“I was 35 when I started training with Ultimate Performance, but I felt like I was 55. My whole life is different now. I feel much more confident when I walk into an audition room and when I’m speaking to new people.”

Film star Lamorne says he was once the “chubby” actor on set.

He now steps in front of the cameras beaming with confidence – and even one of Hollywood’s legendary action heroes has noticed.

While filming the superhero adventure film Bloodshot, Vin Diesel himself spotted the incredible changes Lamorne had made to his body.

But they were changes that needed to be made, and quickly.

Lamorne could barely face the sight of himself in front of the cameras and regularly suffered from sicknesses and ailing health. He felt like a broken-down robot – and at 35, he says his body felt 20 years older.

Dropping over 11kg with Ultimate Performance has given him more confidence in auditions and peace of mind his long-term health is under control.

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When you first started training, what was the reason for wanting to get in shape?

Firstly, I was worried about my health, to be honest with you. I was falling apart like an outdated robot.

Then, another reason for wanting to get in shape was to get better opportunities, such as different magazine outlets, different roles that are coming up. I’m in the conversation for projects that I wouldn’t be in the conversation for previously.


How is that going for you?

It’s going great. I am hearing from old directors that I’ve worked with before that are doing new movies and new projects and they’re like, “hey man, I see you getting in shape. So I got this project coming up…” and I was like, “wow.”

Because my phone wouldn’t have rung in the past. They wouldn’t have called me for that.

How happy are you with your decision to start your own personal training program?

It’s made me think a lot differently.

Before I came to U.P., I was leaving town, I didn’t like what I saw in the morning, and wasn’t happy in certain clothes.

But I realised all I had to do was dedicate some time to personal training, and I’d have a very different, much more positive, lifestyle.

And it took me two months to get that in my head because I’d just bought a new house and was newly single – all these different things. I just wanted to have fun and hang out.

But I’ve realised that I have a lot more fun now that I’m in shape. When you’re in shape, you feel better, you wake up differently, and you think differently. It changes the way your brain operates which makes you want to carry on working out.

You told us this was a life-changing experience. What did you mean by that?

Well, my health is so much better. I was falling apart like an outdated robot. Like when the arm falls off and it doesn’t quite function the way it’s supposed to.

I was 35 when I started training with U.P., but I felt like I was 55. Every part of my body was hurting.

I struggled to wake up every morning and I looked bad. I thought my face looked big and bloated on camera in every single photo shoot. Over the past few years, I’ve been in and out of the hospital too with stomach issues, joint issues, and other injuries.

Whereas now, I’m not. So that’s the reason it’s been life-changing for me.


How were your health issues affecting your schedule, Lamorne?

I don’t feel any stress about my health anymore. It used to be very stressful thinking to myself am I going to get sick before I fly? Or was I going to get another sinus infection?

But I’ve found I don’t get sick anymore. My whole life is different now.

When I say life-changing, that also means the confidence I feel when I walk into an audition room and when I’m speaking to new people. I don’t feel ashamed anymore at beach parties and pool parties.

Before I would just stick my feet in the pool and say I’ll come in last. But now I’m the first to jump in – even if I can’t swim!

You had some high praise for your transformation from other actors and close friends! Tell us about that.

I was shooting this movie called Bloodshot with Vin Diesel, who of course is known to be the ultimate action star. He’s a badass dude!

When I first showed up to the set, I was the chubby, big-belly actor dude. But over time, I started making progress and when I looked good without a shirt on, I posted a few photos on Instagram which I think he saw.

We were chatting and started to discuss how I might not match up on the movie because I’d lost over 11kg from when we began filming. He then mentioned how he’d noticed I looked good!

To get that kind of recognition was an amazing feeling.

It’s to the point now where players who play for the Lakers know that I work out. And they’ll say come do some workouts with us. That doesn’t make sense to me! But it feels great.

It feels great to know the rest of my life isn’t going to go downhill, because that’s how I used to think. I thought I would be that dude who’s got so many issues by the time he’s 40, whereas now I feel like I’m only going to get in better shape.


What is the main thing you’ve learned from your trainer

It’s the knowledge I’ve picked up from the people here.

The trainers at U.P. have to be experts before they start training clients.

It’s very hands-on and that helps because otherwise, I would’ve just stopped. I think that’s probably the biggest thing that I’ve taken away from training with U.P.


Fitness has given Lamorne the life-changing boost he needed to feel happy in his body. Whatever your starting point, find the program for you with Ultimate Performance now.


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