difficult to stick to them on my own.

So having my own trainer who recorded what I ate and tracked my macros made a huge difference.

With all the client dinners I had, it was hard to manage that on my own, so my trainer has been incredibly important.


Tell us about the training at U.P. How much did you enjoy it and how happy are you with the results?

Me and my trainer did slightly different movements than I was used to in the past.

Everything was far slower and more controlled. It was about holding your muscles under tension rather than just lifting heavy weights every session.

I’ve got results I’ve never seen before. I can see definition in my shoulders and back which Is incredible. What’s best, I’ve achieved it in a much shorter time than I could have ever imagined.

I used to work out five or six times a week when I did CrossFit for at least one hour a day. Sometimes longer. So, my program has been massively effective.

I’ve always been a bit bigger, so I did doubt if it was ever possible to get this lean. That was a nice surprise and I’m happy with where I’ve got to in the end.

Especially given the fact I have a challenging schedule with work and a small toddler at home.


You mentioned you’ve got a little boy. How much of a motivation was he during your training program?

I think setting the right example for your children is one of the most important things you can do as a parent.

They listen to you, but they also watch you. I see it with my son every day. He tells people “My dad is very strong and he has very big muscles” before flexing his arm! That’s incredibly encouraging and heartfelt.

So, setting an example was a huge motivator for me and makes me feel good.

I’ll 100% continue training like I have been doing and following the same routine. It’s three hours a week – I used to do so much more than that.


If you feel weighed down by responsibilities at work, a U.P. transformation can help you feel your productive best every day with just 3 hours of gym time a week.


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