“My trainer genuinely cared about me. I’m super happy because these results have exceeded my expectations and I look better than ever before.”

Andrea was worried the money he was spending on fitness classes was going to waste.

He felt like just a number training with 30 other people.

There was no one-to-one support. No one to check if he was lifting weights the right way.

No matter how many times Andrea showed up, he wasn’t any closer to the “shredded abs” look he wanted. He realised he was sacrificing his evenings and money for nothing.

After scrolling past an Ultimate Performance advert one afternoon, little did he know that his perception of personal training was about to change forever.

Andrea read a handful of reviews and reached out to U.P. Now, he’s found a real expert serious about his progress and performance.

It’s taken a little under 8 weeks for him to build rock-solid abs and an imposing upper body which have far exceeded his expectations.

So, what changes did he make, and why did they work so well? Find out here.

 Andrea B M41 8wk Pt Hsk Front Ultimate Performance

What made you initially sign up and start training with Ultimate Performance? 

Well, basically, the main reason was the good reviews and the need for a more personalised personal trainer.

I saw the results on the website and thought this could finally work for me. 


How active were you before you started working with your U.P. trainer? Were you following any kind of program?  

I was quite active, mainly doing fitness classes. I also did a lot of running.

The problem in London is that there are many gyms, but you’re just a number to them and you don’t train properly.

So, in the end, I was attending early classes and doing exercises that weren’t right for my body.

U.P. has proven to be so much better because you receive personalised training I don’t think you get anywhere else.  

Great. So, in terms on nutrition, how would say your day-to-day diet has changed since you started following your U.P. plan? 

There’s been some pretty big changes since I started working with my trainer.

I’ve improved my nutrition and established a good daily routine which I’d been missing for years. It has made a positive change – no doubt.

I wake up in the morning feeling more energised which has been a fantastic boost. I noticed that within the first week.  


Perfect, that’s nice to hear. As for the training, what did you enjoy most whilst in the gym?  

Well, my personal training sessions, of course. I loved being pushed to my limits and learning how to lift with immaculate form.

I’ve got to say the atmosphere in the gym is great, too. It has a good vibe, with friendly people that push you to do your absolute best.

I noticed the equipment was excellent as well.  


Following up on your previous point, what makes Ultimate Performance different from the gyms you’ve trained at before? 

As I mentioned, U.P. is more focused and personalised. You can achieve better results here compared to other gyms where you’re just a number.

The more commercial gyms provide training, but they don’t really take care of you. I genuinely felt like my trainer was looking after me and my results mattered to him.

That’s extremely motivating. 

Let’s move on to your results. Did you expect to see changes to your body so quickly? 

No, not at all. I had a similar experience in Italy before, but it took much longer to see results.

Now, I’m super happy because these results have exceeded my expectations and I look better than ever before.  


Apart from the obvious physical changes, how else has weight training and a balanced diet benefitted your life?  

I feel more energised and my daily routine has improved. They are the two key things to mention.

This new confidence and lifestyle have positively affected my interactions with others.

I’m so much happier and a lot more optimistic.  


Finally, given your experience, would you recommend Ultimate Performance to others? 

Absolutely! I’ve already recommended it to several people.

The level of personalisation and care you receive is incredible. Whenever I had a question, my trainer was there to answer.

He’s been very flexible with scheduling, even when I’m away on holiday.

So I’d definitely recommend Ultimate Performance if you’re serious about getting results.  


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